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  1. Not sure about having an implant in my body, nevermind my brain unless it brings a lot of benefits. All I want is to not have to waste time having to download a game to my console when I get a new game or wasting time updating games. It would be great to get to a point where everything is instant, you buy the game and can play it straight away. Not even an evolution in technology really, but I would also like to be able to freely buy digital games and be able to return it within an hour if I don't like it.
  2. It's simple for me, I'm just in my room. I have a desk/cabinet and I have the TV and consoles set up on top of that. I then have a sort of office chair to sit closely to the TV so that my gaming experience isn't affected. I could not image sitting further back from my TV especially when playing shooter games.
  3. I wouldn't say that it is a copy of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. It's a Battle Royale so obviously there are going to be a lot of similarities but for me, Blackout is much better than Player Unknown. The thing with PUBG is that it is full of problems and I don't think the developers have gone the right direction with the game. Blackout has been well built and it's actually quite interesting to play. But I did return my copy of BO4. I couldn't justify the price either especially when the only thing I liked was Blackout.
  4. Honestly, for me, the best time to play is just for you go to sleep. I feel like it's the time when I can concentrate the most especially with everyone else in the house asleep. But I don't always have the time to do so because I may have to wake up early the next day. Depending on the day, I usually play at various points in the day, mainly whenever I don't have anything else to do and can spare some time to game.
  5. Seagate 6 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive is currently only £99.18 after being reduced from £129.99 on Amazon. The external hard drive is compatible with PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which makes it perfect to store any additional games that you have especially if you, like me, are running out of space rapidly on the PlayStation 4. You can find out more information and buy it here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07C7V494X?tag=22
  6. How much do reviews affect your decision whether to get a game or not? Would you not buy a game from a favourite developer/game series if it got some bad reviews? The one developer that I will not care about reviews for is definitely Rockstar. When they release a game, I know that it will be of the highest standard so I honestly wouldn't need a review to know that I should get the game.
  7. A lot of games, online or offline, tend to have side quests that are bit more fun and more relaxing especially after spending a lot of time on the main missions. Do you tend to complete all the side quests in the game? Or do you not care for them and only complete them if there are achievements for them? For me, it depends on the game. For games from Rockstar, I tend to only do side quests if I'm bored and once I'm finished the main game.
  8. Certain games, almost always ones with singleplayer game modes, tend to let users choose a difficulty for the game. What type of difficulty do you guys tend to go for when playing a game? Do you like to go for an easy difficulty and enjoy the game or for a harder difficulty so that you challenge yourself? Honestly, for me, it depends on the game. For example, with FIFA I tend to go for the second hardest difficulty so that the singleplayer games are slightly challenging and not boring.
  9. Last game that I played was Fortnite Battle Royale and it's probably the game that I will be playing for a while for the next week or so. They currently have challenges regarding the new zombies added to the Battle Royale and it involves some serious grinding. The rewards are a weapon wrap and a glider and honestly I wouldn't care for it if it wasn't for the fact that my account has got everything so far and I don't want to lose that streak now lol
  10. No one knows what Brexit will be and that's the huge problem. I honestly don't think that the gaming industry will be impacted that much. The chances of employees being made redundant are very slim although their might be a higher demand for employees in the gaming industry in the coming years. Even then, I think gaming employees tend to be high skilled so they won't after problems coming to the UK even after Brexit.
  11. Clash Royale and Brawl Stars are a good shout for mobile gaming as well. Brawl Stars was a new game that was released by Supercell, the same developers as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. The game is really fun and unique as well so you wouldn't have played anything like it before. The main game mode is basically 2 teams of 3 against each other to get gems. First team to get 10 gems win after a small countdown when you reach 10 gems.
  12. Honestly, if there were porn advertisements, I would uninstall it straight away as well. But honestly, I don't think any free games on the Play Store or App Store have any porn advertisements on them. I just think it would be a turn off for a lot of people so the developers would be risking a lot by placing porn ads on them.
