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  1. There is also Silent Hill: Sakura rumours, which may be a new game that is set in Britain. The series has explored places outside of Silent Hill before, but it does feel unusual to shift the storylines to other places.
  2. They could be fake. Seeing as how Tokyo Game Show is happening in a few weeks, this could be some idiot's idea of poking fun at the fans. As if we haven't suffered enough disappointment in recent memory. It's a cruel world. People do do this crap. However, Dusk Golem maintains that the remake is still happening... I guess we don't have long to wait to find out what Konami's unannounced game will be. Regards, from Candy Stick, aka thesaunderschild.
  3. I'm considering getting a Series X next month. I mean, I would have rather definitely gotten a PS5. But it appears they have been hard to obtain since 2020, like with Covid and a lack of the components. But this game is a day one purchase for me.
  4. I don't know if the game was at GamesCom, because I didn't watch this online. They said there would be a playable section called 'Grace in the Dark' at the event, which I was looking forward to watching. So far, I can't find anything on YouTube about it. And YouTube won't open up on my phone right now. When I try to sign in, it gets stuck and says I am already signed in. Then I cannot proceed. I'll have to try clearing my cache...
  5. Was Alone in the Dark shown off? 🤑
  6. Yeah. Imagine calling one of their longest tenured members a parasite. What disrespectful shills. But they're entitled to support a company that only cares about making money. It's only after the game comes out and they notice all the cut content, that they can run back to people like me and offer an apology, for like trying to forewarn them. Regards, from Candy Stick (aka thesaunderschild).
  7. It's not that I'm being a pussy and running away from them. In general, though. You have to say to yourself, "They're not interested in hearing this. Why continue?" Sometimes it felt good to lay out the truth. Then they just spout more crap about how it's not true, and this is just my opinions. But of course, if you provide evidence to the contrary and they're still not convinced despite what you just provided in front of their faces, they're just not going to listen to logic, no matter what you say. They even say smart alleck things like, "Alone in the Dark inspired RE, so Capcom copied that long before the recent games you mentioned!" Yeah. As if that's any excuse to blatantly copy all the games I told them they obviously had copied (with proof offered). You know? They seem to like to have an answer for every counter-productive post you leave. So that's why it's pointless to tell them what they will ignorantly continue to overlook. It's like you're standing there shouting at a brick wall, to be honest. Petulant school children.
  8. No. I meant that I no longer want to discuss RE, as people on other forums were being stupid, and I just decided it was virtually pointless to convince them about what Capcom is like. Whenever I tried to go into depth about it, they were implying I was a fruitcake, or something. Evidence went ignored. And you can be sure I provided more than enough of that. So I finally came to my senses. After so many years of posting the same things online, I finally decided to stop fighting the good fight, and accept that Capcom has too many people fooled. Meanwhile, I can still appreciate other horror games, such as this one.
  9. I'm retired from talking about RE now, but I think this game will outshine those games anyway. Looks like ThQ Nordic really cares about bringing back survival horror to how it was years ago.
  10. From the gameplay I seen, it does look like there will be a lot of action. But I also expect a lot of atmospheric vibes, much like what occurs in The Evil Within series.
  11. Sometimes I do, as long as they're not yelling in an obnoxious way.
  12. Finally. The granddaddy of survival horror games, is getting a glorious remake. I've been a fan of the series since I played The New Nightmare and Jack is Back. None of the other PC games got released on the PlayStation, which I felt was strange at the time, giving the original game's popularity. These games were very atmospheric, as they had fixed camera angles and things could jump through windows, or suddenly walk through a door. You would have to discard things like oil cans manually to free up space, as they would be used up, and still appear in your list of items. As with the original, you can play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Heartwood, as they go to investigate a haunted mansion. There will be exploration, puzzles, and item management. All of that good stuff. So definitely looking forward to the teaser coming the week after next week, where you play as "Grace" [Saunders] from the second game in a prelude.
