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  1. No, I'm not referring to games that were cancelled, but games that were made and available, and you wanted to play just didn't for various personal reasons before they went completely out of date.
  2. Then there would be two topics for "Game of the generation" Then how would you tell them apart? You really don't see that as a possible source of confusion?
  3. So which generation is this topic about then? Tell me, because people are randomly posting games from both last and current gen. Geez, that's what you get for trying to be helpful and clarify things.
  4. This would need to be renamed to clearly indicate which gen it's about first. Only a mod can do that.
  5. Worst year since I started playing videogames in the 90s. http://madblog.shacknet.us/2021-the-year-in-gaming/
  6. Because the topic starts with a PS4 game, and the current gen is clearly the Ps5 / Xbox series X. So which generation are we talking about then? Wouldn't it be prudent to open a topic for actual current gen?
  7. I wonder what do we consider "the generation?" When does it start, and when does it end?
  8. What some call cultural appropriation, is actually honouring and preserving cultures by those who were not born into it. If only those people were allowed to participate in a culture who were those born into it, then every culture would die out eventually.
  9. If it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't.
  10. In Dishonored II the game keeps constantly reminding you that if you kill too many the ending will be dark and cynical. But I didn't think the actual ending I got was bad.
  11. If you do videogames for a living it stops being fun. As soon as monetary incentives get in the mix the whole thing is ruined. NFTs and the metaverse are the worst things ever for gaming. Not lootbox / microtransactoins bad, try million times worse.
  12. Odyssey / Valhalla depicts mythology as real, obviously that can't be historically accurate. So by definition the games aren't good historical representations. I'm not saying that they aren't fun games, but they are 99% fantasy. Even if ancient greeks believed their myths that doesn't make it reality.
  13. Cleetus Mcfarland Exploring the unbeaten path Fascinating horror Louis Rossman my mechanics Plainly difficult Shiey The Proper People thunderfoot VAGA BOND
  14. Horrible kind. You see, I very rarely have to speak English as I usually communicate in writing. I was contemplating starting a podcast just to get some practice, but I hate listening to my own voice so cutting it would be torture. And arguably I speak incomprehensibly fast even in my own language. Especially when I'm excited or upset.
  15. You said it yourself AC depicts mythology as real. And features characters who are vaguely based on historical figures. They are basically just using their names, to create a fictional spin on them. While Wildlands actually depicts something what I see as pretty damn accurate. When I was playing it first I didn't think much of the geopolitical accuracy of the game, but some documentaries made me realize that it's actually as good as it gets from videogames.
  16. The most historically accurate were probably the cold war era games that I've played. Obviously the individual stories are fictional, but a fictional story can either fit into history, or contradict it. I think COD Black Ops was pretty good in this regard, also Vietcong is a good depiction of the Vietnam war, down to tactics and the details of warfare. Ghost Recon Wildlands while not historic but seems pretty accurate in its depiction of South American cocaleros, the culture, the architecture and the environment. But overall I play much more fantasy and science fiction games that are only loosely based on real settings. For example I consider Assassin's Creed a fantasy game, as a historical period piece it would be terrible.
  17. I've had similar results in outer worlds, I Think they deliberately made it that way to be more ambiguous with no clear good side. I somehow felt however that this made me cynical for the rest of the game with not caring about any other outcomes.
  18. Multiplayer games are fundamentally different, they don't have a start and end point. My observations are based on single player games, but some do apply to multiplayer games as well.
  19. Yeah, I actually worked in Flanders, between Aalst and Oestende I've probably been in almost every town. But I lived in Wemmel while I was there.
  20. Hi, Belgium is one of my favorite countries I worked in. Which region are you from?
  21. Dying Light -> If weapons didn't break in 2 hits NFS: Heat -> If police chases were more realistic The Ascent -> If balance was not out of whack Cyberpunk 2077 -> If they stuck to the original story idea and didn't change it for Keanu Mafia: Definitive Edition -> Had they used the original lines of dialogue exactly as written The Last of Us Part II -> If instead of shock value they would've went for building the characters up first Snowrunner -> if there was an option to retry / rewind the game a few minutes Far Cry 6 -> If the combat was at least as hard as in Ghost Recon.
  22. And Ford outsells Bentley 1000:1 that doesn't mean anything. Different market segments, with tiny overlap. Sure if you define the console wars as merely the units sold then nintendo is doing well in that department. But the fact still remains that Nintendo has far inferior hardware and some of the biggest franchises are not even on Nintendo platform, while others are released years later on it with compromised graphics and performance. Sorry no matter how much it hurts fans, Nintendo is not a key player, they have their own market segment that they cover well, but they are not competing for the same piece of the pie as microsoft and sony.
  23. They are never finished There is no final, complete version of a live service game. As they are ever changing. Content and features are added, removed and changed on short notice. Yeah, changes are generally seen as an improvement, but there are always people who enjoy a game more before a change. So why take that away from them? They try to organize your time for you Live service games demand the player to log in at specific intervals, to get access to some benefits. They also force them to play certain content within a specified time frame. I think if we consider gaming addiction a problem, then this is a big driving force for that, as you are encouraged to play even when you normally wouldn't want to. "Oh, I'll loose my XP boost if I don't login every day" They are not a fair transparent transaction When you buy a regular game you see exactly what you get for your money. With live service games it is not clear. Whether you get your money's worth out of that season's pass is anyone's guess. Which basically makes it a gamble. You gamble on getting content that's worth your while. The sunken cost fallacy After paying for games as a service, you feel obliged to play them even if you don't enjoy it that much. I experienced this first hand when subscribing to either a live service game, or even just a service like games pass or EA Play. I played more than I'd normally, in the hopes of getting more out of the deal. This might also be bad for those prone to addiction. The eventual abandonment It is only a question of when, not if a life service game gets abandoned by its developer. So games preservation is impossible. They sometimes operate on live support for a while, but the servers are always shut down eventually. This might even be illegal for games that you purchased as retail, and not just free to play. But that never stops them, it's not like anyone is going to sue a company worth billions for loosing access to a $60 game. Trickle fed content This might only be my gripe with live service content, but after I play a game I forget all it's quirks and controls within a few weeks. Then when new content is released I have to spend time re-familiarizing myself with the game, only to play a mission that often takes no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. It's like if a restaurant only gives you a sample of the food, and says, oh, the next bite will be 2 months from now, cheers. But you already paid for the full course.
  24. If they don't try to pull something stupid again like trying to lock down modding in favour of microtransactions, or put it behind a paywall.
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