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Old consoles?

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What old consoles do you own? do they still work?


For me I still own:

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Saturn (Just got this recently) 

Sega Genesis Model 2

NES top loader (model 2?)


PS1 (Fat model)



and many more. All consoles as far as I know are sitll functioning as intended. 🙂 Do you own any classic consoles still that you dig out and play from time to time? 

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The only old system I still own is a N64, I still pull it out occasionally to play Ocarina of Time or Mario Kart 64.  Sometimes I wish I had kept more as I still play some older games, but I just use emulators on my PC for the other systems. 

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On 10/25/2018 at 9:50 AM, MegaphoneStallone said:

^You gave away your N64? The greatest console of all time.

Like, gave away...For free!?

Oh man, enjoy living with that.

As for me, I only have my N64 (unlike demon_skeith :P)...And that's all I need.


I still kick myself to this day, my brother wanted it and I was busy getting into the PS2. Not long after did I get an urge to want to play it again.

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Not sure if it this counts but at one stage I owned an Xbox 360. One of the greatest consoles of all time. I'm regret selling the 360 as one day, I know that this version of the Xbox will be worth a lot of money due to how retro/old it will be. Noneoftheless, I had some of the greatest, significant gaming memories since my adventure as a Gamer began using the Xbox. If I recall, that was my first ever console as a young child. 

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