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    Justin11 reacted to Techno in GTA 6 has leaked   
    So GTA 6 just leaked. Over 90 videos can now be found on YouTube that shows off Vice City. I'm not showing anything here because Take Two is copyright striking everything.
    Source: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/23359292/grand-theft-auto-6-gta6-leak-90-videos-released-online
    Moderator Edit: I edited the link to remove the google redirect as the link apprises to be broken with that included. I would recommend that in future when you post links to a news source to take the URL from the source website directly and not copy if from the google search page because google can alter, move or remove the link without notice.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Wasn't an issue 20 years ago   
    Yes, because humans are one, and again countries do export their goods/items to other countries for monetary value, and it will be sold high as well. So, it will affect the other countries who imported those items. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Heatman in VGR Member of the Month - September 2022 Nominations   
    I nominate @Empire Of Sight, been a plus for VGR since signing up, always bringing quality posts whenever online. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Empire Of Sight in VGR Member of the Month - September 2022 Nominations   
    I nominate @Empire Of Sight, been a plus for VGR since signing up, always bringing quality posts whenever online. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Should we rework the points system?   
    I don't really see anything wrong with the current points system to be honest, it's not that it overly matters to me as i never came here to get free stuff as i came here because i wanted to talk about videogames and it's culture . I think i've got 2 switch games so far trough the bid for rewards program, while these are neat rewards and a nice gesture from dc, it should not be the main motivation to keep posting here and to me it never will.
    One thing you could do is make a overhaul of the Member of the month and reward second and third place also with some points, it would be more motivating especially for newer members that their posts are appreciated here and we want them to continue to post here. Maybe something worth considering @DC what do you think?
    If you are going to do a shop i'd probably say some vgr merch would be cool but i don't know i'd just rather buy it myself instead because you know some vgr merch would be cool tough. Yeah i wouldn't mind wearing a shirt that says Proud Moderator at vgr.com bitches or something along those lines lol. But i'll take anything i can get really even if it's cosmetics for the forum.
    I think the reputation is fine as it is and i'm probably the only one who sees it more as how reputable somebody their posts are as in quality posts, my goal is to reach 500 reputation by the time i hit 1000 posts, so far i'm on course. If i could reach it that means half my posts were liked and that is enough to put a smile on my face and to keep me motivated to continue putting time and effort into my posts, even if some take me over half an hour to write.
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    Justin11 reacted to DC in VGR Member of the Month - September 2022 Nominations   
    Not eligible as stated in OP.
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    Justin11 reacted to Empire Of Sight in VGR Member of the Month - September 2022 Nominations   
    I would like to nominate @Justin11 because he helped me find a good anime streaming site that I've so desperately needed.
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in UEFA Champions League season 2022/23 Talk   
    I would have been biased if my team Manchester United was playing Champions League this season because I would have loved my team and CR7 to win it but with us being out of the competition, Messi would be my next best pick for winning it. Manchester City is capable of doing it too with Halaand leading their attack. 
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Heatman in YouTube ain't what it was...   
    My channel isn't monetized with ads, already YouTube have filtered ads all over my videos, milking from my contents already and leaving me with nothing, 😂. That's bizarre, but their is nothing I can do, but continue to push for my channel growth. I have 565 subscribers at the moment via my soccer niche channel, my aim is to hit 20k before 2022 ends, then monetize the channel. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in UEFA Champions League season 2022/23 Talk   
    Cool thanks now let's keep the champions league talk going. Let's talk about what team suprised you the most so far(only one answer to that but still) and what team let you down the most ( again only one answer to that in case you are wondering they are wearing red colors and are from the uk ).
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Yaramaki in UEFA Champions League season 2022/23 Talk   
    Approval granted buddy. Let's keep it to the latest discussion around this season UEFA champions league.
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Empire Of Sight in Good Anime Streaming sites?   
    That's for star wars anime' trailer...
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    Justin11 reacted to Heatman in What are your favourite gaming memories from the past?   
    Yeah, that's more like it as long as you don't give up, you will come out a better player than you used to be. 
    I can remember my experience with playing one mobile game with or against my sister. I'm not a fan of mobile games but she did got me into playing Subway Surf. We have our account connected to Facebook and we have a leaderboard where points are tallied as a top player. She was damn good at the game but it took me a while with strong persistence to beat her. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in Last Game Played   
    After skipping fifa for a year for the first time in like forever, i feel like i'm going to get fifa 23 aswell, it's hard to admit it but i kinda miss playing a few matches of football here and there in between games and you know manager mode and career mode seem to have gotten an upgrade so it made me kinda curious wheter or not it's going to be any good but I usually got my money's worth out of fifa games.
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in UEFA Champions League season 2022/23 Talk   
    Man i don't know what to say but this gives me the goosebumps and a warm fuzzy feeling inside and it's totally well deserving, club brugge battering porto at their home ground 0-4 and you know it was well earned too by playing good football they probably should have gotten atleast one more goal. Club brugge has to be the surpise team of the first 2 matches so far. What about you @Justin11 care to leave your thoughts? Think i'm going to save this picture for well maybe forever 😅

