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PC vs. Console Gaming

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2 hours ago, Heatman said:

Personally, I have played on both PC and console games but if I must make a pick, then my favorite one would be console games especially on Playstation consoles. 

I used to be PlayStation fanboy myself as a kid up to when I got the PS3. However, ever since I have seriously gotten into PC gaming, I haven't looked back. The Xbox One I got as a gift is in the possession of my cousin and the only time I ever borrowed it back was to play RDR2. PC gaming allows you to mod games in ways you couldn't on a console and the fact that you can use emulators to play old console games makes PC Gaming the best.

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On 4/13/2019 at 12:01 AM, skyfire said:

I think if other platforms like the stadia come up then surely the console platforms are less likely to be in demand. You can see that PC gaming can be pretty better if stadia like platform comes in. It can save a lot of money. 

You assume it is going to save us money but we haven't even gotten a pricing scheme for the Stadia. It's just like Apple last month listing all these services but no pricing - it means they haven't or are nowhere near ready to be used by consumers and are in the initial to medium stages of development.

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On 4/22/2019 at 2:40 AM, skyfire said:

I think this is never ending battle till something like Stadia comes in and makes the console pretty much useless. I know stadia is too good to be true. But we do need something like that in the industry. 

Personally, I want it to crash and burn and the Nintendo Switch is already drawing some players away from the traditional console already.

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6 hours ago, skyfire said:

The thing is that consoles are luxury item something that nobody should be wasting their money on. It'd be fair if there is single device that can take care of gaming like the PC for that matter. 

There are a few devices that can take several systems. I had an FC Twin for a while. It plays both NES and SNES games. There's also an FC Trio that plays Sega Genesis as well. Then there's reverse play on a lot of consoles. And it's not a luxury item. For some of us it's nostalgia. For others it's a better option because there are games that are console exclusive. So it's not a waste of money either. To me PC gaming for a lot of console games is pointless. You waste hard drive space downloading all these games, run the risk of not having enough memory, and have more problems with lag time on a computer than on a console. Also if you piss someone off, you run the risk of being hacked. Not the easiest ting to do with a console, especially if you're not online.

Console = safer & smarter

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Hands down, PC is the supperior gaming experience. But it might not suit everyone. Eg. I work on the computer pretty much every day. My life would've been really miserable if I rested at the same place I work. I like stretching my legs on bed-sofa, playing Persona 5 on my nice big TV. 

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