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    Family sedan reacted to The Blackangel in Do PS5 scalpers have any legitimate defense for their actions?   
    There is no defense. It's pure greed and nothing else.
    That's not a bad idea, but would be ineffective. Just because Scalper-1 is recorded, it doesn't mean their friends and family are. Also they could offer people x amount of money to go in, buy one with the scalpers money, and bring it out to the scalper. There's a million ways around these things.
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in Do PS5 scalpers have any legitimate defense for their actions?   
    There's no real defense of their practices because every one else is also being affected by Covid. I think most retailers need to start implementing captcha (the difficult ones) among other strategies to limit the scalper's business and make it time-consuming and ineffective. Then again, most retailers only care about the money they receive so...
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    Family sedan reacted to The Blackangel in Would you buy a scalped console?   
    I've run into scalpers at hockey games several times. When the Red Wings would come to St. Louis to play against the Blues, I would get early entry since I'm in a wheelchair. These assholes are outside and trying to charge people $60+ for $20 tickets. And all too often, the tickets would turn out to be fake, and the dumb son of a bitch that bought from the scalper would be royally fucked. I had one jackass try to sell me a ticket. I punched him in the throat right on his Adam's Apple, took the fake tickets (a 4 year old could have done a better job) and went inside. Scalpers are one of the few specific people that I'm a severe bigot against. If someone buys a game system and has to turn around and sell it for unforseen reasons, they're not a scalper. I want to clear that up right now. They just got some shitty luck. Someone who buys an item with the intention of reselling it for a 300% markup, that is the one who will meet a severe bigot when they lay eyes on me. And I don't give a shit what anyone says. I'm proud to be bigoted towards the worthless scum. I'm not much more than white trash myself, but at least I'm not some greedy piece of shit that's out trying to rip people off.
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    Family sedan reacted to Kane99 in Would you buy a scalped console?   
    Nope, would never pay anything extra to a scalper. The idea that these people get away with it, sickens me, but that's the nature of new devices. Sadly, it seems to be happening a lot more for these new gen consoles than I would have expected. 
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    Family sedan reacted to Patrik in Would you buy a scalped console?   
    I won't, they are literally abusing the situtation of stock in this pandemic, i won't simply motivate some selfish guy to do it again and again and make people pay more than the double for a product that it costs less
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    Family sedan reacted to The Blackangel in Would you buy a scalped console?   
    No fucking way. I value honesty, and despise greed, and would never support some piece of shit like that. If some scalper tried to sell me one, I would knock their worthless ass to the ground then squat down and piss on their face.
    After that I would just raid their pockets and take their console. Yes, I would rob them.
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in Would you buy a scalped console?   
    No way! I'd just wait for a couple of months until the supply catches up to the demand and purchase it for the original market price. Consoles aren't an essential item so I can do without it for a few months.
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    Family sedan got a reaction from Withywarlock in Playing game at game center vs playing at home   
    I like to play at home because if you talk to yourself while playing, who cares?  It's my basement.
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    Family sedan reacted to Kane99 in What do you do when you are bored from games?   
    When I'm all played out on the games, I tend to watch some movies, bindge some tv shows and YouTube and maybe relax. I've been reading more often as of late, so I may start reading even more. As well, I like to hang out with friends & fam. Other times I try to catch up on some work, and other times I just sit around on my phone for hours lol. 
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in Gaming crafts or art you have made   
    When I was a kid, I used to be really into art and I used to draw Gray Fox and Solid Snake from the original Metal Gear Solid. I remember even did a drawing of Metal Gear Rex. To be honest, I'm not sure where I'd find that.
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    Family sedan got a reaction from killamch89 in Mature/Violent games you played as a kid   
    I started playing Twisted Metal 2 when I was 14.  As for games with adult situations, I can't think of any.
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    Family sedan reacted to m76 in Mature/Violent games you played as a kid   
    There is nothing juicy about it. We played GTA, Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Sin, Duke3D, Carmageddon, Mortal Kombat and so on, and nobody I know turned violent. In fact the most cruel and violent kids in school were always the ones with the most devout and conservative parents who kept their kids under the strictest rules not allowing them any access to movies / videogames / limiting their play time etc.
     I think shielding kids from gore is a mistake. For example the games where you still kill others, but they remove blood and gore. And that makes them kid friendly according to who?  That's the worst lesson you can give to kids because it tells them killing has no consequences.
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    Family sedan reacted to StaceyPowers in Most awkward/embarrassing gaming moment?   
    What is the most awkward or embarrassing moment of any kind you experienced while playing any game?