  13. Yet another survival horror remake. 😄
  14. I believe this is that horror game I was talking about last week.
  15. There was an open world, third person horror game I remember reading about a while ago. I've forgotten the name of it. But I remember seeing just a few screenshots about it, but this was ages ago. So I hope I can remember what it's called. It wasn't the game with a similar title to The Last of Us, but something else somewhat along the same lines. Looked like you could go into houses and it was like Days Gone. I think there was some zombie standing on a hill in one of the images. I'm not sure...
  16. There's a slim chance that we could see the Silent Hill reboot or whatever, at Tokyo Game Show. But I wouldn't get too excited, giving the endless amount of hearsay that constantly pops up online.
  17. They've ported RE4 so many times since they originally stated it would be a GameCube exclusive. You could even get a version (albeit, neutered) for cellphones. In my opinion, it's a great action game, but does nothing to take the RE storyline forward.
  18. I'd say it was 1996 to 2005. There was a decline in good gaming for a number of years after that. 2013 was where it picked up again.
  19. Stills. Still. Darn phone... The problem with the Capcom fanboys is that they love their man muck being squirted into their eyes. It's like they cannot get enough of the love juice they are providing, baby! Nah. I'm just joking... But one thing I find particularly bizarre about the fanboys overall, is how they openly defend the RE2 remake to death, while universally hating on RE3. That's so weird, because the remake of RE2 had the same amount of cut content, changed story aspects, and missing creatures. Like for example, they took out the original plants. Yet one was kept in the game, slumped dead against a window in the lab where they had a greenhouse, or something. Plant 43. You know? So like, why do they never talk about RE2 being guilty as charged too? They put RE2 on a pedestal so high, that they can never see the wood for those tall trees. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They would rather play favourites, than accept the blatantly obvious facts, which at this point, are already there in black and white, being honest. It's so dumb. And the same people who want a CV remake, as well as a RE4 remake, must be clueless. How can you request more remakes, knowing that Crapcom are bound to remove a lot of things in those games too? They would make them to where they would be so bland, generic, and probably unrecognisable into the bargain. It's crazy to think that they're the problem to this whole mess, and not even willing to come up with a solution...
  20. Precisely. It makes them money, so why should Crapcom shoot a cow if it stills makes milk? You can expect more RE remakes up the pooper as long as people are willing to invest Capcom more greed. In other news, I heard the Terminator series may be getting revived too. As if Arnie really needs another fat pay check at his age. They've wrecked that once brilliant series beyond all repair. The last one they pumped out had "woke" written all over it. Meanwhile, all of the RE characters fans want to see officially return such as Jill, are nowhere to be seen. And no. Having her in remakes doesn't count. That's an old game, done up in a modernized way. So that's no excuse.
  21. Meh. They've been raping the Resident Evil franchise for years either way one looks at things, so maybe my hate for Capcom has been pointlessly overkill as of late. But at least you guys are more understanding as to where us RE die hard fans are coming from. These games mean a lot to people that grew up playing them. All of them. Not just say, when someone began with the later entries such as RE4, 7 or the RE2 remake. But on other forums I've visited and mentioned this stuff on, they're always being like, "STFU. OMG. RE has always been 'B' film, trash!!!!1 Etc!" 😄 Aye, aye, aye... Count me out! 😉
  22. It sounds like something from a medieval story. Not the George Romero or sci-fi approach of the original games. Hence why they've basically abandoned the very formula the franchise started with.
  23. I happened to see this today. Apparently, even more fantasy style RE nonsense awaits us. But this is just speculation for the time being.
  24. That's too bad about the Resident Evil Netflix series receiving all of the hate. You would think Capcom would learn that fans don't want this kind of slop. They actually made Wesker look like Blade, the vampire in the Marvel franchise.
  25. The Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village is available to pre-order, if you want to obtain a new costume for Rosemary Winters. https://noisypixel.net/resident-evil-village-gold-edition-trailer-cosmetic-rose-dlc/
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