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  1. Every day DeSantis is taking rights away to keep himself relevant. At this point I wonder if even talking about him is a bad thing. Maybe he's the type who should just be ignored. Damned if you do and damned if you don't right? People need to know what is going on and at the same time it keeps him relevant. But whatever. Today's news, DeSantis is now taking away freedom of assembly at the state's capital. He is now forcing any events to be held at the state capital has to be aligned with the Desantis administration. That means if DeSantis doesn't like what you are about, if you don't hold conservative views, then you can't have an event at the capital. That is unconstitutional to block freedom of assembly. Once again, this proves that Florida no longer has a state constitution or anyone who upholds the constitution, or even the federal constitution for that matter. Why he gets away with this in the free world is beyond me. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/02/22/desantis-events-florida-capitol-00083989
  2. Most societal issues is only an issue because bigots make it an issue. I could make a game where you kill the bigot, but what good will that do? Maybe have a game that tackles everything. Everything??? How would I do that? It would have to be a pretty huge game. There could be a bunch of AI programmed bigots that you have to deprogram. Mr. bigot gets funds to create bigoted AI machines looking just like regular people who spread bigotry to the world. I would have to be able to determine who the bigot is, and try to find the memory of their network to deprogram their bigotry. Kind of like how in Watch Dogs you can scan a person's profile. Some hint could pop up to lead me to believe they are a bigot and I'll have to spy on them and change their program. The game could be called Bigots Among Us. The game could spread awareness and help you determine who is a bigot. It would be publicized on a mass scale to get people wondering who the bigot is. They would make jokes like, your'e the bigot!!! No, you are because of so and so. It will shine the light on and define what a bigot is. It will be a clear game message on billboards you see driving by, and on ads, the market place, stores, saying Bigots Among Us!! Don't Be a Bigot!!! Parents will refer to their child if they do something wrong, they would tell them don't be a bigot!!! There will be books and movies and shows as an adaptation called Bigots Among Us. It will spread to every country and the whole world will be able to recognize a bigot.
  3. The government wouldn't force VGR to charge a subscription, but republicans are pushing for the supreme court to allow people to sue all social media. Would that include gaming sites? No doubt a far right bigot who doesn't like the sharing of ideas, progressive ideas, equal rights and all that would embolden that bigot to sue if they were allowed to. That is the whole point. Sue all social media to hell so it all gets broken down and what you are left with is state run media of all forms. We are seriously facing this supreme court decision right now to hold social media responsible for what people say and be able to sue. Ironic though because republicans complain about censorship, but now want to hold social media responsible for what people say? Doesn't that idea drive social media to censorship so they don't get sued??? Even democrats want to hold social media more responsible for what people post, but their reasons are so that social media stops allowing terrorism and inciting violence, and those algorithms and advertisements that drive people more extreme. Especially sites like 4chan, 8chan, and now probably fake truth social and even Musk's Twitter after he turned far right. And that lead me to another issue. Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch has bypassed laws on how much media an immigrant can own. The U.S. government made a law that a nationalized American cannot own more than 20% of American media. But Murdoch is from Australia and owns Fox News and other media which is well over 20%. And Musk is from South Africa and now owns a major social media and I don't know what percent of social media Twitter is. The law was put in place for a reason, to basically prevent foreign entities from controlling American media and abuse it to destroy our democracy. Fox News is in a major lawsuit with Dominion voting machines because Fox deliberately lied about a stolen election and lied about Dominion. Rupert Murdoch abused his citizenship to turn a major news media treasonous and damage our democracy.
  4. Edit--I was told he flew F-22, but his death certificate mentions F-102 and F-106. I think there is some confusion on my part about the F-22 on another post. He also trained pilots and that may be a jet he trained others on. He started a military academy in Florida, so he possibly flew all sorts of jets.
  5. My grandpa was a Colonel in the Air force and got the silver star, bronze star, air medal, meritorious service medal, and national defense medal. He flew the F-102 and F-106. During Vietnam he was a forward air controller and discovered a major supply route in the TET offensive. They renamed that road after him Glenn Adams Highway. He died on a motorcycle.
  6. I was right. Mark Zuckerberg has now began to charge a subscription service for Meta which has just started in New Zealand and Australia. So now, both major platforms are charging a subscription. Just so you guys know, social media is about to change big time. The supreme court of the USA is about to make a hefty decision about how much responsibility social media has on what people post. What may end up happening is social media will be in lawsuit after lawsuit, forcing them to charge subscription service to use social media to make up funds from lawsuits. Free speech will now have a price. And when disaster happens and you need social media for awareness on what goes on, you won't be able to post if you can't pay. If you are poor, you got no voice. Social media is becoming just another benefit and power tool for the rich. $15 now, and 10 years from now you have to pay $50 to use social media. 20 years from now it's at $90 to use social media.