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    Justin11 got a reaction from killamch89 in Is there any such thing as "overhyped" or "overrated" video games?   
    - COD vanguard
    - GTA trilogy 
    - BioShock infinite 
    - All FIFA series games 
    This games I mentioned are overrated, their prices are way too higher than what they offered to gamers in terms of satisfaction. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in [Sponsored] Sneak Energy - the drink every gamer needs before a marathon   
    Shagger Says: Sneak Energy
    First and foremost, another thank you to @DC and Sneak every for making this possible with the promotion here of VGR through bid for rewards. Even with my appreciation, this review is still gonna offer up nothing but the honest truth. Not that Sneak energy need to be worried as I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by this energy drink powder and everything that it offered. Still, one would have to part with with equivalent of over $90 to buy the same package I received, so is it worth it? Let's snoop around sneak and find out.
    To set the parameters for this review, let establish what Sneak energy is. This is a caffeinated energy drink make for gaming that is mean increase alertness whilst also providing hydration. Sneak themselves recommend no more than two portions a day and to drink one portion before or during gaming. I was drinking the powder you mix with water in a shaker/drinking bottle that was part of the package. It's easy enough to make, pour either sachet or levelled scoop (10g) into the shaker, pour in 300ml – 400ml of water then shake and drink. However, I personally found much more success in ignoring the recommend 10 second shake time for closer to 20-30 seconds. Despite this, it is easy to prepare with clear instructions, so nobody should be put off by a lack of convenience.
    In my package:
    1 x 400g (40 servings) Blue Raspberry flavour tub
    1 x 700ml branded drinking bottle/shaker
    5 x Strawberry flavour sachet (10g, single serving)
    5 x Sneak flavour sachet (10g, single serving)
    5 x Strawberry and Watermelon flavour sachet (10g, single serving)
    5 x Neon Punch flavour sachet (10g, single serving)
    I touched on the price earlier, but to understand what your getting it's important understand how much value you get. Fist step, how much does this actually cost? Well, here it is, blunt and honest (I said it my package would cost the equivalent of around $90 and it would, but 5 of the sachets I received aren't listed here. More on that later.):

    To really understand this though, we have to break it down to price it per portion. Lucky for you, I've done the math for you and it works out at around £1 per 10g (300ml-400ml once mixed) portion for the tub (around $1.18) and £1.35 per sachet ($1.58). For context, that's pretty good value compared to Red Bull;

    And I'd say about the same as Monster Energy, give or take.

