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  1. If I don't see the game launched, even, on Christmas, I will go to their company with John Wick and put a bomb.
  2. I started mining on Pi Network, and I'm waiting for Phase 3 to come out. I want to get some money for some great stuff for my PC and some new games.
  3. If I have a hard day and feel like playing games, I play Rocket League.
  4. NFS Payback had that melancholy that really touched me.
  5. PS2. I had a little "gang" with this console. Good old times .. :)
  6. @Kane99 is very active in this forum and he's posting a lot of great content. Good luck! :)
  7. Many of them are so annoying and so fake! They are just making content for money + they are exxagerating a lot about the subject.
  8. @Kane99 Since childhood, I've been into racing games. My friends were into FPS games such as CS:GO, Fortnite and Valorant, and I was the one in the group with NFS, DiRT etc. It captivates me how realistic it can be.
  9. I'm the ''not so expensive, but not so cheap'' guy. It takes me like 1 hour to find a good headset.
  10. Nice one! Daft Punk is my band as you can see on my profile pic.
  11. Some people are desperate of getting these new-gen consoles and games, so they don't care how much storage it's taking.
  12. I've never been a huge fan of basketball, but all my friends were discussing about his moves and his victories.
  13. When Mixer was dying, I was thinking that Ninja will move to Facebook Gaming. Looks like he gave another change to Twitch.
  14. Sincerely, no. This is the only game that came on my mind. If I find something, I'll send it.
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