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Have games ever inspired/influenced you with something you create?

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Sitting front of my television commentating my gameplay of Playstation One games, I didn't know that 1) that was essentially what was going on in the gaming magazines my dad bought, and 2) I'd be doing that on YouTube a decade later for kicks (and realising I'm not the first and only to do it.) I'd become a reviewer of digital and print mediums, a self-styled author, songwriter, and music from video games inspired me to look into taking up bass guitar.

I find myself loving video games a lot less than I used to, but I cannot deny the profound impact the medium has had on my ability to create.

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What about content creator 😛 Doing games like DayZ make me want to create inersting buildings and whatnot. But then I only and will only rather do flights sims. And do content for it that why. Not like I have a real good job about it anyway. 

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3 hours ago, Justin11 said:

I was perplexed when I heard that the building in Fortnite was cancelled, was happy again when it was brought back, because I was busy building on the game. 

If it's possible to build something that's built on Fortnite a little bit in real life, it's going to be something awesome but that's almost impossible. 

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