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    I got this Zelda pack a couple weeks ago, and have been wanting to open it, but fighting the temptation at the same time. One really awesome thing about it that I do know for a fact, is that these carts are gold like the Zelda carts on NES. That kicks some serious ass, to me.
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    That's re-defined what goes through my mine when I hear "X Gon' Give it Ya". Back on topic though, another good example of great sound design immersing you in a game is Helblade: Senua's Sacrifice. For those who don't you, in that game, you're playing a Senua, a Celtic Warrior suffering from severe mental heath issues. The programmed the sound to, if you're wearing a suitable headset or headphones, to make it feel like the voices in her heard are really in YOUR head. I played the game like that it really is very uncomfortable and makes what is already a very daunting game that much more frightening. An amazing job Ninja Theory did on that.
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    Best modern 2D plataform games

    I think recently titans TD was one of the game that I played in this category.
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    Best modern 2D plataform games

    Maplestory used to be my go-to modern side-scrolling game but I'm on the lookout for some more games as well.
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    Best modern 2D plataform games

    I recommend checking out Shovel Knight and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Both have amazing music and addictive gameplay. Rad Rodgers is also worth checking out.
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