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  1. I'd do that, but auto play loud ear blasting ads is where I draw the line.
  2. People kept urging me to try the Witcher 3 too, and as I expected I Didn't like it at all, only played a couple of hours before I gave up on it. My radar for whether a game is for me or not is usually pretty accurate.
  3. No, I never played god of war, it doesn't seem even remotely interesting to me.
  4. In regards of streaming piracy is definitely a service issue. I pay for netflix but stilll download their shows instead of watching it on netflix, because streaming is unreliable and their player sucks, especially on older smart TVs, but the browser based one is even worse.
  5. GTA IV: If the game detected that it was a pirated copy Niko would walk like completely drunk and always fall over. Game Dev Tycoon: If the copy was pirated your in game company will become a victim of piracy and it will ineviteably go bankrupt. The funny bit was when the actual pirates complained about it on the official forums.
  6. Doom II (1994) The Need for Speed (1995) Red Alert (1996) Carmageddon 2 (1998) Unreal (1998) Half-Life (1998) Gran Turismo 2 (1999) DeusEx (2000) Mafia The City of Lost Heaven (2002) Gran Turismo 4 (2004) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005) Test Drive Unlimited (2006) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (2008) Mass Effect 2 (2010) COD: Infinite Warfare (2016) Ghost Recon Wildlands (2017) XCOM2 (2017) TLOU2 (2020)
  7. Well, the rumor is that this is a surprise to them and the game got delayed as a result. But I doubt they'll rework it, just wait for things to blow over and release it quietly to try to avoid the fans.
  8. You'd think they learned a lesson from the reception of XDefiant. This is not what fans of Tom Clancy games want.
  9. Some games don't make sense without companions like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. But otherwise in games where the followers don't serve a narrative purpose I prefer to go solo. I played 99.9% of Skyrim and Fallout4 solo. The AI of the companions is just so bad that it hurts immersion. Until NPC AI can get to level where it acts in a realistic manner I'd rather not have them at all. Oh, and coop is not a solution to this problem, humans are often even worse than AI. At least the AI is programmed not to break character.
  10. I often lack motivation to play games from my backlog. Whenever I start playing something it is entirely on a whim, no thought goes into it, just that at that moment I found some motivation to start a certain game. It could be for a number of reasons, like a new mod was released that makes the game more appealing, or simply someone mentioned the game somewhere, or most of the time for no reason at all.
  11. I wish the best for VGR forum, but having such a large user base might be good for ad revenue and clockthrough rate, but definitely isn't conducive to a healthy community. It is impossible to have a conversation when a topic gets a 100 new posts every minute.
  12. Resetera was formed by former neogaf moderators, so I assume they took their values with them. I don't know what neogaf is like right now, my experience with it is from 2014. So let's just say resetera is 2014 neogaf on steroids. In 2014 neogaf was definitely pro censorship and cancel culture. The topic didn't matter you either towed the official consensus or got cancelled. Like I was. And it wasn't about politics either. as political influences in game development wasn't a common topic back then. It was merely that I was skeptical about a game everyone was hyped up about. It didn't matter that I was proven right when the game came out, I already had my fill with that 'community' at that point. As I've seen on resetera taking even centrist or moderate left positions gets people banned or at least suspended.
  13. I don't think you can physically make resetera worse than it already is. I used to be a member on Neogaf, which was resetera's predecessor until the big exodus after the forum admin was revealed to be a perv. And it was the most toxic "community" I've ever seen. And resetera is neogaf on steroids, from what I've seen and heard about the place.
  14. No, it doesn't translate to playing games, it means I know more about some technologies used in game development than many game devs themselves, because I've been using them before they did.
  15. DSI - Distinctive Software inc. They were making great racing games back in the early nineties. Their last game was the original Need For Speed, already under the name EA Canada. Eden Games - Makers of Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed and Test Drive Unlimited (The new TD Solar Crown, is being made by a new untested dev unfortunately) Westwood - creators and kings of the RTS genre. Novalogic - I was a fan of their sim games, and voxel technology seemed like the thing, until 3d accelerators made them obsolete Digital Illusions - The original independent company, not the one churning out battlefield and battlefront games on an assembly line for ea today.
  16. New user 1 post with dubious link, I would not click on that landmine.
  17. No. but my career helped me prepare for gaming 😄 OK, what I actually mean is that there are lots of parallels between gaming technology and what I do for a living. We are using similar cutting edge technology, in some we are ahead of the curve, and it was great seeing game developers adopting technology we have been using for years at that point.
  18. I think emotional investment is related to the story and characters, and its possible in non-immersive games as well. For me immersion means given the situation and the established lore of the game, things play out in a way that is within the realm of what I consider possible. And the actions you take in the game give the expected results and consequences. Games where outlandish and wildly unrealistic things happen are not immersive. Anything that fundamentally defies the rules of reason, logic, and realism, hurt immersion. My goto example of how you can as a game developer hurt immersion terribly is max payne 3. Where they made every hit you suffer from enemy fire appear as a bullet hole on your character's body. This kills immersion completely. Because a human cannot survive dozens of bullets let alone move like nothing has happened. No, what they should've done instead is not show bullet holes at all. Then I can make believe in my head that the character is so awesome and lucky that hardly any bullets touch him, thus keeping my immersion intact. But if you are going to show dozens of bulletholes on the character that will kill my immersion in an instant. Hypothetically if you happened to play as a terminator in the game, then the bullet holes would be perfectly fine and increase immersion, not hurt it.
  19. Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry now, so it is logical that they want a foothold in it. That said I've never heard of this developer or any of their games, I hope they aren't focusing on mobile games.
  20. In games like skyrim and fallout it is more about you. In games with strictly established characters it is about the character, and you are only an observer, or guiding hand.
  21. Gran Turismo I have a PS4 Pro, but I'd much prefer to play this on the PC, especially since my wheel / pedals are not compatible with PS, due to Sony's requirement of a security chip, which is infuriating. I'd need to spend 5-600 to get a new set that is approved by their majesty, otherwise my old one would be fine by me.
  22. North Korea - obviously no access to any foreign product or service China - Due to recent restrictions on gaming Germany - You may not know this but germany has a history of censoring or banning a lot of games United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia
  23. Yes it is currently. But it wasn't always so. 10 years ago gaming was at the periphery for me, I was barely playing anything at all. My primary form of entertainment were TV series between 2005-2013. Gaming slowly started to pick back up after that.
  24. Imagine a job where you have to pretend to be in a good mood all the time, and you can't really take any time off, because the algorithm will punish you. And in the time when you are not streaming, you are preparing for your next stream.
  25. Games without commitment. That you can quit at any time without loosing any progress. Best if there is no progression in the game at all. When I had limited time that I needed to waste my goto game was rigs of rods, nowadays I just watch a youtube video roughly the length of time I need to waste.
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