    (these prices are form a major supermarket chain that operates here in the UK)
    So what we have here with Sneak is a something that isn't exactly cheap, but does offer value in the long run. One thing that does need pointing out (and in answer to @Scottypops question) is that Sneak energy contains A LOT more caffeine that the two brands I'm comparing it to here. About twice as much as in that 250ml can of Red Bull and with about the same as that can of Monster Energy, but but Monster is a larger, more diluted mix with a 500ml portion. In a more direct comparison, Red Bull has 30mg of caffeine per 100g, Monster has 36mg per 100g and Sneak (may vary depending on how you mix it) contains 50mg per 100g, so it's a lot stronger.
    So it's a higher install price for longer term value (and more caffeine), but how does it taste compared to regular energy drinks?
    Before I offer my thoughts on each flavour, I want to talk about the bottle itself;


    As you can see from the images I posted, it looks cool. A new one would cost £10 to buy (equivalent to around $12-$13). For that price, you would expect something decent and that is what you get. There are a number of designs to choose from. This particular bottle is the "Bit Friday" design made of a dark grey, translucent plastic printed with very nice Sneak decals, a screw top lid with a nice, rigid drinking cap, an ice catcher that can be easily removed for cleaning and both ml and Fl ounce scales printed on the sides. I like it, it's better quality that I would have expected and feels like it's built to last provide one looks after it.
    Onto the most important part, the actual drink and the flavours. Now, it's an energy drink, not a magic potion from Gandalf, so don't expect to suddenly go MGL by drinking it, but I would say Sneaks' claims of improving alertness and concentration whilst keeping you hydrated do hold up. It also helps cut out some hunger as it claims to be a food supplement and it does stem off hunger. I know what some of you may be thinking with that and the answer is no, I would not recommend Sneak for people as an aid to dieting as you crash hard and suddenly with hunger when the effect is gone and may in fact encourage you to eat more and outside of regular meal times. A single serving does hit like a strong cup of coffee, but Sneak is more refreshing and easier to prepare. I'll talk more about the actual flavours in a moment, but I do like it. Each flavour is distinctive and overall, they taste nice.
    Now to rank each flavour. The order that you read these is the same order I tried them, with the numbers ranking them with 1 being my favourite and 5 my least favourite.
    5. Strawberry Millions

    Strong, potent flavour even at maximum recommended 400ml dilution. Tasted nice, not bitter like most every drinks, reminded me of milkshake in the smell and taste. It was a bit gritty, though. I shook if for the recommended 10 seconds, but it still didn't  taste like it had mixed right. After this, I started shaking it for longer and never encountered this issue again even after re-trying this flavour. My better half was along for the ride on this taste test and she wasn't a huge fan of this flavour, but even though this was my least favourite, I did still like it. It is refreshing and sweet however this does not taste like the strawberry millions sweets.
    4. “Stealth” Flavour

    Honestly, with such a vague name for this flavour, I wasn't sure what to expect, that became a sense of disappointment when my better half liked this one the most and claimed the remaining sachets for herself. Flavour and aroma of sherbet double dip, interesting given sneak is made with zero sugar. Sweet without being overpowering, this was a well balanced flavour that was very pleasant overall. 
    2. Neon Punch

    I was honestly expecting something along the lines of sour candy with this, but it was tasted like fruity bubble-gum and was very refreshing (Bubbaloo tutti-fruity bubble-gum). It's not as sweet nor as bold as the other flavours I had tried up to this point, but one of my favourites. My better half thought this one was OK compared to the others. It was at this point that I started to notice her preference for the sweeter flavours whilst I preferred the more fruity, subtle ones. Knowing how our palettes differ, that does make sense.
    1. Strawberry and Watermelon

    Before I get onto how this one tasted, there is something a little odd about how, or perhaps why, I even got a chance to even try this flavour in the first place. Everything else that was in the package I knew was coming because it was on the invoice I got in my email and was what I had selected. These five sachets of Strawberry Watermelon Flavour, were not;

    So why was it included? I honestly have no idea. Maybe Sneak gives this flavour out in all thier samples or something, but regardless I won't look a gift horse in the mouth because this ended up being my favourite flavour of the lot. Very refreshing, but still potent and strong in flavour with just enough sweetness to give it a little kick. If Sneak do give this to everyone to try as thier "best foot forward", I can see why. My better half compared it to the American sweets called NERD'S, so if that point of reference helps you, then so be it.
    3. Blue Raspberry

    This is the one I got in the form of the tub, so obviously this was the one I wanted to like the most. I didn't end up being my favourite, but I still really liked this one. The first thought that came to mind when I opened the tub was;

