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What concerts have you been to?

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They might not be that popular but my favorite shows were that of Madrugada and Reamonn. I once went to an Arctic Monkeys concert but it was one year before all those new cool songs were released so I wasn't that much impressed by them.

Also, UB40 ROCK!!

On 11/9/2018 at 10:48 PM, Jerlene said:

So what concerts have you been to? Which one was your favourite? 

I've been to UB40, Blink 182, No Doubt, etc. My favourite one was UB40 though. Ali Campbell sounds the same live. It was just good vibes the whole time. Wish I went with different people though.


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I'm surprised I came across someone who even knows who UB40 is, at least by name. I'm sure everyone has heard a UB40 song and just can't put the song to a name. 

They were absolutely amazing though. I just saw that they're coming back here in a few months. I may have to buy tickets to go see them. Guaranteed good time.

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Apoptygma Berzerk

Front Line Assembly


Skinny Puppy


Icon of Coil


The Human League



Alison Moyet



VNV Nation



Those are probably the highlights for me

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Joy Division

The Libertines

Paul McCartney

James Brown




The Strokes

Manic Street Preachers

Super Furry Animals

Neon Neon

Belle and Sebastian

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci


Atoms For Peace

Murry The Hump

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15 hours ago, Alyxx said:

I wish I could see Muse honestly. I hear they're one of the best live acts ever.

Aye, they’re a lot of fun live. Lots of visual spectacle, Matt Bellamy’s voice is super impressive and they’ve got some really great tunes, too.

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I have been to so many concerts over the years but the ones I remember the most are ones I went to when I saw Barry Manilow and when I saw 5ive. I also remember going to see Billie Piper, Bomfunk MC's, A1 and many more. The one I went to see the most though was Barry Manilow, I saw him around 10 times from about the age of 5 up until the age of 16 which was the last time I saw him in concert. I would love to go see Luke Bryan, Chris Young or Nickelback in concert, maybe one day!

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Are we counting festivals here? Because in that case it's too many to count.

My favorite concert I've been to was Ninja Sex Party, with TWRP and Planet Booty warming up for them. TWRP is my favorite band, and Ninja Sex Party is probably my second favorite, so that was an absolutely magical evening. 

Another one of note is when I saw a band called Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. It's not a band I had listened to before, and I haven't really listened to them since. I don't care too much for their music to be honest. What made it special is that this was at a very small festival in Italy that me and my band were also playing at. We had already played, I was quite drunk and hopped up on adrenaline from playing, and during their set, the singer of DNS would drink pig blood and spit it at the crowd. I was in the front row and got absolutely covered in blood. This is not normally my kind of thing, but in that moment, it was the perfect end of an awesome night. 

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I haven't been to that many. And most were really bad experiences to me. Even if the music was good, the crowds ruined it.

The only gig I've been to where everything was perfect was Laibach. The most respectable and well behaved crowd, and the show they put on was absolutely mind blowing. Most underrated band in history.

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