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Bioshock Infinite - some people say that Infinite is not actually a Bioshock game, but I think they say that because it has very little to do with Rapture (I'm still playing the game so if it does dont spoil it) but gameplay wise is basically the same thing as the other bioshock games, there are guns and plasmids/vigors, there is a crazy leader to defeat in an Utopia that he created and you have to save a girl.

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Final Fantasy XIV

I've been sinking countless hours into this one, trying to level my character's classes as far as I can to unlock their stuff as I go through the main scenario questline. I need a break. 😰 I haven't spent this much time in two weeks on one game since Stellaris... Speaking of which, the Federations expansion is coming out in less than 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

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