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What do you want from the future of VR?

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I was reading @MelbourneStar585's very intriguing topic here on full dive VR. 

I will pose a related question. What do you want the future of VR to look like? What would be your ideal?

I would love it if there were a way to bridge VR metaverses with “real life” fully so that it all counts as “real life,” and you could make a living and have a functional existence in digital space and/or in meatspace. So long as people are taking care of their physical bodies, housing, dependents, etc., I’d love a cyberpunk future. I feel like it’d open the doors to unparalleled freedom of personal expression and would bring a lot of new ideas and possibilities into existence.

What about you? What do you want from the future of VR?

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What I would look for is interface improvement. VR demands so much more in terms of its control interface than other platforms and, as much as it's improved, still need to be so much more in order to gain popularity and become a popular choice for game development. I know when we get old will be tellin' dem kids about back in our day we were old school with our controllers and TV's instead of whatever fancy shit they'll be using that will likely be some version of VR. What I don't know is what breakthrough it will be to make VR better than more conventional gaming. It's not visuals, if that was it VR would be more dominant right now, but what would it take?

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