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  1. Geez, I hope not. I mean playing videogames is fun, but making it a career is draining the fun out of it.
  2. The perfect fun gameplay is tactical open world shooters, on realistic difficulty. For example Ghost Recon Wildlands. Where your objectives are not at the ends of linear levels, but in open world compounds that you need to infiltrate. And you have completely free reign on how to do it. Drive up to or crash the front gates guns blazing, sneak in undetected, silently stalk and take down every enemy, parachute from the top, carve a bloody route to your objective, arrive in a tank, or any combination of the above. And the realistic difficulty makes it insanely intense, you are no super soldier, one unwise move, or an enemy allowed to circle around you, or an alarm raised, and you find yourself on the defensive instead of the offensive, often forced to flee, because if you get shot, you are dead. The enemy is as deadly to you as you are to the enemy.
  3. It was probably during the LAN party days in the early 2000s. We'd start Friday afternoon, and play until noon Sunday. But it was never a single game, but a variety of games we'd rotate randomly. If we are talking about the longest playing a single game, I'm not certain how long of a stretch I exactly played them but the best candidates are these: Carmageddon: completed the campaign the same night I got the game Half Life: I realized at 4:30 AM that maybe it's time to go to bed Beyond Two Souls: I played this game when I was really ill, it kept me focused on something else instead of how awful I felt The Last of Us II: I couldn't stop playing until I completed the story. About 12-13 hours a day every day.
  4. Except Deus Ex is not a shooting game. It is an immersive sim, that supposed to have multiple approaches, but if one approach gives far more rewards then it's less of a choice.
  5. Deus Ex human revolution gives more XP the more ruthless and brutal you are. Clearing a level by sneaking barely gives you any, while the most XP can be gained by headshot killing every NPC.
  6. I don't remember why but one NPC in a town in skyrim attacked me, and I killed them accidentally. But the game never removed the corpse it was always there when I went to that town even 20 hours of gametime later, and there was always a dismayed crowd around it. It was horrible.
  7. I always avoid combat unless the game actively punishes you for it. (ie. you get much less XP for doing it that way instead of killing everyoneI
  8. If they bore me, or they make no sense in context of the story. But most of all bait and switch can cause me to quit quests. You pick up a quest that seems simple enough, but then it suddenly turns into a much more involved thing that has you running all around the map. When you specifically picked that quests because of its locality.
  9. I don't even count FIFA as I quit it after World Cup 2002, I think. The biggest franchise I quit was Need for Speed, I did revisit it a few times, but it was never the same. I loved the series until Porsche Unleashed, which was undoubtedly the top for the series. Hot Pursuit 2 that came after was alright but not great. Then the series completely lost it's way. I hated Underground with every fiber of my being. It was not NFS in spirit. The next game I tried was prostreet, but it was disappointing and had very weird physics. Then Shift and Shif2 the ones I played next but those had basically nothing to do with NFS, just a name slapped on for good measure. The lowest point of the series was Hot Pursuit from 2010, it is the worst racing game I have ever seen. The last NFS game that I actually finished was The Run from 2011, so that could be the date I quit the franchise. What could make me come back is a return to the roots of the series, instead of the super arcady hipster dumpster fires that were the more recent entries. I want games focused on point to point street racing with semi realistic physics.
  10. When one of your crew says at the very beginning of Mass Effect 1 during your first visit to the presidium that they hear a faint humming around the relay monument.
  11. I don't want to pay a subscription for any game, period. It fuels the sunken cost fallacy, and fomo.I play games when I'm in the mood for them. Having an active subscription would force me to play even when my heart is not 100% in it. And I'd still be uncomfortable for not getting the most out of the subscription.
  12. When it comes to consoles the hardware is completely irrelevant to me. The only thing that matters are exclusive games. And in that regard Playstation always obliterated XBOX, it's not even a contest. As for current gen they are both equally bad. You can buy an xbox but have no worthwhile exclusives until 2023, or you can't even buy a PS5 unless you are willing to pay scalpers (please don't do that), or wait months on a pre-order.
