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  1. I think the only game where it worked because it was a novel idea was the original half-life. In half life 2 it was already detracting from the experience, not adding to it.
  2. Depends on the game, in a fantasy game always helmet off, but in a space game it wouldn't make much sense.
  3. The most comprehensive customization options are in APB:Reloaded. The game was a failure that somehow still exists on life support, but the character customization is something that every other game should learn from it.
  4. I hate competitive gaming, it takes the fun right out of it. I'm probably best at racing sim games, but I couldn't compete with professionals who practice 8 hours a day and learn every trick and shortcut and bending of the rules to be the fastest. I achieved gold in every licence challenge in Gran Turismo games up to GT6. I think I might have missed one coffee break challenge in GT4 that I just couldn't get.
  5. Ironically the game that keeps me occupied when I'm not actually gaming haven't even released yet. I keep thinking about Test Drive Solar Crown, hoping it will be good despite it is only slated for a 2022 September release. Test Drive Unlimited is my all time favorite racing game, and I can only hope the new version will capture the essence of what made it so good. While the teaser trailers were encouraging I'm not exactly thrilled with the map reveal.
  6. When something completely crazy and unexpected causes you to fail, that seemingly defies the game's own established rules. Like multiple over ninety percent certain shots missing in a row in xcom. Or, when an RPG says your attack is expected to do 100% damage to the selected enemy, yet it still takes 5 or more hits to take it down. These instances cause me to laugh frantically or cry out in utter frustration often at the same time. But the same effect can be achieved when the story takes a completely daft turn, like someone taking an action completely out of character.
  7. It's not about resources, but chasing trends and thinking they know better what people want than the people.
  8. It's one of the worst games I've ever tried. Only recently beaten by outriders for me as the absolute worst.
  9. I think barely see means, go down until you don't see it, then go back one step. That should be it.
  10. There were so many it would be hard to list them all. Here are 10 of the best. Test Drive III: The Passion 1990, this was basically my introduction to PC gaming, and as a kid I was obsessed with cars, so this game blew my mind. I've played some games before this one on other systems but I wasn't much about videogames before this one, this changed everything. I immediately wanted a PC. But it was at least a year later until my parents had the opportunity to buy a retired PC from the company they worked for. For an 8 year old a year is an eternity. Stunts. 1991 This was my favorite racing game for years, mainly due to it having a track builder. I used to plan maps on paper during the day while I was in dreary boring daycare, that I would build after I got home in the evening. Doom II 1994 The first FPS game that I really liked, John Romero is a genius for the level design of this game is another level, a level that I haven't seen since. if someone asked me to name the most perfect videogame this would be it. The Need of Speed 1995. The racing game that stepped up realism to an adequate level, everything before this was a joke, now we were getting serious. Command & Conquer 1995. My real introduction to real time strategy. I played Dune II but it was just a game for me it didn't really stand out. But C&C was a genre defining game, and it's sequel, Red Alert ended up as my most anticipated game ever, dethroned only by The Last of Us Part II. Transport Tycoon Deluxe 1995. The most satisfying game, one I still occasionally play to this date. There is no other game like it. It is timeless. I indeed played it this year too. That is 26 years later, I just want you to feel the weight of that. Other games become obsolete and not really satisfying to play without modern upgrades and remasters. Carmageddon 1997. I've mentioned my obsession with cars, but it's only half of the story, I was/am also obsessed with crashing cars, and this was the first game that allowed that with any kind of realism. So of course it become an instant favorite. The first game I stayed up until 1 am to play. Half Life 1998. If Doom II is the perfect game level design wise, this is the perfect one gameplay wise, shooting was never so visceral and enjoyable before, or since. I completely forgot time when this came out, and I only realized after 4am that I probably should go to sleep. That never happened to me since then, a complete loss of sense of time. System Shock II 1999. The most creepy and atmospheric game ever created. Bioshock is a mainstreamized knock off of System Shock, nothing more, this is the real deal. Gut wrenchingly scary, complex, but not overbearing. DeusEx 2000. Finally the model game that all games should be trying to dethrone as the best immersive simulator. Unfortunately that still hasn't happened to this date.
  11. Not as much participated as conducted surveys on an old forum I used to be a member at. One was a survey about what is the best game ever as per the users there. Another one was not strictly gaming related, as it was the video cards of users, this was pretty comprehensive including breakdowns of manufacturer, oem, memory size, directx version etc. I still have the results from these somewhere.
  12. 10 seconds? Whatever time it takes to remove something old. I can't say that I have experienced it on a console, as I only buy the very best exclusives and I play every game on PC that is possible.
  13. I don't think the Outer Worlds qualifies as an open world game, it is similar to mass effect in structure as it has a few hub areas that you can explore but not truly open world. Far Cry 3-4-5-6 are not particularly long games. Also Mad Max.
  14. A video game review should be an essay. That's the only review worth reading. Many people say that reviews should be objective and focus only on the subject game, but that is a literal impossibility. The only way a review could be completely objective if it was written by an AI that has no preferences, feelings, and prior experiences.
  15. I always turn them off. I don't know why most games have them on by default to begin with. My eyes are involuntarily getting drawn to the captions and I keep reading them instead of actually listening.
  16. I'd do that, but auto play loud ear blasting ads is where I draw the line.
  17. People kept urging me to try the Witcher 3 too, and as I expected I Didn't like it at all, only played a couple of hours before I gave up on it. My radar for whether a game is for me or not is usually pretty accurate.
  18. No, I never played god of war, it doesn't seem even remotely interesting to me.
  19. In regards of streaming piracy is definitely a service issue. I pay for netflix but stilll download their shows instead of watching it on netflix, because streaming is unreliable and their player sucks, especially on older smart TVs, but the browser based one is even worse.
  20. GTA IV: If the game detected that it was a pirated copy Niko would walk like completely drunk and always fall over. Game Dev Tycoon: If the copy was pirated your in game company will become a victim of piracy and it will ineviteably go bankrupt. The funny bit was when the actual pirates complained about it on the official forums.
  21. Doom II (1994) The Need for Speed (1995) Red Alert (1996) Carmageddon 2 (1998) Unreal (1998) Half-Life (1998) Gran Turismo 2 (1999) DeusEx (2000) Mafia The City of Lost Heaven (2002) Gran Turismo 4 (2004) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005) Test Drive Unlimited (2006) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (2008) Mass Effect 2 (2010) COD: Infinite Warfare (2016) Ghost Recon Wildlands (2017) XCOM2 (2017) TLOU2 (2020)
  22. Well, the rumor is that this is a surprise to them and the game got delayed as a result. But I doubt they'll rework it, just wait for things to blow over and release it quietly to try to avoid the fans.
  23. You'd think they learned a lesson from the reception of XDefiant. This is not what fans of Tom Clancy games want.
  24. Some games don't make sense without companions like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. But otherwise in games where the followers don't serve a narrative purpose I prefer to go solo. I played 99.9% of Skyrim and Fallout4 solo. The AI of the companions is just so bad that it hurts immersion. Until NPC AI can get to level where it acts in a realistic manner I'd rather not have them at all. Oh, and coop is not a solution to this problem, humans are often even worse than AI. At least the AI is programmed not to break character.
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