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What is your favourite sport to watch?

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What is your favourite sport to watch on television, or in person? 

I personally love going to football games. The energy is unlike anything you experience at any other games. I don't really like watching any sports though. If I had to choose I'd say basketball. 

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Well compare the base skill of hockey to other major sports. For soccer, football, baseball, and basketball, first you just have to be able to stand on the court/field. With hockey you have to be able to skate before you get on the ice. That means skating forward, backward, sideways, on one skate, and be able to stop on a dime. Also on a slap shot the puck can hit speeds of up to 90mph. That's a chunk of steel with a thin layer of rubber on it. And you have to catch it with a wooden stick on the ice when it's passed.

I'm not trying to insult any sport as all take master talent and skill to reach the top level, I just think hockey takes more.

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I don't have many sports that I love to watch but I do have a few that I enjoy watching on television. Tennis and Snooker are two sports that I love to watch each year especially when they do the huge main events such as the Snooker World Championships and Wimbledon. These are two events I would love to go and watch in person live but they are so expensive to get tickets for that I never bother to go or attempt to get tickets. 

One other sport (if you class it as a sport) that I love to watch weekly and have been to see live is Wrestling. Many people don't class that as a sport however with it being on the sports channels where I live and it being something where people are active, I guess it can be classed as a sport to some extent.

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