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New hobbies you discovered from gaming?

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Have you discovered any cool non-gaming hobbies through gaming?

I spend a lot of time in Bioshock games staring at the advertisements, typefaces, architecture, and overall design of Rapture and Columbia.

Over time, I’ve taken note of the different elements which typify the Deco and Nouveau styles (Infinite’s architectural is more neoclassical, but there are Nouveau elements throughout the game).

Finally, I ended up purchasing a set of drafting templates as well as a bendable straight edge, and now I am working on creating Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs of my own. So far without a lot of success, but I’ve been making some strides.

I’d love to hear about hobbies you would never have picked up if not for playing video games.

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I didn’t necessarily pick up the hobby of skateboarding through Tonk Hawk games back on the PS2, but they definitely helped give me an extra bit of appreciation for the sport. Would lay a few games of Tony Hawk and it would inspire me to try new tricks that I’d never done before. Not sure if that counts, lol. 

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On 6/16/2019 at 8:34 PM, skyfire said:

Gaming got me into discord chatrooms and from there I got into DIY communities and homesteading and also learned about crypto. And lot of other friends and their interests that I have discovered. 

Good point. When I played multiplayer games more, I also ended up soaking up a lot of fellow gamers' interests, many of them barely related to what we were doing in-game.

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