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  1. Dragon Quest V Chrono Trigger Grandia Star Ocean 2 Trails in the Sky
  2. As much as I hate using Linux, it really depends on what you’re trying to do. There’s plenty of stuff you can do without even opening the terminal. In regards to the comment about “lines of code”. It’s technically true, but the commands aren’t very long, and a lot of stuff is only like 2 or 3 commands. So yes, it is “lines”, but it’s a mere fraction of lines that programmers, or writers of automated scripts have to write.
  3. I think there needs to be some kind of culture change. I find the concept of “I have the world’s most powerful supercomputer” and “I’m a computer genius” aspects to be obnoxious at best. The computer genius part confuses me, especially the duality they have over building your own computer. On one hand, if you see someone who’s considering building their own PC, they’ll tell you that it’s super easy. It’s just expensive Lego’s! Then on the opposite end, they’ll also act like it’s a sign of intelligence because they built their own computer. You need to decide if it’s super easy, or you gotta have a big brain to do it.
  4. Dragon Quest VIII and Persona 4.
  5. Someone else knows the struggle.
  6. Grungie


    I’m just saying that if they’re in English they can’t be originals if they never left Japan and the English translation was all fan translated. Final Fantasy V’s first official English release was on the PS1, so if you have an English copy on the SNES, it could only be a reproduction, as that version is solely available through fan translations. Final Fantasy 2 is the English version of Final Fantasy IV, because they initially skipped over 2 and 3. FF3 on the SNES is the same boat, because they initially skipped 5 for the SNES. So if you play 2 and 4 for the SNES, it’s the same game, as will be the same for 3 and 6. So if you have 4 and 6 in English on the SNES, they’re not authentic, since the authentic titles will be 2 and 3. Bahamut Lagoon never got an official release outside of Japan, and also never was rereleased outside of Japan, so the only way to play it in English is through a fan translation. So that also could only be a reproduction cart if it’s in English.
  7. It’s not really a once in a lifetime thing, it just has to do with learning the timing of when to pick up games for consoles. When a console gets phased out of stores, you’ll commonly see them get liquidated at some low prices. It hasn’t been that long ago when PS3 and 360 games were getting booted out of stores, and I remember GameStop having some ridiculous sales on quite a few of them. If you’re only curating for a small handful of titles, you might not be as lucky, but if you’re going for quantity, you can easily snag a ton of games for next to nothing.
  8. It depends on the length of the game and the type of game. My one day example is probably too short of a time frame for some games, but then you also have to think that reviewers also have to play multiple games over the course of a month, as opposed to a normal consumer who probably only buys like one or two. Shallow seems like a harsh word to use for the situation, because I personally don’t think you need to master or 100% a game to be able to write a review for it. I’m sure we all have games that we enjoyed that we didn’t fully complete, and some that we didn’t beat. Sure it seems more “authentic” to review a game when you 100% completed the game, but a lot of the time, you can play a certain amount of the game to get an idea of how it plays, and the general quality of it. Once you figure out the formula of how it plays, you can still come up with a score for it. Do you need to beat a game to say “yeah, this isn’t for me” or “I don’t like this game”? Or even to say you enjoyed it?
  9. I only have a debit card, you can also pay via PayPal.
  10. “The only motivation option there is money” makes it sound sleazy. Tbh, you have to play the game to review, not beat and master, and there’s usually a time frame where you have to report back. If I gave you a game and told you to report back tomorrow to write up the review, what do you think is more important to focus on? Mastering the game, or playing enough to capture enough data to write up the review? I’m also pretty sure if you’re a professional reviewer, you have a schedule that involves a list of games to review, and this is going to be a regular thing, so your gaming time is focusing on doing it for work. I think people need to think about the logistics of this, as the way a reviewer has to consume the same media vastly differs from the regular consumer.
  11. Usually they're attacking me, or someone over it. Like I mentioned in my previous post, if they mention something like "you're wasting money on that, it sucks for gaming", I tell them I'm not gaming.
  12. I’m terrible at picking favorites, but My Sister My Writer was one of the worst anime I’ve seen. I remembering all these websites making of of how poor the animation was.
  13. I’d call that overlooked and not underrated. If something has critical praise, it’s not being rated low, regardless of its lack of mainstream popularity. Underrated would be something that got middling or poor reception, but you thought it was really good. Or the fandom of a franchise really hates that entry, but you really like it.
  14. Unless you want to make it big, you don’t really need fancy equipment or editing. A lot of it just involves catering to a specific niche and have passion and entertainment value. One YouTuber I follow has 200k subs, and gets between 100-200k views, and his channel is just his opinions on games. His video work is literally just him reading a script over spliced together b-roll footage of him playing a game. Also if you’re just in it for fun, who really cares how many subs you’re getting?
  15. It depends on what you’re looking for. Are you only interested in the fitness tracking or are you interested in other features? If you’re only interested in the fitness tracking, you can save money and get a Fitbit, but if you’re interested in the communications features along with fitness tracking, then go for a smart watch. My Apple Watch sits on the charger when I’m at home, but I do love getting text and FB messages when I’m outside of the house. I don’t have to pull out my phone to see if it’s important or not.
  16. Hardware requirements for IT stuff are vastly different from PC gaming, and I’m also into artsy shit (primarily music production), so that field has also has different requirements. So some of the hardware or features we’d pay a premium for is pointless for a PC gamer. It’d be one thing if they would initially question my purchase choice, and after I respond “I’m into audio production”, and they end it with something like “oh okay”, I wouldn’t be having issues with the community. The issue I have is their general inability to comprehend what I’m talking about, and continue talking about how I’m wasting money on said item because it’s useless for gaming.
  17. I collect retro stuff, so I did that over the years. My most recent console was a Sega Master System and a 3DO. Wouldn’t mind owning a Neo Geo CD.
  18. That’s an interesting take that I’ve never thought of. That’s kind of what the rift in the film and music review industry has with the average consumer. In those industries, the reviewers tend to have watched/listened to several times more films or albums than the average individual, so their tastes and opinions will differ wildly from the average consumer, who only consumes a mere fraction of the content. So a film/album that’s overdone/cliche to a critic could be new and innovative for the average consumer. That’s where you end up with these films and albums having sales figures that don’t match the opinions of the reviewers.
  19. Grungie


