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  1. xXInfectedXx


    Just wanted to warn all of the Xbox Gamers here at Vgr. Do not move the disk while the Microsoft console is turned on. It will damage the disk. I learnt the hard way, but I don't want anyone to do the same as me.
  2. xXInfectedXx

    VR Headset

    A question for the gamers! Have you used a virtual reality headset in the past? What computer game did you play? Tell me what you most like about VR if you've ever experienced this form of gaming.
  3. xXInfectedXx

    What consoles have you owned?

    Previously speaking, what consoles have you owned? Do you own a older generation, do you actively use it? I have owned a Wii, and a Xbox and I think I owned a PS3 when I was a lot younger.
  4. xXInfectedXx


    Some of you may have bought some new gaming equipment, did it come with a warranty? What are the T&Cs? Have you ever had to use it?
  5. xXInfectedXx

    Xbox Live Gold

    Does anyone here own Xbox Live Gold Membership on their console? Do you think its worth what your paying for? Why or why not?
  6. xXInfectedXx


    Do you know anyone who has got banned from Xbox Live? Have you personally got banned from Xbox Live? Was it a false ban or legitimate and what was the reasoning why?
  7. xXInfectedXx

    Xbox Live Party Chat

    Obviously you will have 2-3 friends on your if you have Xbox Live Gold, possibly more. If you do hangout with friends on Xbox Live, do you communicate with them by an Xbox Party chat with a microphone or do you send messages to each other? How often do you participate in conversation through a Party on Xbox Live?
  8. xXInfectedXx

    Designing Jobs - GTA 5

    Have you designed or created any jobs for GTA 5 Online players? What's the name and the concept of the job you've created? How long did the job take you to make?
  9. xXInfectedXx


    Has someone in the gaming industry who works in retail gone that extra mile to help you? Explain the story to us and what game store it was. Sometimes it nice to be recognised for good work.
  10. xXInfectedXx

    Illegal game downloads

    Are you for or against downloading games illegally? Do you feel its unethical to get games for free? You can get viruses if you allow the program to run on your computer, I'm against it, it's not worth it.
  11. What age is to be considered to young for gaming? 9, 6, 3? Why? I don't think any age is to young for gaming aslong as they own the right games for there age group and there not playing age restricted games.(18+)
  12. xXInfectedXx

    Game testing

    Are you a game beta tester? Do you know anyone who is and gets paid for it? I've heard being a Beta tester is good money. Testing games is a good use of your time if you enjoying gaming!
  13. xXInfectedXx

    Retro Consoles

    What retro(old) consoles do you own? Are they worth anything for being so old? When were they made? What games do you have the retro device and does the console still work to this day?
  14. I have set up a poll for you to vote in. Choose between Single Player and Multi Player in video gaming. Give a reason why too! I prefer Multi-Player because I find it more exciting than Single Player. The ability to interact with other human beings from the comfort of your own home is more sociable than playing by yourself!
  15. xXInfectedXx

    Support preference

    You have probably have contacted a gaming business in the past. What support method do you prefer? Email, phone, or live chat? The ticket system seems to work well for me when I've contacted Mojang and other companies formally.