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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Games for two players   
    Surely we can add more games right? Man i've been thinking about this the last couple of days and it feels hard to find a few couch co-op games. But apart from the ones mentioned, especially with xbox one and series x in mind as per original posters request. Normally i like using arrows instead of dots but i'll list it the same as @shagger to keep it uniform.
    Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 : What do you get when you combine the 2 best puzzle franchises ever, yes this game. Highly addicting even in single player, it's most likely more fun to play it with a person on the couch. Imo this is the best puzzle game ever made so you can't go wrong either way. Unravel 2: The first one diden't have have co op but the second you can play with a friend together on the couch, exellent puzzle platform where yarn plays a major role in solving puzzles. I think this may appeal to a lot of female gamers because of the cute art style. Rayman Legends : Arguably The best platformer on a xbox console, you can't go wrong with this one. I know it's an older game but still worth playing today. Team Sonic Racing : Nothing beats a kart racer to play in split screen. Crash Team Racing nitro-fueled : Same as above, crash team racing is better then team sonic racing though. Diablo 3: Damn i almost forgot about this, you know what diablo is if you don't then well then what are you even doing on a video game forum. J/K Stardew Valley: I'm sorry i have to bring this game up every few days, but yes you can play stardew valley in co-op, you do have to build a cottage for your companion first. This is probably the best game ever made, so you can't go wrong either way. Halo Master chief collection: The first 2 halo games are imo the best split screen games ever made, it made friendships and also destroyed them. we used to play with 4 players on a tiny Crt tv back in the day which made it even more hectic since you could barly see what you were doing. Nowadays with those huge 4k screens you shoulden't have a problem having fun with this one. As far as i know local split screen is included. If you have an xbox you probably have this already right? Lego games: I think nearly all of them have local co-op so pick which one you like and go for it. I'd highly recomned Lego city undercover because it's not tied to any license or whatsoever and of the lego games i played i had the most fun with. Streets of rage 4:  Can't have a list of local co-op games without a good old beat em up, so there you go. I think the second game is still the best in the series though but you can play that aswell on your xbox. See below SEGA Mega Drive Classics / Genesis Classics : I should have listed this one on the top because it's just that good of a compilation, but you know streets of rage all 3 games are included, all the golden axe you could possibly want to play on the couch. Sonic 2, still holds up to this day playing together with a friend. I'm sure there are a ton more on this comp you could play together and if you're tired of playing with a partner, the best jrpg of all time is included aswell Phantasy star IV. There is even a rewind button and save states so you can restart where you left off. Monopoly : Ubisoft released several monopoly games over the years, so just pick one that looks the most interesting to you. Now why would you play a board game on a console, because you can save your game, nobody can cheat and you don't have to stay up until 5am in the morning until the game would possibly be finished, i for one never in my life finished a monopoly game where only one person remained. There are more i could list like Human Fall Flat, Moving out and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime but i have not played these so i can't comment on how they are. I think if you try all those listed above you should be quite busy for a good amount of time.
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    Justin11 reacted to Cortyie in Games for two players   
    Guys, thanks for all your posts, a lot of games to choose! 
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    Justin11 reacted to The Blackangel in Community Chat #1   
    I'm not looking to get rich, although it would be nice. I just want to be financially secure. Not having to scrape by, living check to check.
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Will most future game support cross play?   
    You will have to stomach up hard for them especially if you are interested in the cross play. I think that beating them will be fun. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Boblee in Will most future game support cross play?   
    I have beaten them cheaters once, although it wasn't an easy task but it was worth it in the end, so I'm not scared of them. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in Name Your Weapons and Armour...   
    This is a bit random, but I'm curious, and also seeking to find out if I'm a little bit mad. When a video game offers you the chance to name specific armour, weapons or equipment (like in The Elder Scrolls, for example), do you have a pattern?
    I always like to name my equipment after artists, song or albums I like. For example, I'll name a bow "Primo Victoria" named for the Sabaton song/album of the same name. It's Latin for "First Victory", so for me it fits. For the same reason I also like to call armoured footwear "Sabaton" because that's what a "Sabaton" is. I've also named a sword "Lovebites" for the Japanese all-female power metal band, a bow "Unleash The Archers" again for the band of the same name and a mace "Archangel" in tribute to the Amaranthe song bearing the name.
    What influence do to you draw from for inspiration?
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    Justin11 reacted to Knight Plug in General Gaming Discussion   
    RE: Verse is seemingly coming very soon. That must also mean that RE8 will finally be getting the additional DLC Capcom spoke about last summer as well, right? 
    Well... I hope so. 🙂
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Boblee in Is progressing to the top of an in-game organization important to you?   
    Yeah, the game is guided on the side quest, of you overlook the information provided by the developers, you'll fall at the sideways, which means failing in the game so easily. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from DC in [Sponsored] MetaRace.io - breed horses, race & trade - virtually and in real life   
    I never really taken my time to play any NFT based games. I wouldn't condemn NFTs and Metaverse, the world is digitalized, and video games are becoming much more interesting with Metaverse. I've witnessed P2E games that are connected with NFTs as it's reward tokens. @DC I've joined their discord server, not yet approved, I'll see how it goes with the project before I say anything further, thank you. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Hades Becomes First Video Game to Win a Hugo Award   
    Oh, that's nice. I never had that checked out yet but it's good to pick up the update from you. Good job on this one. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in [Sponsored] MetaRace.io - breed horses, race & trade - virtually and in real life   
    I have made how I personally feel about NFT's quite clear on this forum, so with all due respect to @DC who I know works hard to find good sponsors for the forum, I will not be participating in this. Even so, I know @DC would not have this sponsor on VGR if it wasn't legitimate, so I will offer due respect in kind and check out the game at the very least, and if it's fun to play then it's fun to play. I would encourage others to do the same. However, I would always advise caution with these things.
