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  1. Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Rap, 80's and 90's pop
  2. I'd work at some animal rescue center or something because I hate to see animals like Tigers, Lions etc. being ill-treated by circus owners because these animals deserve their freedom. Not be our amusement.
  3. A cornered fox is more dangerous than a Jackal! - Gray Fox, Metal Gear Solid. The reason that particular line stood out to me was this where was being crushed to death yet he was still willing to fight to the very end.
  4. It has been there for some time now from what I have been made aware. I can't say exactly when though since I never did buy a PS4.
  5. I just hope they don't make the next Fallout function like Skyrim...
  6. Playing Arcade games against your friends as a kid was an activity you would look forward to because you had bragging rights until the next week.
  7. I usually wake up at around 8 am every day unless I went out late then it'll be like 12-1pm.
  8. I take naps some days especially when I have been working non-stop since the day began.
  9. Rob some banks until I at least acquire about 200 million and then I'd use my get-out-of-jail-free card🤣
  10. I agree. I know guys my age who still live in their parents' house and I know an 18-year-old chick who lives on her own right now so that statement is baseless.
  11. I agree. The fact that he went out of his way (he probably is the average Joe so it must have cost him such a fortune) to get her such an expensive ring to show his commitment and she acts like that...I would've been gone like the wind.
  12. Mont, what do you do for a living?
  13. It is mainly Blu Rays, DVD's and digital downloads for me.
  14. The movies with books I have watched growing up were Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter Movies. I felt that although they left some things out from the Harry Potter books, the movies were still solid.
  15. The next Avengers movie and Terminator 6 as well.
  16. I agree with what you said and congrats on a healthy relationship.
  17. Proud and amazed quite frankly because of how much I have changed as a person since my younger days. Also a lot more mature and positive-minded and no longer worries about a lot of issues in life - I just deal with them.
  18. I agree with this sentiment because the younger employees tend to be inexperienced to handle very demanding situations or suffer from a bit of immaturity. The way older folks tend to suffer from old age-related issues such as slower response time, lack of energy, poor eyesight, judgement and can be quite grumpy...
  19. Neither. Just give me my Mountain Dew or Sprite or Grape Fanta soda and I'll be alright...
  20. I haven't played Candy Crush in ages so I can't really tell you what is going on with that game.
  21. I would say Lord's Mobile because I enjoy the kingdom wars with my guild - battling for control of the whole kingdom. These battles can go on for up to 30 days (I am not making this up either). Well, the battle that I mentioned was between some way bigger guilds than mine.
  22. Since I used to play GOW on every PlayStation console before I got into PC gaming, I will agree with this one and the new game seems to be a masterpiece...Too bad us PC players without a PlayStation can't get to enjoy it...(sobs in the corner).
  23. Also to add - where a helmet, elbow and knee pads so that he can protect himself from serious harm in the event of a hard fall.
  24. lol 🤣. In all seriousness, Other than the size difference they are the same thing. When I was really into console gaming, I always got the PlayStation at launch.
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