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  1. Yeah, surprisingly, the one in China might have been as good as the original. You wouldn't have expected that with a remake. Well, I guess Jackie Chan has high standards.
  2. What kind do you use? What do you feel are the best brands? Do you prefer paid or free? What are some advantages with paid and free? For those who pay, do you feel the price you pay initially and for upgrades is worth it?
  3. Do you feel you've gotten a good deal? How long have you had it? Is it shared, VPS, reseller, or dedicated server? Why did you choose your particular type of hosting? Do you feel you might need to upgrade or downgrade in the future?
  4. Who recycles? Who does it somewhat? Who simply burns things? Is it a common situation? Who recycles stuff without any money payoff? I mean, plastic can be recycled, but scrap metal and aluminum cans deliver cash.
  5. Who has worked at fast food? How long did you work? How would you compare it to other minimum wage jobs? Did you often eat at the same place you worked? Did anyone work as a manager or was in the process of getting there?
  6. What do you watch the most? What do you find the most interesting? When did you start watching the channels you like? Do you comment on the channels? Do you comment a lot?
  7. Have you ever tried to make one? How successful was it? Who has simply thought of making one? What might be some obstacles? Anyway, what might be some inspirations for your channel?
  8. Who has worked from home? What did you do? Did you make a good income? Who has only worked part-time? Did anyone work from home during the worst parts of Covid?
  9. Who like to drive just to see things like nature, big cities etc.? Where do you drive to? Do you stay at a motel or camp? Does anyone have or have used an RV? Does anyone rent cars for traveling?
  10. Who can do one or both? Are you good at it? Where did you learn? Who has sung or rapped for a musical group? How did that go? Do you feel singing is a challenge? What challenges do you need to undergo to sing or rap?
  11. Jayson


    Who has farmed? Does anyone farm for a living? Who farms a lot? What exactly do you do? Who would like to get into farming who hasn't done before? Who would like to do more farming?
  12. Jayson

    Board Game

    What board games do you like? Well, there is chess, Monopoly, checkers, Life, Risk etc. What do you play well? Where did you learn? How much do you play board games?
  13. Jayson


    Who likes to cook? How much cooking do you do? Do you feel grocery store prices are reasonable? What can you cook well? What do you usually make? How long does it take you t make a meal on average?
  14. Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are the only way. How do you feel about such churches? Is believing you're the only way arrogant and/or closed minded? Is it simply the result of a feeling among some that truth is narrow?
  15. Even though this seems to stop sleep, there's nothing like a strong cup of coffee. That's very rewarding. Anyway, I don't think it messes with the sleep of someone who is truly tired.
  16. How do you all feel about it? Is there anyone who is agnostic? What is some good reasons atheism could be right? What are some reasons to be skeptical?
  17. Movies that drag on at the end aren't my cup of tea. For instance, in American Werewolf in London they did it the right way. The werewolf died, her girlfriend screamed and that was it.
  18. I thought Cabin Boy was funny, but no critics liked it. I guess humor is subjective. Who has seen Cabin Boy? Well, I think the storyline was childish or something. I'm not sure what downed the film, but it could see why critics would be cynical.
  19. I liked Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, and Inspector Gadget. I also enjoyed Night Court and Crime Story. Well, this was in the 80s. Who liked these shows?
  20. I think good writers could keep the show in good shape for practically forever. I don't see why not. Why do you think the writing has gotten worse?
  21. Shawshank Redemption is definitely one of those. Well, I suppose I could get sick of it. However, I'd have to see it many times in a row on the same day, lol.
  22. Is it actually happening? Well, with Trump, it sort of seemed like it. Nonetheless, anyone can visit some major hate sites to see what white nationalists are actually like. Well, they're morally vile and obnoxious. In fact, going thru a site would be like enduring a sewer during a prison escape. There's comments on hate sites that are so mean, that I can't believe anyone could really feel that way. It's like your grandpa's bigotry on acid. Anyway, it's ridiculous to mock Fox News as Nazis though it might be fun for a lot of people. Fox News people simply hold conservative views that aren't so mean, well, nothing like you'd hear in hardcore white nationalism.
  23. No, I don't. Actual white supremacists are morally vile and obnoxious. Any association with them is something to be ashamed of. Nonetheless, the talking points of white supremacists have some appeal to conservatives, but all in all, conservatives haven't gone off the deep end.
  24. When we are kids, we are taught to share. However, modern American society isn't so accepting of this - especially in a lot of conservative circles. Well, some conservatives might support private sharing, but they are fanatically against what they call "wealth redistribution". Anyway, technology has made sharing way more prevalent these days. Tons of people, including conservatives, enjoy open-source forum/blog software and other things.
  25. When I was teaching English in South Korea in the 2000s, Americans were hated by a lot of the population. In fact, when any bad thing happened involving Americans, whether it be poisoned USA beef or GIs raping a Korean, then the population would make Americans pay the best they could, assuming they could get near one. Anyhow, this situation reminds me of the Jim Crow days. In other words, African Americans were on their toes constantly and fearful of someone screwing up. They knew a lot of people would have to pay the price, even if this was massively unfair. Well, how do you feel about racial profiling? Well, some extreme people might think that making the group pay for an individual strengthens the group. However, that seems quite cruel to me. Probably in some extreme conservative circles, you might find that opinion.
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