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  1. You might have heard about the 32 hours server downtime affecting the newly released Gran Turismo 7, during which nobody could play the game properly, due to its always online nature. What was the longest you weren't able to play a new game that was the developer's fault?
  2. If you are interested in cyberpunk genre you should definitely look into Shadowrun.
  3. It depends on what do you mean by inconsistent. If it's just that the game occasionally dips bellow 60fps, then that's definitely better than locked 30. But if we are talking incosistent frame times, with noticeable pauses and stutters, then I choose consistent 30 fps any day.
  4. I got a PS4 Pro in 2018, nothing since then. And there is a high chance this will be my last console too. With Sony starting to allow exclusives to be on PC, I no longer have any reason to buy a console.
  5. The russian citizens did not want to attack ukraine, punishing them will only make them turn away from the west and become ultra nationalists. It is insanity. We want the Russian people on our side, not on Putin's.
  6. How does russia imprison big tech from california? You seem to be missing what I'm saying. Companies like paypal and google pay who cut off access to russian citizens only fuel hate towards the west. Instead of punishing the ordinary russian citizen they should use their platforms to show an unbiased view on the war to them to oppose the state propaganda.
  7. Of course faith is not about proof, that's exactly its problem. Religion wants us to think that faith in of itself is a virtue. Believing outlandish claims without scrutinizing their validity in the slightest is not a virtue, it is called gullibility. Not everything can be proven, but those things that can't or can't yet we do not base our lives around, we live under the assumption that they are untrue, well most of us at least. The irony is that the most devout believers also live their life outside their preaching and prayers as if god did not exist. You never see a religious person jump off the roof, and say, oh if god wants me around he'll catch me. Why does the pope need a bullet proof car, if everything is god's will? Surely then him getting assassinated is also god's will, how dare he oppose god's will then? See how easy it is to poke holes in faith? It's illogical and unreasonable. Some scientists are religious, I personally don't understand how can they reconcile that in their head, but as long as their science is not tainted by their religion it doesn't matter. The mistake most theologians make, is that they pre-suppose the answer and try to build a theory that supports their desired outcome. That's not how science works. You follow the evidence wherever it takes you.
  8. I fear that sanctions directed at the Russian people instead of Russia especially on behalf of big-tech will not have the effect they hope. Instead of turning on Putin they'll hate the west and push them towards ultra nationalism, and possibly a new era of isolation, a second iron curtain if you will. I don't know how they think that cutting off the Russian people from western services and information will help. They should shower them with accurate reports to counter state propaganda, not cut them off.
  9. I love to drive, but I could never get myself to actually get out and drive just for fun. I think the only time I went for a drive for no reason was when I was let go from my first permanent job. I took a detour to clear my head before heading home.
  10. First thing first: I fully support personal responsibility, but to suggest that the poor are only poor out of choice is fucking stupid. In the game of capitalism (yes, I think it is a game as it is not rooted in reality it has arbitrary rules we came up with), not everyone is given equal opportunities. In a way being irresponsible can even help you succeed. Because the irresponsible / unintelligent person does not weigh possible outcomes, and is more willing to gamble, especially at other people's expense. But if he or she strikes gold they get lauded as a genius, when they might be the most stupid or irresponsible people. You don't have to look far. Donald Trump was a capitalist icon of success in the eighties, but in reality he has the mental age of a 12 year old. Elizabeth Holmes was lauded as pure genius until it turned out that she is a fraud. Elon Musk is still lauded as pure genius by many, when in reality he only failed, and his successes are despite of him, not because of him. He is a snakeoil salesmen, not a respectable person. But to go into the average joe territory. The irresponsible one might get into cryptocurrencies or NFTs disregarding the environmental and economic impact of it. While the responsible person says, no thanks, I'd rather not taint my conscience for short term gains. So the idea that the poor are stupid can only come from the mouth of a truly stupid rich person.
  11. Not exactly encumbered, but in Deus Ex, if your arm is injured your aim is thrown off, if your head, then you can't see straight and your vision becomes blurry, if your leg then movement becomes slow, if both legs, then all you can do is crawl in prone position.
