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  1. Until they develop their feature set to closely match (or surpass steam) I don't see it happening. Friends, Gifting, Community are all integral parts of steam that Epic doesn't seem to be going towards. I also don't like the fact that Tencent has a major share in their company
  2. I've heard rumprs of the PS5 being 450-500 which I think is a fair price point. ~600 would be a difficult sell to most consumers (even though it might be worth it)
  3. Unfortunately this would probably be the same answer to the "which gave do you have the most time on"... Runescape! I've been a member for atleast 3-4 years, paying 5 usd (not 11 USD) per month, that would definitely;y be the most
  4. Easily Runescape. I still played Old school runescape to this day, and played it the entirety of my child to early teens
  5. Heard it's a great experience overall, the developers had massive success from it. Yet to give it a try myself though
  6. I don't think they will become the norm, but I do believe they will be a lot more popular than they are now
  7. I remember pre-ordering GTA V for 23 USD when it first came to PC, using Greenmangaming and some coupons
  8. I think would be 18 hours on a co-op campaign with my buddy. This wasn't 18 hours at a stretch as we obviously stopped to eat and stuff, but it was a great time!
  9. Yeah, can't say I've owned any physical games recently either. I do have a CD of the Lion king game from 1994 somewhere in my attic though
  10. There aren't alot of mobile games that could hold my attention. Do you have any suggestions? Most games are endless runners or similar type of hyper-casual games that you tend to put down after few weeks or a month
  11. I played Pokemon TCG in real life not on any digital platforms. Me and my friends would meetup with our personal cards. Although I don't think any of us played the game right because we didn't really know the rules of battling.
  12. This looks pretty great! What engine are you using to develop this? how big is your team?
  13. Not a fan of the gameplay of this one. The lack of a proper battle system keeps me away from it, for me that was my favorite part of pokemon
  14. They've definitely lost touch with their initial formula which is really sad. The Ezio trilogy was one of my favorite gaming series, now the Assassins creed series is more like a generic RPG that rarely surprises gamers.
  15. Pokemon wholeheartedly. That game started out my childhood and carried me well into adulthood. Although I never really got to own a DS or 3DS which were super cool consoles 😞
  16. Yeah mic is easiest especially for competitive games, But if you're not actively playing (maybe waiting to respawn) then it's better to type out help to teammates.
  17. Are you looking to trade accounts or physical games? Can't see how you can overcome trading physical games without meeting up, and I believe account trading is banned on most platforms.
  18. From 110 to 27.49? That is a killer deal. Although 110 for a fighting game based on an anime seems super steep, does it have a large competitive scene?
  19. Ohh I see, never knew about friend codes and I've been using steam for 7 years+ lol
  20. @The Blackangel @Crazycrab @Spikey Oops I'm sorry, I didn't realise I used such harsh language, didn't mean to offend anyone! Apologies again! 😞 As for why I think PC is the best choice is simply because of the fact of Emulation. With a Good PC, the only consoles you wouldn't be able to play would be the PS4 and Xboxone. Almost every other console can be emulated (Ones with spotty emulation though would be Switch, PS3, x360, but they've come along way). So I didn't mean that PC has the best games, more or less that PC can get you access to more games even from your favorite consoles. Again, this is only in the situation where you would not be able to play any other game. Again though, didn't mean to offend anyone or cause a debate 😛 My bad
  21. Yeah are you talking about playing with BOTS? PUBG would get pretty boring because of the 100 player count, but a small count would/might be fun.
  22. Fantasy is definitely a genre that has a lot of gamers in it who like to roleplay. Fantasy is the most exciting of the roleplay genres, so it's definitely going to have it's fair share of games.
  23. I feel like auto-aim in general is a bit of an issue. Playing Uncharted, Horizon and Red Dead on console was really weird for me coming from PC
  24. How do you add friends through code and not username?
  25. Mine would be the SNES when I was just a little tyke. But my favorite "First" console was the Gameboy Advanced. Thousands of hours of pokemon on that bad boy.
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