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9-ball pool!

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I've done it before, but like @Crazycrab said, It's down to luck...


On 10/22/2022 at 10:37 PM, thesaunderschild said:

I want to try 6-ball. 

It is where you have to pocket balls on your designated side of the table. Like 1 to 3, or 4 to 6.


... and that sounds terrible. Amongst competent players that's a game that would effectively begin and end at the break. Pot a ball on break, and you've got two pots to clear, don't pot a ball and you opponent had only three posts to clear. The rack is only six balls and because it's unlike in 9-ball or rotation you don't have to hit the lowest numbered ball, you have multiple targets and less objects to block them so getting snookered on one of your balls is very unlikely. So it really would come down to whether a ball goes down on the break or not.

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I like snooker as well. I used to play it in a venue called the Ball Room. But it's harder than pool. 

If you trail too far behind in points, you have to make your opponent carry out fouls, then attempt to pocket the balls in a certain order, ending with the black ball, which is worth 7 points. The table is massive too.

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