  12. L.A. Noire, I don't even remember how exactly it used it but I remember liking it.
  13. Obviously deus ex, there are so many solutions to each problem and so many hidden things on each level that you find new stuff even on the 10th playthrough. For gaining access to a loctaion there are usually these solutions: Usually there is an NPC you can convince to give you access (of course first you have to find the person with access who is willing and not hostile) Find the keypad access codes by hacking a computer console (to mix it up perhaps you can find the login/pw for the console instead of hacking into it) Use electronics to bypass the keypad securing the door Hack a security console to remotely open the doors (same with computers you can probably find the login data some way if you don't have hacking skill) Use the plain old lockpicking method to gain access through a non electronically secured door. Get access by doing a pre-requisite favor for someone in a previous level Blow shit up, there is usually a weakpoint that is vulnerable to explosives (which you can both carry on you or use environmental explosives) Use the environment, ie.: re-arrange or destroy some boxes to gain access to the roof or basement bypassing all floor level security Trick an NPC into opening the door for you There is always a secret back way in, often more than one. Through a went, or through an outlet pipe underwater, and many other possibilities. Find the key, plain and simple Walk in through the front door, yes sometimes that works too. There is a reason why I'm always saying that DeusEx is the greatest videogame ever made. Of course not all 12 options are viable for every location, but you'd be surprised how many ways you can gain access to your goal. There is one mission where you can even pretend to work with the bad guys and they lead you right to the thing you need to steal.
  14. I only rush games I don't like that much, or ones where the narrative has a time pressure built in. I tend to push forward hard then, for immersion's sake, even if I know the game doesn't punish you for taking your time. Otherwise I'm always taking my time especially in open world games. I go to random locations I find interesting to explore. And using walking instead of running all the time is a huge boon for immersion.
  15. I actually like games with realistic stakes were you actually die in one or two hits. There are games like that that have a health bar,but you can still die by one hit on the hardest difficulty. Like the original DeusEx, Far Cry, and a few similar games.
  16. It takes away the challenge and half the fun. I'd rather struggle than have some aimbot play the game in my stead. I'd rather lower game difficulty than use any crutches.
  17. Sorry, here is the correct link, this is what happens when you are forced to change your domain. http://madblog.shacknet.us/gran-turismo-7-week-one/
  18. Here is my first look at Gran Turismo 7: http://madblog.shacknet.nu/gran-turismo-7-week-one/
  19. I was brought up with religious values, but I never was a practitioner of any faith. For the most part I did not think of god at all. I don't know if there was a clear crossover point when I become an atheist. It's just that I realized the absurdity of the whole ordeal. If god is all knowing and all seeing, why does anyone pray for anything? It should already know what you want. They also say that god has a plan for everyone. If so, that again makes praying pointless. Do you presume to have a better plan than god? If god knows everything why do you need to confess your sins? And the most absurd thing is that all your sins can be washed away by asking for forgiveness from god. Not the people you wronged, who cares about them, it's god you need to appease. They also say god made humans in his own image. It seems to me that it is the other way around. Humans made god based on themselves, with all our faults and vices included. The abrahamic god, is petty, vengeful, jealous, has a fragile ego, and strangely holds to the exact values held by people around the time of his emergence. If god actually existed as described by scripture, I'd be working on bringing down the bastard, I'd not worship that cruel egomaniac. As for agnosticism, I think that is even less of a defensible position. I can pardon believers for being deluded or mislead, what excuse the agnostic has? If I said that there is a giant red ant in the middle of earth responsible for rotating it, that is not observable either, so should we go on living not knowing if there is an ant rotating the earth? Of course not. Without proof it's just an assertion. Assertions need scientific reproducable proof to evolve into theory. God has exactly the same amount of proof as my red ant: ZERO.
  20. Compared to the original PS4 there is a noticable difference, but compared to the PS4 Pro which already outputs at 4K and renders close to it the differences are only obvious in side by side comparisons or analyzing the image with a fine tooth comb.
  21. How would you got to play it? It's coming out in September 2022
  22. Gran Turismo is a very different kind of game than NFS. It is a bridge between arcade racing games and simulators. It is a gateway drug. That said I'm even more excited about Test Drive Solar crown than I was for GT7.
  23. I have recently lost about 20 hours of progress in a game, because I started playing it on games pass, but then ended up buying the game for steam. I expected games to be able to seamlessly switch platforms on PC, but apparently not. Many old games did this without much issue, microsoft's PC games ecosystem is ridiculously flawed, I wish they'd just throw in the towel completely and move all games to steam like they did with the bethesda launcher.
  24. I wish I had that problem, but as it stands there are not nearly enough interesting games that I'd actually want to play for this to become an issue. I have not started any story driven game in over 4 months, and I don't think there is anything on the horizon that would get me excited. There is a good chance that the next game I'll end up playing will be Starfield, which is still half a year out.
  25. Just one at a time, I'll try to finish one game before starting another story driven game. But I dislike playing multiple similar games anyway because reflexes you acquire in one game can be a problem if you start playing a different game.
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