  13. I'm actually optimistic on that. I think actually harmful things will still be removed, but not the discussion about things. Because if you don't even allow something to be discussed that just drives it underground or to other platforms, making it even more harmful. I say as long as someone is not directly inciting harm allow it so you can keep an eye on them and actually point out when they talk nonsense. Because usually the media ignores it so it happens quietly and under the radar. They are making a big deal out of this particular one because Musk is not an ally to the MSM. Oh, I've been very concerned about this for years. But I don't see a way to unbiased reporting and platforms. Someone has to own it in capitalism, and the platform will reflect the biases of the owner always. I don't think there is a truly independent social media platform. The internet itself was independent, but social media ruined it. No, but it is a tiny bit hypocritical that not a single media outlet ever expressed concern over media ownership until suddenly someone tries to buy a platform who is not sharing their politics. You have to look at the big picture. It's not about me getting what I want, it's just an example, me as a tiny twitter user with no followers and barely a handful of follows has been affected by this greatly. Then imagine the influence it has on the whole conversation? I think whoever put in place these suppressions and biases in the recommendations are rogue actors, who are cleaning house before the new management comes in who is actually interested in making them accountable. Plenty of incitement of violence was allowed on twitter thus far already. Frankly it is disgusting what gets to remain on twitter with no moderation. Lunatics calling for the deaths of people over minor political differences. Twitter is far from being a safe and clean platform. Like it or not, free speech applies to everyone. No matter how much you or I dislike them. I may not trust Musk as far as I can throw him, when it comes to his outlandish promises and "inventions", but I think he is genuine about wanting to improve twitter, it would be hard to make it any worse that's for sure. Even those convicted of actual manslaughter get out of prison eventually, so why should a life sentence be valid on twitter? You say one bad thing, and you are forever banned from expressing anything? That's not right. I was always in support of judging ideas, not people who have those ideas. There is not a single person on this planet who I agree with on everything, if I cut ties with everyone who I ever had any disagreement with I'd not have anyone left to talk to. Absolutely people should be banned from twitter for saying heinous things, but not forever, 1 day first, then 1 week if they do it again, then 1 month, and then 6 months, and if they still reoffend then 1 year. That should be the maximum punishment on twitter. Unless someone is doing sg. actually illegal, or exposed as a fraudster, then the permanent ban for their account is valid. I'm also in favor of Musk's idea of verifying everyone on twitter. Not just "high profile" people, but every user, to prove they are actual humans and not bots.
  14. I have no love for Musk, I think he is a con-man and a swindler. Not a genius as he is touted. But if his buying twitter turns it into a neutral platform for free speech. That might be the only good thing he ever done. Twitter was majority owed by rich saudi investors. You can't find bigger bigots than that. Anything is an improvement over that. A lot of media is owned by billionaires, so It's hilarious how those exact media outlets owned by other billionaires suddenly think that media shouldn't be owned by billionaires. The irony. What I find most revealing that in the days after the announcement of the acquisition twitter suddenly removed all under the table manipulations inserted in the algorithm, and suddenly I actually get recommended posts that are of interest to me based on what I posted about previously. For example I posted a lot about TLOU in 2020, but never got any recommendations on that topic in the past 2 years. Musk buys twitter, suddenly my feed is filed with them. Curious, eh? Who know how much corruption was in place at twitter? I also get much more posts from people who I actually follow and who they follow in turn. You know, things that are potentially of interest to me.
  15. You could justify being an assassin the same way. "But I made money on it" I could also make money by scamming people, that doesn't make it a good thing.
  16. You need a good story, and that means a clever story. And a clever story can only be written by a clever / intelligent person with lots of life experiences. But being intelligent and experienced doesn't automatically guarantee that you can write a good story. The creators of the movie must also put the story above themselves and their ego. Don't look for how the movie can serve you, look for ways how you can make your movie better. The cast must also respect the source material if available. Nowadays it has become the chic in hollywood to take a poop on the source material. For example Pedro Pascal is proud of the fact that he knows nothing about the Last of Us games, and tries to spin this as a good thing. A respectful professional would've played the games immediately when they got the call that they were cast in the screen adaptation. Or if you are not a gamer at least watch the story portions on video. This is unbecoming to a professional actor, it is the behaviour of an entitled ego driven brat. This has turned into a bit of a rant, but I'm really angry at hollywood for these kinds of transgressions. And their mouthpieces trying to blame the fans for demanding them to respect established lore.
