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Creepshow Video Game Announced By DreadXP

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Pretty cool news for those who are a fan of the Creepshow show, as they are going to be making a video game based off of it. You may know the dev team from DreadXP who worked on The Mortuary Assistant. So they are familiar with horror. Anyway, is anyone here interested in a Creepshow video game? I think it'd be cool if you could play small episodes. That would tie it into the series, as each episode to my knowledge, is a different story. 

You can read more on this news here - https://www.noobfeed.com/news/13370/creepshow-video-game-announced-by-dreadxp

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Creepshow video game is indeed frightening horror game. I once watched it's trailer, didn't keep my eyes steady on the game due to pressure that I witnessed as a result of watching it alone at night. I wouldn't say I'll get it, it's under probability unless the game is gifted to me 😂

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The first two movies are cool. But they did an unofficial third movie around 2006, and it was terrible. It wasn't even linked to Stephen King's work at all. He probably detests the film. 

The only good story in it is about a radio that helps a security guard turn his life around. The rest are dumb beyond compare. There's one tale where a professor introduces a bride to be to his male students, and these guys think she's a robot because of how she acts. It's absolutely stupid. You will laugh at how bad these nothing actors truly are. 

People say the second film isn't that good, but I liked it. You have this wooden figure on a porch that comes alive to avenge an elderly couple who are murdered by robbers. Then you have these weed smokers swimming to a raft on a lake in the middle of nowhere, where this sludge like thing is laying in wait to devour them. There's an amusing part where the guy left with the last girl tries to fondle her boobs while she is asleep, instead of figuring out a way to escape. 

I prefer the first film. My favourite story is the one about the Bigfoot looking thing lurking in the crate, that has big teeth. It's probably the scariest story too, with a black comedy feel about it. Or the one with the army of cockroaches tormenting the evil business tycoon. Uh! 

Older horror movies were way better than the cookie cutter crap they constantly mass produce nowadays. Right? 🙂

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I'm cautiously optimistic. I've seen the first two films and seen the Tales from the Crypt TV series they were inspired from along with the mediocre and lukewarm Creepshow TV series. It's definitely a franchise I still have love for, its morbid humor, but as a game... I don't know. It's easy for a game like this to delve into generic horror game territory. I've never played The Mortuary Assistant (a game I keep getting confused with Autopsy Simulator), so I can't comment on that.

I guess it might work if it has an episodic structure filled with morbid stories of karmic justice like the show and the movies. I can see why people would think Supermassive Games would be the ideal team for such a game, but I was never really a big fan of their Dark Pictures Anthology. I think they're okay games with forgettable characters and even more forgettable lessons (more like a lack of it), and wouldn't be suitable for a didactic franchise such as Creepshow.

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