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Last movie watched?

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I just finished The Two Towers on amazon 🙂 at home since we all can't go out, also deleted The Return of the King from my phone because I kept running out of space taking video of the American West, otherwise that also would have been my last film of the year, technically the decade if you, consider the new decade to begin in ‘21.

Up! is a pretty magical film. Toy Story, Wall-E, Up!, Ratatouille, and Soul, I think, are the strongest Pixar films so far, but you really can’t go wrong with Pixar movies, even Cars, Brave, and Onward are decent when compared to other American animation studios.

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Last film that I seen, was a 2021 film that takes based of the film back in 1988, it's coming 2 america.It's not bad and still have the old stars from the old film coming to america. I mean I raher like the old film still then the new. 

Before that was the mule, with Mr Eastwood. 

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