    And that kind of set the tone really, it tasted like, well, blue. Still a nice balance of refreshing and sweet, but a little more sour than the others, but not to the point it's unpleasant. Perhaps it would be kinder to say it had more of a kick than the others. Not my favourite, but still very good and still refreshing. The best bit though is my better half didn't care for it. Apparently the raspberry flavour is not strong enough for her liking, so I at least have this one all to myself. Maybe she's right and the raspberry part was weak, but the blue held up nicely.
    Final Verdict 9/10
    Overall, very pleasantly surprised. The drinks make you alert, the caffeine certainly works, but was also very refreshing, especially compared to the other every drinks I've tried that are usually either very flat of very bitter and dry you out, it also help hold off hunger for a period of time but be ready for a full meal. Value is to be found in the package, but it's still difficult to recommend to people who don't drink this sort of stuff on a regular basis with the high install price. I was essentially given this, and in that capacity, I love it, I really do and would defend it to the hills, but would I buy it, with money, probably not, but only because I don't drink this stuff regularly. Having said that, this still has a very real chance to convert me as the reason I don't drink this stuff regularly is because most energy taste like salty urine to me. The fact that not only do I like Sneak energy, but actually loved some of these flavours is a testament to how good this is (minus the one that was pinched because I only got to taste it once). Yes, it's not cheap, especially in the beginning with the shaker being an essential buy and how much the tubs cost, but there is value in this is you do drink this kind of thing even on a semi-frequent basis. So yeah, you do need to be prepared to drink Sneak regularly and loyally to get the best out of it, but if you do you won't be sorry.
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    Justin11 reacted to Withywarlock in [Sponsored] Sneak Energy - the drink every gamer needs before a marathon   
    Full disclosure: I had purchased this bundle with 1,000 points from my VGR points balance, earned with creating threads and posting on existing threads. No money or favours were exchanged for this bundle. I have not received any points for the SNEAK Elite programme for this. I was offered to choose the flavour I would receive in the tub. I have experience with SNEAK (and I am going to capitalise every instance of SNEAK because it's too late to stop now) products, and this will compare to past experiences. Reviewing drinks is not my forte. This disclosure is not part of the minimum required 250 word count.
    The package that was sent to me, in a well-filled with packing paper box of their own branding consists of the following: one Bit Friday shaker; one tub of Blue Raspberry powder (40 servings); and five sachets of Neon Punch, Stealth, Strawberry Millions, and Strawberry Watermelon flavour powders. This would ordinarily cost £70.20 and there's currently an offer where each order contains five Strawberry Watermelon sachets. Each flavour has been taste-tested and consumed fully in 700ml of cool tap water (the recommended amount of 300-400ml is too sweet for me).
    Bit Friday Shaker:
    The Bit Friday Shaker is a tinted, ~80% transparent bottle with an ice catcher should you wish to shake it with ice. It doesn't feel quite as sturdy as the "OG Shaker", but not so fragile that it can't survive anywhere near as many solid drops on hard surfaces. Both are plastic (metal is available at an expected premium), and feature measurements on the side up to 700 millilitres (ml) and 25 ounces (oz).
    While I do like the transparency to see on the outside how much water you've got left in, it doesn't make the contents look particularly appetising, the tint making the water look murky. Even after being washed out it looks like droplets of mud line the inside.
    The stopper on the lid isn't as strong as the OG Shaker, as shown by how easily it leaks from all sides of the lid at any slightly tilted angle. It fails its job as a shaker, as when it is shaken water goes everywhere. I had originally criticised the OG Shaker for being too hard to open but it's become a positive in this context.
    The aesthetic is generally pleasing. The faux 16-bit SNEAK logo and SNEAK bunny evoke images of Hotline Miami and play nicely into its pop-culture marketing. Do you like slurping people?