    I would say pretty much anytime I played a BioWare game and there was a sex scene and anyone else was ever present in the room for any reason would probably be the worst for me.
    Following that, I would say some silly moments where I got super nervous while playing against a friend in Quake III Arena and kept dancing around her in circles and missing at point blank range were the most embarrassing.
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    Family sedan reacted to Empire in Most awkward/embarrassing gaming moment?   
    You failed at something simple, like a simple mission in GTA like a race and you are the highest level the the others LOL
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    Family sedan got a reaction from StaceyPowers in Most awkward/embarrassing gaming moment?   
    I get embarrassed if I crash in Rome in GT6.  I love the city street course and have logged more miles there than I can count, so any mishap there is a bit embarrassing.
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in Console generation you remember the most?   
    It's completely understandable mate. As I said, it's not for everyone and I actually witness a friend destroy a controller over it so no worries.
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in Gaming good for mental health   
    And that's the issue we have in society nowadays - the lack of self control and self discipline.
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    Family sedan reacted to StaceyPowers in Gaming good for mental health   
    Just the lame teachers 😉
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    Family sedan reacted to killamch89 in What's your most favoured game you've played this year?   
    You're right in that there's only so much they can do to make realistic racing games less repetitive. That's the reason why these kinds of games occupy a niche market because they generally appeal to specific types of gamers.
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    Family sedan got a reaction from killamch89 in What's your most favoured game you've played this year?   
    Well the problem is how many ways can you jazz up auto racing?  I love racing to death, but others might not, its an acquired taste I guess.
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    Family sedan got a reaction from killamch89 in Console generation you remember the most?   
    Yeah, the PS1 was one of the few things that made the late '90's worth living in, besides Drew Bledsoe, Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker and late '90's NASCAR.  And Rage Against the Machine, but my vote goes to the PS1.
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    Family sedan reacted to The Blackangel in Eeny Meeny Miny Moe   
    Considering that I have several hundred games, I take forever to pick. First off I have to pick which system I want to play, which in itself is an ordeal. Then I have to go over my list, which is an even harder choice. What genre do I want to play? I have no idea half the time, and I'm so indecisive that sometimes I just go watch TV or read a book. But that there is a problem due to my indecisiveness.
    I've posted my library several times, but here it is again, just to show how hard it is for me to make a choice.
    NES - - -
    8 Eyes
    A Boy And His Blob
    Bad Dudes
    Blaster Master
    Bubble Bobble
    Castlevania 1,2,3
    Clash At Demonhead
    Contra Super C
    Deadly Towers
    Demon Sword
    Dig Dug 2
    Donkey Kong Classics
    Double Dragon 1,2,3
    Dr Mario
    Dragon Warrior
    Ducktales 2
    Festers Quest
    Final Fantasy
    Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll
    Friday The 13th
    Gauntlet 1,2
    Iron Sword
    Junior Edition Jeopardy
    Karate Champ
    Kid Icarus
    Kings Knight
    Kirbys Adventure
    Kung Fu
    Legacy Of The Wizard
    Legend Of Zelda, The(gold)
    Little Mermaid, The
    Marble Madness
    Mario Bros
    Mega Man 2,3,4,6
    Milon's Secret Castle
    Ninja Gaiden
    Punch Out
    Rescue Rangers
    Rocketeer, The
    Spy Hunter
    Street Fighter 2010
    Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, SMB2,SMB3
    T&C Surf Designs
    Taboo The Sixth Sense
    Time Lord
    TMNT 1,2,3
    TMNT Tournament Fighters
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Wizards & Warriors
    Yo! Noid
    Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link(gold)
    Game Genie
    SNES - - -
    Arcades Greatest Hits
    Beavis & Butthead
    Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3
    Earthworm Jim 2
    Final Fantasy 2,3,4
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    Illusion Of Gaia
    Jim Power The Lost Dimension In 3D
    Killer Instinct (CIB minus soundtrack)
    Legend Of The Mystical Ninja, The
    Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past, The
    Legend Of Zelda Goddess Of Wisdom, The
    Legend Of Zelda Parallel Worlds, The
    Lion King, The
    Magic Sword
    Mario All Stars
    Mario Is Missing
    Mario Kart
    Mario Paint
    Mario RPG Legend Of The 7 Stars
    Mario World
    Mega Man X
    Mortal Kombat 1,2,3
    Ren & Stimpy Veediots
    Rocketeer, The (CIB)
    Star Fox
    Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
    Super Off Road The Baja
    Super Putty
    Ultima The False Prophet
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat
    Wild C.A.T.S.