  7. There is gore, but the show has its own humor. I don't know what your definition of gory is. There is drama, but not something that brought tears. There is violence, sex, including a gay scene in case that disturbs you. The tone overall is not overly dramatic or gory in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend watching with kids and you may be offended if you are religious. There are scenes that is funny in the sick humorous way. You should probably watch episode one and decide from there.
  8. Microsoft has to make up their $69 billion. Increase prices and lay off 10,000 employees. When they recuperate, they will make another huge purchase to buy up another developer because nobody can keep them in check.
  9. I remember a cookie I loved back in the day, Teddy Grahams. It comes in different flavors and very addicting. Shaped as a teddy. Man, the memories.
  10. Kind of reminds me of Wall-E movie where everyone becomes completely dependent on technology making our bodies genetically decline. No more swinging axes, we now shoot guns. No more jumping out of a plane into enemy territory when we got drones. No more cleaning when you got mini robots to clean. No more cooking when you got your gourmet ration. No more pears because the seeds lost genetic variance. No more physical socialization when every piece of electronic is attached to your social media, even your mirror has messages while you brush teeth. No more concern for regulating heavy metals and carcinogens in food and environment when you can replace your organs and nerves. Our bodies will develop to look more and more alien as we get oversized heads and smaller bodies from immobility and our skin turns gray from never going into the sun. Plus, with everything unregulated including radiation, our population will have a bunch of strange birth defects making humans look like monsters. Your currency will be based on what metal is in demand for technology. Love will be with a perfect machine. Let's not forget that humans are parasites and every new technology brings us closer to destroying everything.
  11. I think it would be cool to go back when automobiles were first invented. Must have been fun riding around on a big go-kart. They probably got the same feelings we would feel if we had our personal little flying car or jet pack mobile.
  12. Now it turns out that Brian Covey, a substitute teacher that posted about empty book shelves in his school has been fired for violating social media and cell phone policies by posting about the empty bookshelves on social media. I think it may be the same teacher in the above video known as @JagsFanBrian, while this guy's name is Brian Covey. Where is that free speech absolutism republicans love so much??? Not only are books being banned, books forced to be covered or taken out, and you can even get a 5 year prison sentence just for having a so called unapproved book, but you can also get fired if you post about it. We will see how that pans out, but it doesn't look like Florida has a constitution or laws or even justices who abide by an oath anymore.
  13. I'm fascinated by games with AI like Detroit Become Human and Cyberpunk 2077, even to an extent with Assassin's Creed integrating AI and religion. It is very thought provoking because it gets to our very core, to our moral souls whether or not AI can have feelings and have their rights respected. Or how intelligent have they really become? Are they immortal in cyberspace? Even in Watch Dogs Legion it was cool how actual human minds were trapped in a machine forever, consciously aware. The depths of thinking about those things is probably the most intrigued I've felt in gaming.
  14. I would love to have a game that is based on mining or prospecting to search for gems and mineral specimens. You would be able to try and find awesome rare specimens and try to extract them w/o breaking it. You have to be careful from dangers as you find your precious crystals. And hunters are out there to try and kill you and steal all your stuff. You then have to journey with your valuables, being hunted, and make it to where you sell items, or keep in your very own vault you can display them. You try to polish and cut specimens and sell on the market and in shows. You can trade specimens with others. You could rescue slave miners of blood diamonds and have a revolt against oppressors and take all the loot. Go on recuse missions, stealing ops, ambush bandits, and treasure hunts. And extreme weather survival, animal attacks, even government special forces trying to take your gems. Maybe you find alien minerals or something unknown to exist. Try and hide from government forces. I used to want to be a prospector and dreamed about it in the past. Plus I collect mineral specimens so I would love this game.
  15. I'd go with a Native American head dress cause it's freakin cool. I'd put a hatchet on my belt to go with it. Anyone pulls a gun I'd throw my tomahawk right at their forehead. I'd have chinese stars too. And a blow dart gun. And a big pipe with funny grass. My second choice would be an olive green military boonie cap.
  16. My cat would say "What the fuck are you doing? Get off that fucking computer and pet me. Shit man!!! Every day I watch you space out on that thing and type a bunch of buttons and laugh out loud. Your are scaring me dude!!! You're fucking losing it. I didn't sign up for this shit!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  17. That's not good at all if they are in trouble with their investors. Money talks, so if they lose investors then hopefully Ubisoft would have enough intelligence to correct themselves or else continue the path of their own destruction. I hate to see that happen with Ubisoft, and I hope they don't become another Kotick issue. Ubisoft does have a union as just last month Ubisoft Paris union Solidaires Informatique called for a strike and even now wants to sue Ubisoft due to the work culture from the CEO. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/french-union-calls-for-half-day-strike-at-ubisoft-paris
  18. That is very true. It's too easy to cross the line into arrogance. I think humbleness is the filter that blocks confidence from spilling into arrogance. Other times, arrogance could be masking low confidence. Very thin lines here.
