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  1. Any modern racing simulator would have ruined me, because there is no going back playing old games after a modern one.
  2. I'd say games that can't be played on currently available systems are definitely retro. And emulation doesn't count.
  3. Contrary to popular beliefs it's not extended heat that kills electronics, but heat cycling ie: cooling down and heating up again cycles cause more wear due to thermal expansion. So by "giving it a break" you might be hurting it more.
  4. It's not for lack of trying, I've tried quite a few games and they are a terrible experience.
  5. Mass Effect 1,2,3, DeusEx, DeusEx Human Revolution, DeusEx Mankind Divided, FarCry, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2, the Splinter Cell games. I'm not sure if all. Possibly others I don't remember right now. I think from these Mass Effect games are the least challenging on the insanity difficulty. Not saying they are easy but manageable, I had much more success with specific builds. As for open world games Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint. I'm a fan of quasi realistic tactical shooters. Playing on the hardest difficulty where you can get killed in 1 or 2 hits elevates these games to a whole new level. It's an exhilarating experience. Instead of running around like a flying monkey you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time, and play a cat and mouse game instead of open warfare against dozens of enemies. To me this is the only way to play these games. It is much more immersive.
  6. I think the biggest problem with open world games, is that they are cardboard cutouts. Nothing is functional, nothing is interactive. They all just go for size, instead of quality. I think anything larger than GTAIV is pointless. Instead of making the world bigger, it should be made interactive, where every building is explorable, and has a function, even if it is not relevant to your quest. I find it immersion breaking that in every open world game only 1 in a hundred buildings can be entered into, and even there the only accessible room is where you have a mission objective. Cities should have working mass transit systems, and every vendor and shop should be real where you can actually buy food or something. I think with ai technology you can easily generate random NPCs with proper spoken lines without having to involve writers or even voice actors. Current open world games all feel like walking around a movie set instead of a real living breathing environment.
  7. To me all GTA games, except for San Andreas fall into this category. They not even just bore me, the characters / story outright annoys me at times especially in GTAV.
  8. Yes, case in point: Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and even Detroit Become Human. Those are just awful as games, but great as character dramas and stories. I even hated The Last of Us gameplay, albeit my problems with that would probably be eliminated if I could play with a mouse+kb. SCE should really bring that to PC finally.
  9. I already worked through at least a dozen crunch times, some longer, some shorter, albeit not on games. We rarely got paid anything above standard OT pay. Sometimes not even that. There were bad bosses, who would go home and phone us up at 10pm from the comfort of their home to ask for status updates. And there were those who stayed with us through the thick of it. And even those who would bring food to the office for free. You see it all depends on mutual respect, not just money. If employers respect you you are much easier convinced to put in extra work.
  10. That implies having to leave the house to buy games. I don't even remember the time when I last went out specifically to buy a game. Most PC games are digital, and the few console games I bought were delivered to my doorstep.
  11. Pretty awful year so far. There are no clear winners. RE8 might be ok, if you like that type of game, I personally hated RE7, so I'm not going to buy RE8 until it becomes cheaper than $10. Deathloop sounds overhyped, reviewers giving it extraordinary praise, to me it just looks like Dishonored with an additional annoying mechanic tacked on. Currently on the fence between wait for sale and never touch. Hate to say it, but so far it looks like FarCry6 might be the best candidate for GOTY which is more of a condemnation of the year than praise for FC6.
  12. As a high school and college kid without a regular income, it was very much a consideration and a necessity to set aside money for games. Thankfully as an adult paying for the few games that I want to play doesn't require special planning.
  13. I've said that TLOU2 is a huge leap forward in animation, it is so far above anything else that it is mindblowing. Animations used to be janky, disconnected, glitchy in games. Felt like when an animation starts a magnet pulls characters into the desired position in every other game. Not in TLOU2, where everything is fluid, the transitions between moves is seamless, the melee combat is visceral and brutal. On a technology level that is the biggest achievement of the game, that sadly gets totally overlooked by most.
  14. It's a console feature that bled over to PC for some reason. What baffles me is the amount of people campaigning on the side of the motion blur filter even today.
  15. I used to be 100% against BGM in games, usually turning them off completely, or at least reducing the volume significantly. For example racing sims I still prefer to play without in game music. The quality of BGM has become so much better in other games that it is not annoying most of the time, so nowadays I usually don't touch the music volume.
  16. I'm not sure. One of these three for sure: Jupiter Lander, Le Mans, Wizard of Wor on C64
  17. Never It's not convenience, it's ease of access, as everybody has a phone. But me as a classic gamer, playing on a tiny touchscreen is unthinkable. Maybe point and click adventure games, but I Haven't even played those on a phone in like 12 years.
  18. I often find myself struggling with a lack of willpower when it comes to starting a new game for the first time. I couldn't tell you why, it's just that sometimes it takes me days to work up to just install the game, and then it can take any amount of time before I decide to actually play them. After that first session however getting back to the game is not a problem, if the game is actually good. Maybe it is the fear of being disappointed in the game that keeps me away for so long. Do you install and play new games instantly as you purchase them, if not how long does it take you usually to get from purchase to playing the game?
  19. No, I mean that was the only game I sold separately. I kept all other games until I sold the console. I sold the PS3 in 2017, for like $150. It would probably be worth more today with all the shortages.
  20. Transport Tycoon Raptor Call of the Shadows Legend of Kyrandia Death Rally Dune 2000
  21. They haven't particularly bothered me yet. What does bother me, and I immediately turn them off is chromatic aberration, motion blur and depth of field.
  22. I'm a stickler for realism in games and generally adhering to the laws of physics. For example the "motorcycle engine powered minigun" in the upcoming FarCry6 is a big red flag for me.
  23. I draw a blank every time I need to name a character. I can't think of a name if my life depended on it. So I usually just end up naming the character something stupid or a name I heard recently.
  24. I traded it in for another game, I don't even remember what.
  25. I keep the games while I Have the console and usually sell them as a bundle deal. I think I sold exactly one game: GTAV for the PS3, when I got the superior PC version.
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