    Blue Raspberry:
    I'll first of all comment on the tub and say that it's very secure with long neck and threading, as well as a thick foil lid. It contains 400 grams (g) of powder, which amounts to 40 10g servings, which at approximately £39.95 is one serving per £1 spent. It also comes with a little spoon to pour in a single serving... somewhere, I had to do some digging for it. Given the fineness of the powder I didn't expect to find it at the top.
    Blue Raspberry is a generic  raspberry-flavoured drink, and tastes much better in its carbonated can form than a powder as that reminded me of energy drink Red Devil, which I can't find anywhere else. It's not as tart as other Sneak flavours (bearing in mind, again, I drink these at 700ml and not the advised 300-400ml) and that works for me. It also has less of the chalky after-effect that Sneak has been widely noted and criticised for. It passes my 'gulp' test, which is four large gulps rather than my usual sipping, as it doesn't overwhelm the tastebuds and doesn't make me feel nauseous or dehydrated afterwards. It also passes my sampling test, wherein I hold it and swill it around the gums for six seconds; again, no battered taste-buds and no dry throat afterwards.
    Neon Punch:
    A 10g satchet that strangely doesn't last as long as the plastic tub (these will last until September 2022, meanwhile the tub is fine until 2024), but it seems secure enough. I have had expired sachets before and they seemed fine, but you'd best be safe than sorry. Also don't consume more than two of these per day.
    This sachet is filled with pear and guava flavour, far more pear than guava. Not exactly the Tropikilla, but a refreshing fruity drink that doesn't overpower the senses in either the gulp or sample test.
    "The mystery flavour. No, we're not telling you what it is," says the webpage. This is something I don't particularly like about SNEAK: if the flavour's name doesn't give it away, nothing else will. The amount of threads I've seen people asking "what flavour is [x]" tells me others have the same problem, and I'm reminded of how glad I am to have received these for free.
    Moving on, Stealth smells different depending on what it's in. In the sachet it has a strong liquorice smell. I don't like liquorice. When poured into the water and shaken it smelt of raw sewage. I don't like raw sewage either, but I'd probably take that over liquorice. Dreading what it must taste like I put it to my lips and found it tastes of neither. It's quite pleasant, but it's very tart. It's an artificial sour flavour that has enough sweetness to not turn me off it entirely. Easily the strongest flavour I've tried of theirs without feeling the urge to throw up (see below). It's nice but it definitely needed to be in 700ml of water, and does not survive the gulp or sampling test. Like the Strawberry Millions next, it needs to be sipped to be enjoyed fully.
    I don't know why this one was discontinued from the UK, but I'm going to save these for special occasions as a result of that. I'm rather glad I got these instead of my Grape Punch.
    Strawberry Millions:
    I must admit I did buy this one partly for its marketing material. It's an attractive packet in that neon aesthetic, a nice change from the street art SNEAK normally go for. Because I've got five of these I'm going to use them more sparingly than not; the dessert to my dinner. It tastes like Strawberry Millions, go figure, but is still rather tart in 700ml of water. It doesn't pass my gulp or sample test, making it much better to savour with small sips.
    On a side note, I strongly discourage trying the Bubblegum Millions flavour. When I say it's a bad flavour I don't just mean that I dislike it; I'm not a fan of the next flavour but I can at least drink it. Bubblegum Millions tasted exactly as it should, albeit revolting as a drink. I can eat them, I can eat bubblegum lollipops, but I cannot drink bubblegum-flavoured water. It made me sick to my stomach and I had to keep adding water just to finish it. Their mixologists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
    Strawberry Watermelon:
