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  1. If you can wait a little longer then I'm sure the game will drop down in price even more and may even end up as being a free game at some point. I honestly can't see the price ever recovering and going back up so, at this point, it's probably just a waiting game. It's crazy how fast the price has dropped although it's not at all surprising with how the game has been received.
  2. Is that confirmed news or is it just rumours? I can't remember how long it took them to bring Grand Theft Auto V to PC but I would presume it would take a while before Red Dead Redemption arrives on PC. I did forget about emulators but the fact that you have to use one can't be that great. Does it affect the gameplay when you use an emulator? And do you have to still pay for the game?
  3. I did say I only played a bit, messed up and gave up on the game. I'm not good enough to ever get to the point where the blocks start coming down at an extremely fast pace so I don't have to worry about that difficulty 🤣
  4. It's hard to say whether they will really. Grand Theft Auto V was a massive success and a large proportion of that success will be down to the massive amounts of microtransactions they shoved into the game. It worked for them and I really don't see them changing their plan much for the next Grand Theft Auto title, that's if they ever decide to work on it and release it. I personally don't think that they've finished milking GTA V yet.
  5. I totally forgot about all the bad decisions they made with the Xbox One at the start. I remember the Kinect issue being massive because people didn't like that they might be tracked at home. Not being able to share discs will always be a massive mistake and it was a surprise that they tried going down that route. I can't remember if another developer tried it and it failed badly. It would have ruined the ability to trade in your games or even return games.
  6. Haha, but to be fair, the graphics doesn't matter when you get to play beautiful games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War etc. I'm sure you know what I mean...oh wait, the good games are exclusive to consoles 🤣 😜
  7. Super Mario Bro's Crash Bandicoot Racing (or something along those lines) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Submarine (I'm not sure if this is the actual game but it was this game on my dads phone where you had to move your submarine up and down to ensure it didn't collide with the roof, floor and obstacles. Snake
  8. Is anyone else experiencing this issue when they try to add some emojis to their posts? Sometimes it'll not actually add them to the post. And sometimes they'll be completed add to the wrong part of the message, usually between two words near the start of the post. When that happens, I have to go and then copy that emoji and put it exactly where I want it. It's nothing major but an annoying bug 😆
  9. It's so simple so it has be😂. I don't think I've ever played it properly though, I've always just played for a bit, ended up messing up, closing the game and going off and doing something else 😂.
  10. Yeah but you guys get to have all the cool simulator games and get to mod games. Us console gamers have to suffer from microtransactions and playing what the developers give us 😭
  11. Initial design post if anyone is interested - https://www.altchar.com/games-news/585241/slightly-mad-studios-share-new-mad-box-designs Looks interesting. I wonder if Sony and Microsoft will go for a super futuristic look for their consoles as well. It'll be interesting to see whether they stay with these designs because as we know, the prototypes never look that close to the final products. I really like the look though, the touch feature seems really cool.
  12. I would have to agree. I had an Xbox 360 and so did most of the people from my school actually. So it's not at all surprising that the PlayStation 4 has outsold the PlayStation 3. It helped that the PlayStation 4 was considered the better console compared to the Xbox One when they were first announced (the main reason why me and my friends moved over to the PlayStation 4).
  13. It's crazy that I can't answer this question because I have never bought or played a DLC for any games that I have owned. The last game that genuinely had some proper DLC that I played was Grand Theft Auto 4 and back then, I didn't really spend much money on gaming so never bought the DLC. And then with the other games, there's just never been some proper DLC. I would have happily spent a lot of money on some GTA singleplayer DLC but they never released any.
  14. There was an even better one a while back before I joined this community so I couldn't share it. There was a skin that came exclusively with new PS4 consoles called Royale Bomber. But there was a controller bundle recently for £34.99 that had a PS4 controller and a code for that skin. If you didn't want the skin, a good thing to do was to sell the code on eBay for around £20 so you basically got a controller for around £14 😄
  15. EA won't learn. They'll keep doing it until there is a law preventing predatory microtransactions or an absolutely massive backlash. They have some good game titles and series' and players will always buy microtransactions in certain games and as long as they do that, they won't change. The problem is that only a small portion of the players have to spend money to make EA massive amounts. For example, with FIFA, the YouTubers spend massive amounts of money on FIFA packs and that won't change no matter what. And because of that, casual gamers suffer.
  16. Love it. I played it a long time ago when it first came out but after a while, I stopped and ended up selling my game account. But I was recently bored with my games on Android and decided to get it again. I fell in love with the game again and have been playing it daily ever since. The funny thing is, I have a better account than I did back then and I've played much less. I have every single card except the newest one which was recently released. I'm currently hovering around 4000 trophies as well.
  17. The last game that I played was Rocket League. I've always wanted to get the game but have always held back because of the fact that the game was free just before I got my PlayStation 4 and it always felt annoying to pay for the game lol 😄 . But I finally got over it and bought it. I'm glad I did because it has been extremely fun and I'm loving playing against other people online.
  18. It would be great to have a list of everyone's PlayStation usernames so that we can maybe add each other and play with each other when we are online. Feel free to share your username and a list of games that you play regularly so we add others that we can actually play with as well 😉 Username - Games Played DarthHazard - Rocket League, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2
  19. TMK_HaZaRD although I don't really play much anymore. I do play Grand Theft Auto 4 from time to time on the Xbox 360 though if you ever want to mess around on the multiplayer.
  20. This is a great deal for any Fortnite gamers out there that are interested in 3 great skins to play with. The Fortnite Deep Freeze bundle is available for £24.99 normally in-game but you can get it for just £13.99 - £15.99 (depending on your platform) from CDKeys. I believe CDKeys usually have some special promotion codes available here and there so you may be able to get an additional 5% off as well. You can buy the bundle here - https://www.cdkeys.com/?q=fortnite+deep+freeze&mw_aref=74dth566
  21. I used to play it but then sold my account a while back. For me, the most fun aspect of the game is probably the wars especially if you're in a clan with friends. The problem for me though is that it's not always beginner-friendly. By that, I mean that newer users may struggle especially if you're not willing to spend money on the game so it may take a while to get to a good stage for your base. For me, Clash Royale is probably my most enjoyable game on Android. It's fun and the brand new features that they have added are really good.
  22. DarthHazard

    PUBG Mobile

    I played it a while back and I liked it quite a bit. I also played Fortnite on mobile but because of the building aspect, that game is not great on mobile. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, on the other hand, was quite fun. I won a few matches and it was a pretty good experience. I know that quite a lot of people complain about the gaming experience on PC and console so the stable connection and gameplay is great to experience on mobile.
  23. It's pretty easy to avoid games with advertisements on the mobile platform, to be fair. Just avoid those cheaply made games by developers that are available for free. Make sure to check the reviews for the game, usually there's always one person complaining if they have advertisements on the game lol. I'm not sure I can even think of any extremely good games that have advertising pop-ups in their game.
  24. Oh yeah. It's just something that you hoped would never have come into the gaming industry but it looks like it's here. The thing is, the gaming community can come together and we won't accept these types of practices. Look at Star Wars Battlefront 2. The whole community came together and we got the in-game microtransactions/loot boxes removed because of the huge backlash.
  25. I think that point is probably applicable to a lot of things and not just underage gaming really. I think that recently, the media and a lot of individuals are always looking to blame someone else and the companies producing something for things that really should be down to the parents or the individual. People really need to stop blaming others and take some actual responsibility for themselves and their children.
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