  17. It's not just about whether it will be worth anything or not. It is not moral to invest in something that you know to be unsustainable and terrible for both the economy and environment.
  18. Sure they'll get used to it NFT Market down 92% since it peaked last year.
  19. The Need For Speed Red Alert Test Drive Unlimited Mass Effect II Alien Isolation Horizon Zero Dawn The Last of Us II
  20. Armor: Style over function. I don't care if an armor has worse stats if it looks cooler I'm sticking with it. Weapons: Prefer pistols and sniper rifles, rarely use automatic weapons or shotguns Fantasy weapons: I prefer two handed swords or axes and physical brute strength characters, over mages and rogues. I don't think I've ever used any magic in The Elder Scrolls series beyond the basic healing spell.
  21. I don't think voluntarily joining forces would be realistic given their history. The way it could work is if someone does come up with a cure that could be created without killing Ellie, but a rival faction kidnaps her and wants to keep the cure. And through circumstance Abby has to go to another continent to get her back. Most post apocalyptic games like Fallout are set in the US, so it would be nice if a post apocalyptic game was set in an entirely other location for once. It would be a few years after the second, and Abby and Lev would be on separate paths, Abby after loosing everything would be working as a mercenary for hire, thus she'd get the assignment to get Ellie back. Only finding out that it is actually her after accepting the contract. But when she gets to the enemy compound it turns out Ellie already escaped, so Abby has to track her, but Ellie thinks they are tracking her to re-capture her, not to bring her home. Of course the player would again alternate between both characters. At least that's my fan fiction.
  22. Nothing. Having access to a modern game would spoil me and I couldn't enjoy anything else until technology catches up.
  23. Thunderf00t - Science channel mostly focusing on debunking pseudo science. used to be focused on debunking christianity but that would be kicking a dead horse nowadays. The Proper People - Urbex channel where the hosts don't act like absolute imbeciles like most other urbexers. Plus great videography. Cleetus McFarland - Drag racing and car tuning enthusiast and resident florida man shenanigans. Really grown from medium sized channel since I've started watching into a multi million dollar business now where they have their own private race track and host their own events. blancolirio - air incident analysis from an actual pilot KiraTV - Exposing fraud, lies, bad faith actors from the NFT/Crypto sphere and video gaming. Midnight's Edge - Pop culture insider gossip channel, often hosts live chats with former / current industry insiders. The ArchCast - Random rants about war and gaming Adam Something - Politically focused channel with some good analysis, and occasionally a few misses, but everyone can make mistakes. Critical Drinker - Amusing short form Movie critique channel Fascinating Horror - Documentaries of old accidents and catastrophes Plainly difficult - Documentaries of old accidents with focus on chemical and radiological accidents. Exploring the Unbeaten path - Another urbex channel, but this guy often visits more interesting abandoned places, that few others do. shiey - Illegal freedom, freight train hopping and going and camping in places where one is not supposed to GIFGAS - train hopping, often does collabs with shiey Arthur Tussik - car body repair, I find watching these videos oddly satisfying. That's about it for the channels I watch regularly.
  24. Because it had basically no single player content at release, and it was specifically made with esports in mind, nothing else. So fans of the classic series were hung out to dry.