  19. Oh look, here is something to add to the list. DeSantis is forcing universities to hand over medical records of all trans students. Say what??? Does Florida not even have a constitution? How does someone even get away with this? Are students gonna be forced to wear color coated badges now??? Modern day nazism right here in the USA.
  20. The super power of confidence so I will be able to withstand anything. I think that would fall into a useless superpower as it doesn't really do anything at this point in life. But at least I will be able to do the things I want to do any time without anxiety holding me down or making me angry. I would probably go out more, meet people, and know how to interact better. I have everything I want right here though with the woods as my backyard and peaceful seclusion. So that is why to me it would pretty much fall into a useless super power. I'd rather hang out with animals then to drive everywhere looking for something to do and waste time. I'd rather sit under the sun and read and watch my rabbits hop around then to go to a bar and get into trouble. Plus, confidence isn't always good because overly confident people can get their asses kicked. 😱 And other times overly confidence can be conceited. I simply want to be free of all anxieties and not get angry in the broken society in which I live.
  21. That whole acquisition stinks to low hell and while this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of Kotick, both Microsoft and Activision are sending a clear message they are not interested in making a change for the better despite those serious workplace controversies. Plus, look at the fiasco with NetEase destroying Activision offices in China. If the acquisition goes through Microsoft has agreed to allow unions. How exactly that will potentially play out now is confusing because Kotick is the face that requires the need for unions. He isn't the person who would respect a union. He would corrupt it and give unions a bad name as that could be a possible intention. And Microsoft also hates unions. Does a union automatically make everything better? With a CEO like that, he could demand another vote to keep unions and put pressure on employees and threaten their jobs if they vote to keep it. That is what Amazon did to their employees. And it seems that Kotick is surrounded by a bunch of yes men. Looks like Microsoft is getting ready for possible unionization too by firing 10,000 employees. And who exactly will they be firing? Probably people who would support a union. If the acquisition doesn't go through then Kotick stays CEO for Activision for sure, and that is w/o the agreement to unionize. Activision would remain how it was soaked in controversy. And their relationship with China now isn't too good. This whole greedy shit never should have happened is what I say. Block the acquisition, form a union, and get rid of Kotick. Those 3 would be a happy ending in a fairy tale. We will be stuck with at least one of those 3 not going right, and maybe all 3 not going right cause that is the world of reality where we all are trying to coexist with forces working against the common person.
  22. Probably get rid of human's ability to genetic engineer any organism from bacteria, virus, seed, plant, bugs, animals, humans, and beyond. That just creeps me out. Every time I eat a piece of fruit that has no seeds in it, freaks me out. We might lose the ability to protect ourselves and food from disease, but so what. More harm than good comes out of it in the long run. I don't want a bunch of soldier enhanced clones, or a human fish face, or human giraffe neck. Roach antennae. Or become the Thing.
  23. I would probably go insane. I don't really know any jokes, but I do make myself laugh a lot thinking of funny stuff. If I mumbled that stuff out loud, then a clown shows up while I'm laughing by myself, yeah, I'd go insane. As @The Blackangel says, I may have to shoot it. I do love comedy though. If the clown told really good jokes, maybe I would get used to it and have my personal laughing therapy. I can only picture those real crazies telling racist and bigoted jokes then have a clown appear. Society would get very looney real fast.
  24. A good example is a big company like Ubisoft who has had financial problems and the pandemic pretty much opened the wound up and got infected. I've read the reason could be because Ubisoft makes such large games plus online multiplayer features that has had issues. Limiting interaction among employees when trying to make such large games kind of spurred on their decision to abandon some of the games they had planned. The new Assassin's Creed game, Mirage has a smaller map concentrating more on a particular city like some of the older games in the series. Maybe cutting back on large scale games can help them get things in order to work on bigger projects in the future. Because I have no doubt AC in the Japan setting coming soon will be the fucking ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know how Covid has affected stakeholders. Far as I know, it seems the stocks in the gaming industry has come out of the pandemic pretty well for the larger companies. Everything else that hit the gaming industry like war and the chip shortage may have hit the gaming industry and developers in other ways that could have affected stakeholders as it all happened at the same time. Because the chip shortage had an effect on what engine to run their games on whether to stick to the older generation or the newer generation console. Those issues could have affected sales of games and release dates, which affects their stocks. I'm not business oriented, but those are some things that would make sense.
  25. I haven't played any of these games from Remedy. My curiosity is definitely piqued though. Max Payne is gonna be a big one. Should be a big one. And those remakes will be done in the latter days of 2027 and the world will have gone to shit by then so we will never see it made. If I take a look back 4 years ago I was sipping tea under the sunset. Now I'm breaking bottles over my head with a chicken bone sticking out of my teeth. 2027??? I'll be traveling across the apocalypse looking for a lab to try and cure humanity's Stupid Syndrome. Alan Wake and Control both look interesting to play. I'm glad to see this developer open up about their prospects for us and they have a pretty good plan the next 4 years. I'll be looking into these games. Thanks for sharing the info!!!
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