    Wizard Of Oz
    Yoshi's Cookie
    Battle Clash
    Metal Combat
    Super Scope 6
    X Zone
    Yoshi's Safari
    Super Game Boy
    Game Genie
    N64 - - -
    1080 Snowboarding
    Banjo Kazooie
    Conker's Bad Fur Day
    Donkey Kong 64
    Forsaken 64
    Mario 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Mega Man 64
    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    Namco Museum 64
    Nightmare Creatures
    Quest 64
    South Park
    Space Invaders
    Star Fox 64
    Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire
    World Driver Championship
    Zelda Majoras Mask (both gold, one hologram)
    Zelda Ocarina Of Time (standard & gold)
    Zelda Ocarina Of Time Master Quest
    Game Shark
    SWITCH - - -
    A Knight's Quest
    Active Neurons 2
    Aldred Knight
    American Fugitive
    Among The Sleep - Enhanced Edition
    Aqua Lungers
    Bleed Complete Bundle (Bleed, Bleed 2)
    Blood Breed
    Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon 2
    Bouncy Bob
    Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger
    Castle Of Heart
    Classic Games Collection Volume 1
    Cosmic Star Heroine
    Cyber Complex
    Degrees Of Separation
    Ding Dong XL
    Elemental Knights R
    Fight Crab
    Goblin Sword
    Great Perhaps, The
    Half Dead
    Hand Of Fate 2
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    Him & Her
    Jumping Joe & Friends
    Layers Of Fear: Legacy
    Not Not - A Brain Buster
    Outlast 2
    Poly Puzzle
    Redneck Skeet Shooting
    Remnants Of Naezith
    Revenge Of The Bird King
    Riddled Corpses EX
    Seeders Puzzle Reboot
    Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands
    Singled Out
    Slender: The Arrival
    Snowboarding The Next Phase
    Soul Searching
    Syberia 2
    Sydney Hunter And The Curse Of The Mayan
    The Childs Sight
    The Way Remastered
    Thief Simulator
    Warlocks 2: God Slayers
    Assassins Creed 3
    Collection Of Mana (Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret Of Mana, Trials Of Mana)
    FF7/FF8 (dual game cartridge)
    Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, The
    Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening, The
    Mario Odyssey
    Octopath Traveler
    South Park The Fractured But Whole
    Tiny Barbarian DX
    Titan Quest
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
    Witcher 3, The
    GAME BOY - - -
    Arcade 4 Defender/Joust
    Donkey Kong Land
    Jungle Book
    Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park DNA Factor
    Killer Instinct
    Mario Kart Super Circuit
    Metroid II
    Mole Mania
    My Little Pony Rainbow
    Namco Museum (Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian)
    Pagemaster, The
    Quad Desert Fury
    Speedy Gonzales
    Spyro 2 Season Of Flame
    Spyro Attack Of The Rhynots
    Super Mario Deluxe
    Super Mario Land 1,2
    Tak & The Power Of Juju
    Zelda 4 Swords
    Zelda A Link To The Past
    Zelda Links Awakening (Color, and Original)
    Zelda Minish Cap
    Zelda Oracle Of Ages (GBA Copy & GB Color Copy)
    Zelda Oracle Of Seasons
    Game Genie
    SEGA GENESIS - - -
    Beavis & Butthead
    Ghouls 'N Ghosts
    Jurassic Park
    Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
    Risky Woods
    Shining In The Darkness
    Sonic 1,2
    Sonic & Knuckles
    Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
    Toy Story
    PS1 - - -
    Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
    Coolboarders 2,3,4,2001
    Final Fantasy 8

    PS3 - - -
    Assassins Creed 1,2,3
    Bound By Flame
    Castlevania Lords Of Shadows 1,2
    Dantes Inferno
    Dark Kingdom
    Darksiders 1,2
    Dark Souls 1,2
    Defiance (DDL)
    Demons Souls
    Devil May Cry 1,2,3,4
    Dishonored (2 Copies)
    Dragon Age II
    Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe Edition
    Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (DA Origins, DA Origins Awakening)
    Dragons Dogma
    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
    Fallen Angel Sacred II
    Family Guy Back To The Multiverse
    Final Fantasy X, X2
    God Of War 1,2,3, Chains Of Olympus, Ghost Of Sparta, Ascension
    Heavenly Sword
    Hunted: The Demons Forge
    Infamous Collection (Infamous, Infamous2, Infamous: Festival Of Blood)
    Last Of Us, The
    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge
    Reckoning Kingdom Of Amalur
    Remember Me
    Rise Of The Argonauts
    Risen 2 Dark Waters
    Risen 3 Titan Lords
    South Park The Stick Of Truth
    Two Worlds
    PS4 - - -
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
    For Honor Gold Edition
    God Of War
    Kingdom Come Deliverance
    Lords Of The Fallen
    Man Of Medan
    Pillars Of Eternity Complete Edition
    Red Dead Redemption II
    Shovel Knight
    Styx: Shards Of Darkness
    XBOX ONE - - -
    Lichdom Battlemage
    Life Is Strange 1,2
    Life Is Strange Before The Storm
    Red Dead Redemption II
    Ryse Son Of Rome (Legendary Edition)
    Tell Me Why
    Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, The
    ATARI - - -
    (GP = Game Program)
    3 Tele Games
    Air-Sea Battle(2)(GP)
    Canyon Bomber
    Circus Atari(2)(GP)
    Combat (GP) (4)
    Daemons To Diamonds
    Dig Dug
    Dodge 'Em(2)
    Donkey Kong(2)
    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial(3)
    Fast Food
    Frogs & Flies
    Grand Prix(2)
    Haunted House(2)
    Home Run(GP)
    Human Cannonball
    Indy 500
    Jr. Pac-Man
    Jungle Hunt(2)
    Mario Bros.