    Last but not least, the sachet that can't be torn open. For some reason these required scissors as there was nowhere to tear it. This one tastes absolutely as advertised: the strawberry and watermelon flavours alternate with each sip, and even if I'm not fond of eating watermelon it makes for a refreshing drink. With its creamy texture it could be mistaken for juice more than a squash or flavoured water. It passes my gulp test as there's no chalky after-texture, though there is some cloying at the back of my throat which requires another swig to wash it down. The sample test of swilling the gums fails however as it's far too sweet, but at least the bitter feeling it leaves on my teeth washes away quickly. I can easily see this one being my favourite served with ice.
    How is it as an energy drink?
    SNEAK Energy is marketed toward trendy young people who wear hoodies and know what 'no cap' means. I'm none of those things. I'm an obese Englishman who would indeed have 'no cap' in a real game of Capture the Flag. That, I believe, is 'no cap'. But does it give me the energy to capture the flag, real or virtual? Not really, no.
    I will say that I do feel more alert and have a buzz from a single bottle of water laced with SNEAK, but it doesn't make my performance in games measurably better. My awareness has improved but my reflexes see virtually no difference at all, and while I'm more focussed I feel that's because of the water more than the caffeine. Bearing in mind I already drink Diet Coke by default, so having the jolt of energy from changing my drinking habits is more thanks to Yorkshire Water than the ctf_2fort marching powder.
    The marketing has more energy than the drink itself. It was corny at first but I came to like the appeal of the advertisements, and they probably contribute no small amount of placebo effect to whatever energy gain there is to be had.
    This drink may well be better in the hands (or throat) of someone who is considerably fitter and healthier. Energy drinks are meant to supplement a healthily balanced lifestyle, not replace one. I don't expect miracles of this, but I'd rather they advertise the flavour than the benefits it claims to have for its target audience.
    So, is it a Warlock Win?
    As an energy drink it gets neither a thumb up or down. When I drank this at the gym just over a year ago it was very refreshing and encouraged me to drink my recommended daily intake of water. It was a nice treat and something to look forward to during a long day of exercise. But being sat at my desk it's just a sugar-free drink that's a bit better for my teeth unlike the brown sodas I regularly consume.
    There is an improvement to alertness and focus, and I do have some get-up-and-go energy, but it isn't a gamechanger quite like replacing a bot with a decent human player in something like SplitGate.
    As a water flavourer though it's incredible, that aspect easily gets a thumb up. The flavours I've had so far are incredible, and while the ingredients are natural they don't taste it and this is likely due to the intense sweeteners they've added, which is too much even when I'm adding over double the water they recommend. It's done well to encourage me to drink more water, and does a great job of seeing to my sweet tooth thanks to it being sugar free.
    So all in all, the experience is more positive than negative. If this sounds like something you'd like I recommend picking up a Taster Pack containing six sachets of your choosing.
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    Justin11 reacted to DC in [Sponsored] Sneak Energy - the drink every gamer needs before a marathon   
    Sneak Energy, the unique zero junk, low-calorie, sugar-free formula which is disrupting the energy drink space.
    Available in powdered form or ready-to-drink cans, Sneak is packed with amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals and is notorious for offering a powerful, sustained energy boost that keeps you alert, focused and hydrated. Sneak has a wide variety of unique flavours! Some of them are pretty self-explanatory - Sour Apple, or Raspberry Lemonade, for example. Some are less obvious - but they’re all sweet, sharp and fruity. We recommend trying their Starter Pack to find your flavours. - we know you will be back for more... All you have to do is add one scoop or sachet of Sneak to 300-400ml of water and shake. Drop in some ice for extra refreshment, and feel free to experiment with water ratios to find what suits you. 
    Sneak is a clean energy formula - it improves your performance without the junk. We’ve packed Sneak full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals - and with added caffeine, your energy levels will increase, your focus will be sharper, and you’ll feel refreshingly hydrated and know that it will make you king/queen of your game.
    Click HERE to shop Sneak Energy products.