  25. Sadly most movies made nowadays are barely worth one viewing to me. So here is my definitive timeless movies list, in no particular order: Blue Thunder 1983 A Police helicopter pilot suffering from PTSD and a failing marriage is selected to test a brand new prototype helicopter, and accidentally records proof of a city wide conspiracy. So he and his rookie co-pilot must find a way to get the evidence into the right hands without getting killed. At first glance this sounds like a typical action movie, but this is not a traditional macho man goes on rampage flick. There is not even a single hand to hand fight in it. It's a thriller with epic performances by Roy Scheider, and one of my favorite character actors: Malcolm McDowel. Also when I first saw the movie as a kid the helicopter in it seemed like the most awesome thing ever. Also elevating the value of the movie that it was made before the time when everything was CGI, so what you see in the movie are real helicopters (or at least scale models) doing real flying. Doomsday 2008 I honestly don't even remember the plot of this movie, so I won't try my hand at a synopsis. It's a post apocalyptic action flick featuring Rhona Mitra as the hero character. Current Hollywood elites try to gaslight you that there were no strong female characters before they took power, well here is one proof to the contrary. Also Rhona Mitra is actually believeble in the role and is a total badass. Trivia: She originally gained fame by being a Lara Croft model in the 1990s. I was so disappointed that she didn't get the role in the actual movies. This movie also features Malcolm McDowel, but that is not why i like it, it's just a happy coincidence. Street People 1976 One of the many italian mob movies, except this was actually produced by italy and as such lesser known. Still it is made in the US featuring Roger Moore and Stacy Keach as its main characters. They form a buddy duo, and have pretty good chemistry through the film. Their often funny banter is in contrast to to the otherwise serious tone of the story. Some would say the movie suffers from cognitive dissonance, but I like it this way. The buddy aspect is what hooked me on the movie. It also features an iconic and realistic car chase, which imo should be as famous as Bullit. Von Ryan's Express 1965 Possibly my favorite WWII movies. It follows a group of POWs trying to get back to Allied territory after their captors in an italian POW camp disappear. They capture a German prisoner train and pretend to be high ranking officials hauling prisoners. To get to neutral territory they need to pass multiple checkpoints and take on fuel along the way. It's just an all round great adventure movie with a great cast of actors. Atomic Blonde 2017 Action movie done right, instead of the hero being invincible they are shown as human and vulnerable while kicking ass nonetheless. Every action scene is a work of art, precisely coreographed and well executed. It never gets old. Convoy 1977 A film about a group of truckers who are forced to flee after an altrecation with a policeman who hates truckers. And they end up in a cross state police chase with dozens of cops and a 10 mile long convoy that is tried to be coopted by a ruthless politician as a platform to run for presidency. This might sound like the cheesy plot of a Smokie and the Bandit flick, but I assure you this movie couldn't be more different. It's entirely serious, but not depressive and it makes you think instead of trying to tell you what to think. It is down to earth and the characters aren't pure evil or pure hero, they are all three dimensional people trying to survive. Crank 2 High Voltage 2009 The quintessential no nonsense brainless action movie. I'm happy to suspend my disbelief to be entertained by it. And it delivers. Most sequels of iconic movies fail to live up to expectation, this just switches gears and delivers even more brainless fun. The godzilla scene is one of the most hilarious spoofs I've ever seen. This was where hollywood peaked as the entertainment industry, it was in downhill roll since. Duel 1971 A traveling salesman is terrorized by a murderous trucker on the highway. I'm not a Spielberg fan, but his debut movie is a true work of art, but it wouldn't work without Dennis Weaver carrying it on his back. Full Metal Jacket 1987 It's hard to describe this movie in a way that does it justice. In some ways it is absurd, but in other ways deadly serious. It presents the horrors of war and the ruthlessness of the training. You are introduced to the characters as they are heading into basic training, and then you catch up with them again deployed in Vietnam. This movie is not about whether the war was just or no, it is about the human element. Vincent D'Onforio should've won an Oscar for this movie as best supporting actor. Adam Baldwin also puts in an epic performance, one of his best roles. Also kudos to R. Lee Ermey, who portrayed the drill instructor, he originally was only hired as consultant but was promoted on set. They say Kubrick was a tyrant and perfectionist, but it pays off. Battle of the Bulge 1965 One of the few WWII movies that does not portray the common German soldier as inherently evil. WWII nuts have lots of gripes with this movie due to its inaccuracies as using US post WW tanks as German tigers, but that's besides the point. You watch this movie for the performances not for its historical accuracy. Kelly's Heroes 1970 A fun movie of a group of soldiers turned bank robbers, it has some comical characters