    Maze Craze(2)
    Miniature Golf(GP)
    Missile Command
    Mouse Trap
    Night Driver(2)
    Phoenix (possibly broken?)
    Pong Sports
    Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    River Raid
    Shark Attack
    Sky Diver
    Slot Machine(GP)
    Space Invaders(3)(GP)
    Space War
    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
    Street Racer(GP)
    Super Breakout(2)
    Swordquest: Earthworld
    Swordquest: Fireworld(2)
    Video Checkers(GP)
    Video Chess(GP)
    Video Olympics(2)(GP)
    Video Pinball(GP)
    Word Zapper
    Yars' Revenge
    A little bit of a decision, as I have a couple to chose from, huh?
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    Family sedan reacted to The Blackangel in What company could you see making a console?   
    It was just a reference due to Pepsi having released a game. I don’t even want to think of them releasing a console. That is a truly horrifying concept.
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    Family sedan reacted to Kane99 in Overrated games?   
    Hmm, most over-rated games. Well, I'd say Madden NFL games. I don't understand why they're so popular. They're one of the most over-rated games out there, and on top of that, they probably don't even update much every year. Another over-rated game, is Destiny 1&2. I never got into the series, and I tried. I was interested when I played the first game beta, pre-ordered it and I remember losing interest really fast. 
    You can totally add Call of Duty to the list as well. It's one of the most over-rated franchises out there. Some of the games in the series are great, but a lot of them turn out to be messes. Modern Warfare 2 was a mess with hackers, which made my interest in the game sour. But, I ended up really enjoying Modern Warfare 3. I also really loved the first Black Ops, but the sequels after it, ruined the Black Ops franchise for me. Black Ops 3 is the one I specifically remember hating with a passion. It just didn't feel like Cod anymore at that point. 
    I agree it's over-rated, but for the time it was something different. That's the big reason it blew up so big. Tetris is an easy to access game for most people. It's easy to get into, but tough to master. But I can understand tetris being over-rated, because it's not as good as it's hyped up to be. 
    I agree about the GTA Series, mostly in regards to the stories. I was into the stories for most of the games, but they always seem to blow it near the end. GTA IV's ending was so anticlimactic. I expected the story to revolve around Niko going after the guy who wronged him in Romania or wherever it was. But, SPOILER - you can kill/spare the guy near the middle of the game. The story continues and that always kind of bugged me. I forget what happens after that, it's been so long since I played GTA IV.
    I enjoyed GTA V's story for the most part, but those endings were boring. As well, it seemed like the ending was rushed. Just didn't like it. As well, they promised us story DLC for GTA V way before the game was released I believe. And they never delivered on that. I don't care about GTA Online. 
    As for Hellblade, I kind of liked the combat, but I agree it was essentially a walking/light power walking simulator with some combat sprinkled in. I didn't get all the rune things, and I had like 3 or 4 I missed through the whole game. I wanted to 100% it, but no way was I going to replay to find just those 3-4 runes. I did kind of like the story though. I hope the sequel that's coming out, upgrades the combat and gets that running speed up. And less of the walking around so much. 
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    Family sedan reacted to SaucyPastaTho in What for you is the appeal of violent video games?   
    How I feel is if it's good it's good regardless if it's violent or not, has to have a compelling story.
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