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  1. My reward for winning Auction Number Five. Thank you
  2. VGR Forums has achieved 25,000 forum posts!
  3. The ice cold refreshing taste of Pespi Max.
  4. I have to agree with your post. The only difference between normal and special edition is cosmetics. Appearance doesn't matter in any aspect of video gaming and is a complete waste of your hard earned cash.
  5. The plot has to be one of the best aspects of GTA 5. Is there a reason to why you hate the storyline? Please elaborate, thank you!
  6. Everyone is allowed to prefer a different difficulty to others. Some people may choose the easy way which they are entitled to do. Personally, if there is a choice, I will select normal complexity in a video game.
  7. I don't play computer games primarily for the reason of boasting. I only play what I enjoy - not what's trending or popular at the time. Seems pointless to me.
  8. Probably Grand Theft Auto Six. I already have a ton of fun in their current version. I might as well purchase the next release from Rockstar and see what else they've improved or implemented to the game. This is something I'm looking forward to - but no one knows when it will be launched.
  9. Yes. I have a flaw in Skyrim to share with everyone here. The glitch allows the player to fall through the map which is hilarious, in my opinion. It's happened a few times to me in the past.
  10. Yeah, one or two times. I can't quite remember what the game was called. Most of the time I'll insist on finishing a story so I can feel a sense of achievement.
  11. xXInfectedXx


    I'm interested to know who are the fishermen here, besides me. If you are, fresh, sea fishing or both? What do you usually catch?
  12. I personally love the traditional Christmas songs because the new ones are just refurbished versions, they don't the sound the same as the classics. Orginal song tracks definitely feel more heartfelt and soulful. We have a while to go before Christmas - 8 months and counting.
  13. Dragons are my personal choice too. Even though I'm a keen Skyrim lover, my love of dragons started well before that- in my childhood. I like the thought of mythical creatures so it would be interesting to see them in real life.
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