but the movie itself is not a comedy, it is still a WWII movie at its heart. The performances make this watchable over and over again. The Return of Monte Cristo 1968 A modern take on the Monte Cristo story, set after WWII, this could be even considered a take on the so called "heist" genre. Shaker Run 1985 A little known New Zealand movie of a car stuntsman who is hired by a lab worker to smuggle a deadly virus out of the country. i just like to watch this for the driving vistas and chases. Runaway Train 1985 Two prison escapees end up on a train without a driver, while the ruthless prison chief chases them. In this movie the train itself becomes a character, it eminates dread from the first moment it is shown on screen. And the performances by Jon Voight and Eric Roberts are phenomenal, Roberts outperformed his abilities in this one, and Jon Voight is just great as always. Silver Streak 1976 The traditional pair of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor star in this movie, but this is not one of their comedy flicks, it is a much more serious action thriller. There is a murder on an overnight train, and Wilder's character gets framed for it, so he has to try and clear his name while preventing the bad guys from getting away. There are still some comedic elements like the running gag of Wilder's character always being forced off the train. Sucker Punch 2011 This is a very divisive movie, you either hate it or love it, I fall into the latter category. I see this movie as an audiovisual feast, and the events in it as allegory. The Great Race 1965 One of the grandest adventure movie epics ever made. Every character is lovable in their own way even the villains. It's a grand journey over multiple sets in a wacky car race from New York to Paris. The Beast of War 1988 A movie about a Russian tank crew in the Afganistan war. Where their ruthless commander refuses to abandon his tank when they are cut off from their main army and lost in a valley. When of the crew opposes the commander they leave him to die in the desert. But instead he joins the enemy to take down "the beast". Where Eagles Dare 1968 Another WWII movie, this one is a WWII heist movie where there are multiple bait and switches, traitors and thrilling action. Ghost in the Shell 1995 I don't know if anime counts or not. But this is the definitive anime movie and the logical entry point into the genre. Mad Mission (aka. Aces go Places) 1982 My favorite Hong Kong action flick. Jackie Chan eat your heart out. Oh Shucks! Here Comes UNTAG 1990 Leon Schuster's first comedy and the best imo, the theme song would alone sell this. Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Another Hong Kong action comedy, the wild west of kungfu. Crazy, mad and marvellous. Manta Manta 1991 Manta Manta perfectly portrays that early 90s European youth culture. It was all about cars. I'm pretty sure the original Taxi by Luc Besson took a lot of cues from this film. UHF 1989 Weird Al's feature length series of spoofs. Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinkin badgers! Grand Prix 1966 The definitive movie about Formula 1 racing. Forget the modern attempts. The Final Countdown 1980 An aircraft carrier is transported back in time in time to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor, will they change history? Event Horizon 1997 The only horror movie I ever liked Dune 1984 Frank Herbert's epic comes to life, I don't think Denis Villeneuve's modern remake has anything on the old one. It almost scene by scene follows the old without adding anything of value, and manages to drag the first third of the old movie into a feature length film. Equilibrium 2002 A picture of the future we are heading to, if we keep trying to neuter and make art progressively less offensive. Flash Gordon 1980 Gordon's Alive? This is how comic books should be adapted. With the painted backgrounds this movie is arguably closer to a comic book than a movie. But it has much more heart than all the modern MCU movies put together. Mad Max 1979 Mad Max is traditionally heralded as a post apocalyptic film, but the first movie is not post apocalyptic, it only went postal with the second one. This is an origin story, which would be made as the nth film in a franchise nowadays. Screamers 1995 A B Scifi with creepy robot monsters. What would happen if you unleashed a murderous AI capable of self replicating. Based on a Phillip K Dick novel. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country 1991 Quintessential star trek, politics, intrigue, conspiracy, tactical engagements Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan 1982 The movie that depicts a single ship to ship engagement, where the protagonist and the villain never even meet face to face. A movie like this would never be greenlit by modern hollywoo. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 1980 The first Star Wars movie was only saved in the editing room from being a total disaster, which enabled the making of the second that is a true epic. The movie that has the least to do with George Lucas is the best of the trilogy. A true hero's struggle - An idea that is completely forgotten by modern day moviemakers. Whose heroes are infallible and can do no wrong, and succeed not due to sheer will and sweat, but are granted victories without having to earn anything. They are just better and stronger than anyone else without training or learning. It is no wonder that very few recent movies could get on this list.
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