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  1. Rating: 9/10 DiRT 4 The game was awesome. The tracks, cars and the Hyundai R5 DLC was really worth it! The only problem are the controls. The car is, sometimes, very hard to handle it and you just jump and rotate into the grass.
  2. I like going to bed, but I don't always want to hear about sleeping. I'm a morning person.
  3. I love electronic, lo-fi, dance and a little of pop music.
  4. I wish NFS made a brand new movie. Need for Speed: Beginnings was epic!
  5. Hi, ZY! Welcome to VGR! Hope you will have a great time here!
  6. I'll like to watch you playing Among Us, CS:GO and NFS Most Wanted, Payback or Rivals.
  7. At this moment, I'm watching Peter Knetter, Plainrock124 & AutoTopNL It always changes.
  8. I've been having some tests on Unity, but I wasn't so impressed, so I decided to stay on the web design part.
  9. I used to watch Pokemon back when it was on Cartoon Network, but I never had any Pokemon games, toys etc.
  10. I'm always using alcohol. I'm already a master at it. Just be gentle with it.
  11. I've been really thinking about cross-playing. I'm the only one who uses Steam. All of my friends use Uplay and Origin.
  12. These keyboards are just a cosmetic upgrade. Making the gaming experience better. In my opinion, I like these keyboards.
  13. Superhot is quite stressful for me. You have to concentrate A LOT on this game.
  14. The L4D games are on my Steam, and the other games are on wrapping, yes. It's Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2. I don't feel like selling them.
  15. Hi, Naiwen! I just had online classes, and I feel like playing some racing games and drink cola.
  16. I have this game on my Steam acc called Move or Die. Got it last summer. Looks a little bit like Among us, but it's super duper funny. Played with 5 friends, and they all laughed so hard.
  17. I've been thinking about the same game as @skyfire.
  18. This is just what I want. It's just quite realistic.
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