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  1. I'm a Chevy/ GM fan and Buick is part of GM. I'm pretty sure the most valuable '62 Buick Special on Earth could maybe sell for $75,000 in real life and that's with a lot of mods.
  2. Well, I'd be happy if real life car values were reflected. What does it actually cost to resto-mod a '62 Buick Special. Another thing is the '67 Foyt-Gurney GT40 Mk. 4 shouldn't be obtainable at any price, there was only one of it. You should be able to get the more obscure yellow GT40 from the '67 running of the Le Mans 24 Hours. I'm okay with World Rally cars being available for sale because I want rally remaining relevant. I've ranted long enough, but I'm saying that games should make car values more realistic.
  3. Well like I said earlier, I bought a Nintendo Switch at Wal Mart about a month ago for $369.99 (sales tax Included). I bought because I've heard so many good things about it here and on YouTube. I only have one game so far WRC 8. I'm up to level 50 experience even though I'm still in the junior rally series. I'm very happy with my purchase and hope the Switch will last for years of use.
  4. We'll see if my parents don't make me yard sale it when they move to a smaller home.
  5. It plays Live '03 just fine and I've had it for years now, so I'll probably just keep it.
  6. Yeah, the one that celebrates the 15th anniversary of GT. It rules and if modded enough you can win the 10 minutes of Rome as often as you would want.
  7. I figure that if the controller isn't vibrating too badly, I must be driving smoothly enough.
  8. I have a big front-loading PS3 and a small top-loader PS3. The one that has been causing me problems is the big one.
  9. In GT 6 the '62 Buick Special should not cost $725,000. In previous GT games it cost around 100 grand, what gives? I love '62 Buicks as much as anyone, but I think it's insane to pay $725,000 for one, especially when it cost far less in previous GT games. What the hell Polyphony?
  10. Have you won the special edition blue '13 Corvette yet. Don't sell it if you have, that's a good forgiving race car.
  11. Yeah. YouTube and cable news are my window to the world. My local news depresses me because I live near crime ridden Washington, D.C.
  12. I spend more time on VGR learning about gaming. I spend tons of time on YouTube looking at racing, music and sports stuff.
  13. And it really doesn't have enough text keys. I can't use commas or question marks, so I end up typing like a third grader.
  14. I use VGR and YouTube to learn about games and gaming. I feel like I'm served well by both.
  15. I bring my phone everywhere with me, but it's just a cheap flip phone.
  16. I've never worn out a console. I own four different PlayStations and a Switch Oled. I had a PS3 that I thought was broken for a few years, but then I turned the thing over and shifted some dust around. My problem is it really doesn't like to run GT6. That's okay though because I have the other PS3.
  17. If I have to be in a waiting room I usually just take an old baseball book with me.
  18. I probably should clean my games and consoles more often.
  19. Even though it's portable my Switch never leaves my house.
  20. Remember the Thunder '07 review? Remember "F#ck this f#cking season?"
  21. I like Kamikazegames. His channel used to talk about NASCAR, that's how I found it. I won't watch every video, but some are very entertaining.
  22. I hope you get one. I love the graphics. Maybe the definition on leaves and trees in WRC8 could be better, but other than that the Switch rocks.
  23. Haha. Yeah, but taller heavier players have a harder time jumping.
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