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Last movie watched?

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Last move I watched was The Old Guard. Highlander on Netflix with Charlize Theron

It was not that great, it seemed like a back door pilot for a series. But I wouldn't greenlight it personally.
The weakest part of the movie was Theron herself, her acting was ridiculously lazy and unconvincing. She didn't care about this job at all.

Plus the main cast of immortals looks like a pack of junkies, not what you'd expect from immortal warriors. They look sickly and weak, I'd have imagined that over hundreds of years of combat they would have trained their bodies to be the perfect warriors.

And it also has the same issue that I raised with bloodshot recently. Just because you can survive anything, doesn't mean you must enjoy getting shot. They are completely careless in combat, and use getting shot as a tactic instead of trying to avoid it entirely.

Stereotypical evil for the sake of evil one dimensional villains.

4/10 and i'm being generous there. Would not recommend.

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Venom (2018) on Netflix.


Couldn't be bothered playing a game so gave this a go, and I want that time back.


Good Things; Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock was solid. Showed great imagination and looked invested in the role. Vemon's design was creative, looked animated and fluent, but still reflected the comic well. Eddie Brock and Venom's inner dialogue was funny at times and made me giggle.


The rest. The plot had various gears in its pacing and the characters were very forgettable. The story wasn't interesting and was just a copy/paste of so many superhero and anti-hero stories. The supporting actors looked desperate to clock out the and special effects weren't that impressive. Action was mediocre at best and just tried to be more violent (but still not at all gory or bloody) than other MCU movies rather than more exiting and fun to watch.


The worst thing is though is those complaints and others also apply to Venom himself. His motivations somehow managed to be both overly simplistic, yet very poorly explained all at the same time. The plans that Venom's people have to destroy the world, because of course that's the motive, nothing more, don't actually make sense given that it was human involvement that created the opportunity through people capturing members of the alien race that includes venom to actually allow the opportunity at all. Then, with the click of a finger, he changes his mind. No explanation other than "Eddie changed his mind". That's it.


This was pure Hollywood fodder that could have been so much more.


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