    Final Fantasy 2 and 4 is a bit redundant as 2 was the original North American title. Do you have the original Japanese versions of those, or are they ROMs or repros? Final Fantasy 4 and 5, and Bahamut Lagoon never left Japan on those.
  20. Some of those guys have been in the game for decades, so quite a bit of their stuff isn’t as expensive as it was right before COVID. Also when you’re a certain age, you could also have gotten games for those consoles at dirt cheap prices. One guy went to a Funkoland back in the late 90’s or early 00’s where they were liquidating their NES games. He walked out with trash bags of games and only paid $20.
  21. I was more talking about people going for full libraries for a console, and like shelf collection. To each their own.
  22. After working in IT, I realized a lot of PC gamers aren’t really that knowledgeable in computers, but act like they’re computer geniuses. They’re pretty clueless on computer stuff outside of gaming, because they tend to hunk that if something isn’t catered to gaming, it’s useless.
  23. It’s pretty fun, especially if you only stick to the stuff you’re interested in playing.
  24. Grungie


    My PS1 RPG collection is the biggest, but I have some cool stuff on the Dreamcast and Saturn. I wish I could own more of the RPG's on the SNES, but they're either super expensive (like Chrono Trigger), or they never left Japan
  25. As someone who played all of them except FF11, I don’t think there really is a “true” Final Fantasy. Even if you go back to the Nintendo era games, they changed a lot around too. Even going from FF1 to FF2, there’s a lot of gameplay and story elements that were vastly different. Sure they were both turn based and top down, so at face value they look the same. (It also doesn’t help that if you played the NES versions of both, and your main FF1 character was a warrior, the same character sprite.) Then you get into the battle system and things get very different. They jettisoned the traditional level up system with something akin to Elder Scrolls, where each stat is individually leveled up for each character, the same goes with each character’s individual spells. There are no classes, no crystals of the elements. What summons? That’s just with the first two games. So I agree with you, I don’t think there’s a “true” Final Fantasy game if they change it up every entry. Fans claim FF9, but that’s mostly because it’s like a callback to all of the previous 8 games.
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