    Interested in advertising your brand on VGR Forum? Send us an email - advertise[@]vgr.com
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    Justin11 got a reaction from Gonassis in The queen is dead   
    It's sad though, no matter the age at which 'Queen Elizabeth gave up on life, I felt so sorry about her demise. With the information I got from various sources online, she was a good queen during her reign as a queen of U.K. I just pray another queen emerge and continue on that good leadership. 
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    Justin11 reacted to Kane99 in State of Decay 3 Is Being Made with Unreal Engine 5 and Help from Gears of War Devs   
    Source - https://wccftech.com/state-of-decay-3-is-being-made-with-unreal-engine-5-and-help-from-gears-of-war-devs/
    It looks like State of Decay 3 is in the process of being made, and they are going with Unreal Engine 5, so I'm psyched to see what they come up with. I honestly didn't like State of Decay 2, bugs kinda broke it for me, so I stopped bothering with that game and haven't played it since. I hope State of Decay 3 turns out to be much more improved and more fun. 
    Are you going to be buying this game? 
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    Justin11 reacted to Kane99 in Best video game analysis videos you’ve seen   
    I don't watch much as of late when it comes to video game analysis. Though I would like to know more channels that feature documentary style gaming videos. Kinda like the Gaming Historian. 
    Others I like that I would recommend are (All of which I'm subscribed to): 
    Did you Know gaming - Does a lot of documentary style content about games, some you may not even know about.
    Larry Bundy Jr - I think talks more about bad kickstarters, bad games, and other such things. 
    LGR - Retro PC tech and retro gaming. Most focus is on the retro games, old PC devices/peripherals and old PC builds. 
    Matt McMuscles - Discusses bad production of video games in his What Happun videos, where he goes in depth why a certain video game (or other media like movies, tv shows, etc) fail to live up to the hype or fail completely. 
    Metal Jesus Rocks - Does content on retro game collecting/game collecting in general. May not be really about analysis. But I believe he worked for Sierra in the past and has discussed some gaming history on his channel. 
    Modern Vintage Gamer - Does more content about retro hacking and retro games. 
    My Life in Gaming - Like if PBS made their own YouTube on video game history. 
    Rerez - Reviews of usually awful games and devices, really fun channel. 
    Slopes Game Room - Kinda like a semi-documentary/mixed with top tens
    The 8-Bit Guy - Does content about retro PC tech, and has some game content here and there. 
    The Act Man - Does mostly reviews and content on gaming topics. 
    The Game Chasers - They have a documentary series where they go hunting for retro video games and action figures. I highly recommend checking it out. It's like American Pickers, but for video games. 
    The Game Theorists - Discussion about gaming theories. 
    Sorry, this kinda went down to a rabbit hole of suggesting too many, and probably some of these don't really fit the whole video game analysis. But I think most of them do, as they do kinda show game history in the process. 
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    Justin11 reacted to StaceyPowers in Best video game analysis videos you’ve seen   
    I wanted to start a thread for sharing excellent video game analysis videos.
    To kick things off, I will share this amazing mathematical analysis of the ending of Stray (SPOILERS, obviously):
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    Justin11 reacted to Yaramaki in What video game(s) have helped you most through rough times in your life?   
    Videogames have always helped me trough some of my most rough times in my life so far eventough i don't really like to talk about it that much 
    When i was playing trough the first State of decay my grandfather was very ill and died a week later after i started playing it so that will always be a game that i consider synonyms with the death of my grandfather. While i enjoyed the game thoroughly i never got around playing the second game maybe that is the reason because i'm scared to.
    My best friend died of leukemia when we were both 19 years old, adult life was just about to begin so i'd say pretty much any original xbox game we played together during our teenage years helps me get trough hard times, i still have his old xbox with all his saves files and every once in a while i race against his old ghost files in games like rallysport challenge and project gotham or boot up a game and try to beat his scores in tony hawk or continue where he left off in offcourse without saving, i know it doesn't mean much but it keeps my memory of him alive, he gave me one of his most priced possessions a week before he died eventough i find it ugly as fuck it still has a prominent place in my house i'm sure i posted a picture of it before in a thread somewhere. The good thing is that i'm still friend with his parents and i ended up dating his younger sister for 2 years but it just felt awkward because we came together trough sadness, we left on good terms tough, since i'm godfather of her son. 
    Man i would like to mention a few more games but damn i'm getting tears in my eyes so i'll have to end here.
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    Justin11 reacted to Shagger in The queen is dead   
    Just got told about this from my better half. Honestly, I won't shed a tear. I have little love for the royals, frankly the most significant thing Queen Elisabeth II did for Scotland happened about half an hour ago. Not that I'm happy or anything, any death is tragic and my respect and condolences, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for a woman who lived a life of obscene opulence and luxury up to age the age of 96. The only tragic thing about this is that this idiot is now king.

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