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  1. I'm not sure about the US but you can probably get it for a bit cheaper now. But again, it's a Rockstar game. That in itself is worth paying that much for the game because you just know that the single player experience is worth it. The online experience at the moment isn't the best but that was the same with Grand Theft Auto Online when it first came out. This game will be great for a number of years. Think of it has a 60 dollar investment over a couple of years.
  2. The last game that I played was Fortnite: Save the World. Haven't played it that much since buying it and have been using it for the daily rewards which often gives out vBucks which I then spend on skins and the Battle Pass on the Battle Royale mode. Just not sure I like it enough to spend time on it really.
  3. I've always wondered whether to get a proper headset for gaming because at the moment I'm just using my earphones that I also use to listen to music. They're Sennheiser earphones and I'm pretty happy with them although always thought it might make sense to go for a proper gaming headset.
  4. I don't like it. I don't care about any of the arguments about it being too colourful or unrealistic. The problem for me is that it was way too similar to Battlefield 1. I didn't enjoy Battlefield 1 that much. It was a good game but the World War one setting become extremely boring after a while. Whilst WW2 might have been slightly better, the game just feels like a copy of the previous game and I couldn't enjoy it when I played the beta.
  5. DarthHazard


    What are your statistics like if you don't mind me asking? Would be interesting to compare my stats with both you and killa especially considering I'm on PlayStation 4 which I would say is slightly less competitive than PC. Every time I watch someone play on PC, they look like they can build a massive base in about 2 seconds. These are my stats - https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/psn/DarthHazard
  6. I know that Clash Royale does something like that but it's not that annoying. As you said, I honestly don't mind if they advertise in-game items or promotions. But if a paid game starts to include external advertisements, that sounds like it's time for a refund. On mobile, I tend to avoid premium games with micro-transactions anyway. I don't see any reason for the need to charge me to buy the game and for items in game.
  7. That sounds like a long method to get away from someone that is annoying you or harassing you in-game. Like Infected said, why don't you just block them or even report them. I believe Xbox takes reports quite seriously. I've heard of people getting banned for really silly reasons so if someone is bothering you, that might be a better solution than changing your username 😄
  8. Just noticed that that the touch screen shows a slight image of the game being played and also an email notification. Not sure why I would want to know whether I have emails on my games console unless they implement some sort of in-house email system solely for gaming news and using to register on games which would be good. Sounds like I'm the only one here that slightly likes it 😄
  9. I don't mind it really but I guess that is because I tend to go for phone contracts so I have a new phone every 2 years and end up giving my old phone to someone in my family. With removable batteries not being an option anymore, phones have become a lot slimmer and I just like that. Although it would be cool to carry around a spare battery and just put it in your phone when it ran out like the old days
  10. This year was the worst for first-person shooters for me. I didn't get either of Battlefield 5 or Black Ops 4 but ended up going for BO4 eventually. Ended up returning BO4 because I just couldn't justify the price tag for it. I didn't even think about getting Battlefield 5 because of the setting really. I'm not sure about the micro-transactions but it just feels way too similar to Battlefield One. It's like a reskin of the game so I didn't get it.
  11. Nice to see his name mentioned here. I used to watch him quite often especially his GTA V trolling videos but haven't seen any videos recently. It would be good to see some of his Red Dead Redemption2 trolling videos since I haven't seen that. In terms of my favourite YouTubers, it would probably only be Vanoss. I tend to watch his Call of Duty and GTA videos.
  12. I'm seriously considering not renewing my PlayStation Plus membership this year because of the stupid price for it. Unless I can find it for a relatively cheap price (£32-35), I probably won't get it or will just wait until the price drops. I know that Fortnite is free to play online so you don't need PS Plus to play online. Are there any other games that work like this? I know that the Crew 2 is always online so will that be free to play as well without PS Plus?
  13. I'm not surprised at all really. This is quite a popular thing to do and we see a lot of companies doing this in a lot of industries. There was a news report recently about a store having to let go of some staff even though the bonuses of the owners were going up. I'm not sure if they really are doing that to ensure they don't step down but it's not exactly a nice thing to see especially when a lot of these CEO's are already getting an immense amount of money.
