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Bought the latest expansion today, decided to take some of the 'Mechs included in it for a test run during Skirmish Mode against a lance I had built prior to acquiring said expansion. I lost, but only barely; the OpFor only had my custom Warhammer WHM-6R left, and all that was left of my lance was my custom Flea FLE-15. If any of my heavier 'Mechs were still in fighting shape by the end, I feel confident I could have beaten my old lance; however, I honestly feel the odds were stacked in said old lance's favor.

I'm still learning the best ways to modify 'Mechs in the game. It's not quite how it works in MechWarrior Online, and it's not even in the same ZIP code of familiarity as the MechWarrior 4 MechLabs, which I worked with for years whereas I have very little experience with MechWarrior Online's lab. 😂

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