  13. I currently have an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 4. The only console I use at the moment is, of course, the PlayStation 4 so I might as well get rid of the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it just feels painful selling it or giving it away because of the many good memories I have with the console, especially with Grand Theft Auto 4 on the 360. I also game from time to time on my smartphone - usually just Clash Royale and Brawl Stars
  14. Honestly, no. The nostalgia is nice but I just wouldn't enjoy the games as much I would have back then when I playing those games on older consoles. One good example is Grand Theft Auto. I bought San Andreas for the PlayStation 4 and haven't touched it since because it's just not the same. It feels weird and the controls are annoying so I just don't enjoy playing it as I would have a while back on the original consoles.
  15. A pretty good deal for anyone that doesn't have a problem with used games. Battlefield V (for the PlayStation 4) is currently available for just £24.99 from Boomerang on eBay. The used conditions relate to the disc which has been machine cleaned but is in perfect playing condition. Additionally, free delivery is available for this product and it will arrive within 2-3 days. There are only a limited number so get it before it runs out! - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battlefield-V-PS4/283347300704
  16. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Personally, if something like this were to happen, Verizon is probably the one company that I wouldn't go with especially as someone from the UK (chances are it wouldn't even be available to us). But yeah, it will be a long time away really. The way internet speeds work right now, it just wouldn't be suitable for cloud gaming or streaming games at all.
  17. I don't think that the gaming industry would be impacted that much. We might have a few situations where developers decide to move their offices away from UK due to potential issues with finding employees. But that's about it really. The servers and such will not be impacted no matter what. Not sure where you heard that from but that would never happen.
  18. It's interesting that they're writing articles about this because it's happened for a long time but I guess Fortnite is popular right now so these news outlets want to get as many views as possible. It's not easy to prevent thing really from Epic's side. I believe account selling is against the terms & conditions of most games anyone so I'm sure eBay or whatever platform they are using to sell these accounts on could help though.
  19. It depends on the game really. There are certain games where I will get frustrated and just give up by turning the game off. But if it's a game I like or got recently, then chances are after a while, I will either search the mission/puzzle online or check YouTube for a solution. Fortunately, the types of games that I play normally don't require that much thinking so very rarely do I need to find a solution.
  20. It has to be Battlefield 4 for me. It's the game that I had the most fun with and so did my friends. I really hope that they do something similar for the next Battlefield game because honestly, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 has been extremely disappointing so far. I spent so much time on that game and the fact that the massive skyscraper on one of the maps could be destroyed during the big games was just amazing.
  21. Haha, that's great actually. It definitely works well with lesser known developers who will be more likely to give you out a free steam key to ensure that they could possibly get some good reception for their game. The fact that you enjoyed the game and thought that it was quite cool is amazing for the developer. It hasn't happened to me although I have managed to get a few beta codes for games.
  22. For me, it has to be FIFA. The problem is that EA still doesn't care about us, the customers, so the game has become even worse. The biggest issue, unfortunately, is that free players will always be behind those that pump money into the game. The funny thing is that even those that pay for packs get shafted from time to time. I've seen YouTubers putting thousands and thousands of pounds into packs to get nothing of value during special promotions.
  23. I got it recently from the PlayStation Store for around £9.74. I was always reluctant to get the game because it was free as part of the PlayStation Plus monthly free games just before I got my PlayStation 4 and PSN. It always felt annoying having to pay for the game when I could have got it for free. But I finally went ahead and bought it. I really like the game but haven't played it much recently because of a lack of time. Would be nice to play with each other at some point 😄
  24. It's great to see and I'm sure all platforms will be extremely happy with this development. It's not extremely surprising considering Epic Games managed to get cross play support for Fortnite especially after Sony didn't want to budge at all with this.I'm sure we'll slowly start to see this become more common with other games but I can't see them adding this support for games like Black Ops or even Grand Theft Auto.
  25. It's a novelty and I can't see them becoming extremely popular. The idea behind them is cool and it's kind of crazy that we are at a point where foldable phones are possible. But it's just appealing enough for me. I believe they also have limited uses so, after a certain number of times, it will either not work properly anymore or will be faulty. I tend to get phones on 2 year contracts so that doesn't bother me that much but it would annoy me that I couldn't give the phone to someone else because it may not work properly.
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