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    Justin11 reacted to DC in [Sponsored] MetaRace.io - breed horses, race & trade - virtually and in real life   
    MetaRace is an exciting decentralized app (dapp) which allows players to breed, train and race mechanical NFT horses in the metaverse. This is a play-to-earn (P2E) game running on the Caduceus blockchain.

    Not only can you buy and sell NFT horses, but you can also do the same with saddle cloths, jockey silks, bridles and more. You even can stake $Meta tokens if you want to run your own racecourse.
    Naturally, along with racing your own horses, you can bet on horse races in the metaverse.
    But what makes MetaRace even cooler is its connection to land-based horse racing. Oliver Cole of Whatcombe Racing is collaborating with MetaRace on this project. As a community, the players of MetaRace are also cooperating to buy a real racehorse that will be running in real-world events. As a member of the community, you can own a percentage stake in the horse as an NFT.
    Join the MetaRace Discord for updates and send any other thoughts: https://discord.gg/metarace
    Interested in advertising your brand on VGR Forum? Send us an email - advertise[@]vgr.com
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Heatman in What 3 games did famous writer George R.R. Martin play?   
    That's cool, with what I've seen in George R.R Martins, he's a big time video game lover, with so many games under his bait. 
    None, only Elden ring is a popular game which I know he has played. Maybe in the near future I'll be playing that one. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Heatman in Mystery of Mirror of Death   
    Take  a look at the game  via the picture, accordijg to what @Heatman said, can you trust that third party site?  I'm always afraid when it comes to unknown site like that, my security matters to me, than leaking my personal information. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Withywarlock in Why don't more celebs take jobs in video games?   
    Samuel L. Jackson did his awesome part when presented the chance in GTA S.A, I enjoyed that game, one of the memory of Rockstar GTA series game of all-time for me. Not all celebrities get aquatinted with gaming, some prefer other projects. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Family sedan in Have games ever inspired/influenced you with something you create?   
    Their are so many of those short or long stories around motorcycle games which you can find at Amazon or any other popular stores around. Here is the Amazon link to see one of the stories around a Motorcycle GP;
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    Justin11 reacted to Family sedan in Have games ever inspired/influenced you with something you create?   
    Games inspired me to draw pictures of Thumper from Twisted Metal 2 and of me Using a Dodge Challenger in a station wagon race in GT2.  Imagine the mismatch there.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Family sedan in Have games ever inspired/influenced you with something you create?   
    I learned how to drive power bikes like, Suzuki GSX, Ducati Panigale V4, due to the inspiration coming from Motor GP games. I went deeper in real-life to learn how to drive some of the motorcycles in the game. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Family sedan in Have games ever inspired/influenced you with something you create?   
    I've made severally short around social media I have account with, about my passion playing MGP. Some of my friends fell in love with the video game after I said wonderful things about my experience. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Boblee in Mystery of Mirror of Death   
    It's available on android. If you can't get it on Play Store, you can try getting it through this site. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Who is your favourite sports player in history?   
    For a football player that is still active think i'll go for Kevin De Bryne who seems like a genuine humble person, despite being the best midfielder in the world, you don't hear people talking about him quite often compared to messi and ronaldo. While we're at it he is probably the best Belgian player in the history of the game.
    My other answer would've been ayrton senna.
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Movies or video games which one you love more?   
    Marvel is doing a lot of cross over with so many of their movies. I saw an update about their upcoming release called Midnight Sons. 

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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in Games for two players   
    You managed to list a couple of games I would have suggested already, so I'll have to dig a little deeper. Some of these game I'm about to list are, I admit, a little older, but if you haven't played them they knew to you both.
    Divinity: Original Sin: A top down RPG with a cooperative play mode. A fairly challenging and lengthy game, but you do have to be into the genre. Child of Light: This is a beautiful game that can be played alone or cooperatively. At any point during the game, a second player can join and take control of Aurora’s companion Igniculus, who is a ball of light later discovered to be an Elemental and is able to fly freely around the screen. Because of that I'll admit it's probably not the most compelling cooperative experience on this list, but it's great game none the less. Cuphead: I'll admit I haven't actually played this one, but main reason I haven't is because I did not want to play it alone. It's a fiercely difficult 2D platformer/sidescroller in the style of a 1930's cartoon.  Haven: This is a game I started playing quite recently. It's a game where you play as a couple (can be a straight or same sex couple) exploring a strange planet in escape of you old lives in society. You look for materials and recourses on this mysterious planted in bid to eventually escape and find a new life. The gameplay is basic, but functional and is defiantly geared more towards coop. It's a sweet little game and makes sense to play as a couple.  
    Well, that's what I've got. Hopefully others have more ideas, but I hope that was helpful.
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in Hades Becomes First Video Game to Win a Hugo Award   
    Although with a little research you would have picked up on what a Hugo award is all about but that's by the way. Hades have won so many other awards before the Hugo award. Awards such as the GDC Game of the Year and BAFTAs for Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Narrative, and Performer in a Supporting Role. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Family sedan in Is gaming the best part of your day?   
    Usually thinking about death creeps me out because I haven't accomplished enough yet.  I prefer to daydream about what my next girlfriend will be like.
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