  14. Battlefield is probably one first-person shooter that doesn't do that which is good. The last Battlefield that I played was Battlefield One and I loved how they did their singleplayer campaign because you got to experience a lot of different situations and settings. You also ended up learning quite a bit about the first World War from that game which was nice. Hopefully, their campaign for the next Battlefield will be as good (fingers crossed it will be a modern setting as well).
  15. I'm not sure it had a universal name that everyone recognises but I think it was called Snake. It's that game on older phones where you controlled a pixel snake and had to eat to get bigger and get more points. You then had to make sure that you didn't crash into your own body
  16. Repetitive quests (looking at you Far Cry 5). It's clear when developers/designers have no creativity and just create a large proportion of missions that are basically the same with some aspects changed slightly. A lot of shooter games suffer from this as well. Shoot enemies, get objective, run away. Rockstar is probably the best developer for avoiding this (out of the developers I have played).
  17. When Fortnite Battle Royale first came out, I remember that they had team killing enabled which was extremely annoying. You would struggle to go into squads because if you got a good weapon or item, you had to watch your back in case some idiot thought it would be funny or a good idea to kill you. That's the only time I've reported players because even though it was enabled, purposely team killing someone was against the "rules". I've never really encountered any hackers or exploiters so haven't had to report players other than for team killing.
  18. I've never had to return a game because of any issues with the disc or receiving the wrong product. However, there have been several times where I have either regretted the purchase or ended up playing the game and not liking it. I tend to buy my games from Amazon mostly so I've never had any problems with returns. They always take the games back and offer free returns shipping if you return within a few days. And I always get my money added to the giftcard balance since that is how I pay for the games.
  19. I have never changed my username and never needed to change my username either. I'm always careful when choosing my username so I've never ended up with a silly or stupid username that I've regretted later on. It always amazes me when people have chosen stupid usernames and regret them and then I remember how I chose the number 69 for a free football shirt when I was smaller and now I can't wear it because of the stupid number and how embarrassing it is lol. Kids choosing numbers or usernames never end well 😂
  20. I don't communicate at all lol. Unless I'm playing with friends, I don't communicate at all no matter the game. I feel that communication definitely makes the experience during certain games like Fortnite much better but it just feels weird talking to random people especially young kids. I'm pretty attentive during games so I'm usually aware of my surroundings so I don't really need people to tell me where enemies are etc. It does become a problem sometimes though especially when others are not attentive and you're trying to get their attention
  21. First Person Shooter's, Racing Games and Open World Games. In terms of FPS games, I tend to prefer more modern settings like what we got with Battlefield 4. I like racing games but tend to prefer open world racing games like Crew 2 or the latest NFS games. Most of the time, I only really play the racing games to drive around in a car and tend to not care about the actual racing races lol 😄 .
  22. Not sure if they have Game in other countries but this should be a great deal for anyone in the UK. TopCashBack is offering £15 cashback when you spend £15+ at Game (online website of course and not in store). However, that's not it. For anyone spending under £15, you will get 100% cashback so you will get the full amount back (Buy something for £5, get £5 back). And you will receive £15 if you buy any products for £15+ (Spend £40, get £15 back so you've only spent £25). Join and get the cashback here - https://www.topcashback.co.uk/game-promotions/?AFFID=249371
  23. If you have a game save then you can always load it through the menu and play from that point in the game save. I made sure to make a game save at every major point/chapter so that I can go back and play for achievements and to ensure I can complete all the challenges. It's worked for me and it should for you 😉
  24. Not a huge fan of the looks other than the back really. I really like the back bit especially with the hexagon details, reminds me of a Lamborghini for some reason. $2000 is a crazy amount though. I'm sure there are people out there that are happy to pay that price especially for this which I'm sure will be a great gaming laptop. Would annoy me though having a laptop this expensive that I couldn't take with me to university or work because of it's size and price.
  25. Definitely. I do think that like said earlier, Fallout games can be fun. The series has done well and has a good fan base but the problem is that they took their luck too far this time. The state that the game came out in was not good enough, especially for such a developer. It was like an alpha release. Look what Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption, instead of just pleasing the fans and putting out the game, they delayed it and worked on it to ensure that when it did come out, it was almost perfect.
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