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  1. I love playing sports unless it is something I have never really played before, I tried it and I don't like it.
  2. With what's going on in the world right now, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Another question you should ask is can we save us from ourselves?
  3. I blame social media for this idiocy...All social media has managed to do is expose all kinds of idiotic people to like-minded individuals thus believing that their idiocy is the norm and we the non-believers are the ignorant ones.
  4. I do believe there is a force that created us but I do not subscribe to religion's view of what "God" is or is supposed to be. The source is beyond our comprehension...
  5. No. I haven't seen it but it sounds like an interesting movie by the way you put it. On the scary movie scale, where does it rank compared to movies like SAW?
  6. I hit 500 last night lol
  7. Umm...No it won't. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been eagerly anticipated for close to a decade and right now it is outselling most other games and when the PC version drops next year, the sales will go through the stratosphere. In addition to that, Rockstar marketed their title brilliantly so not a chance.
  8. Battlefield V is a serious letdown - the game looks and plays like a slightly improved version of Battlefield 1 and they charge you $60 for it?!
  9. Sega Rally Championship because the machine had a real driving layout with the clutch and everything else. The seats also vibrated a lot making you feel immersed in the experience as if you were a real rally driver.
  10. Oddly, it's Pacman. Something about a big, yellow circle gobbling up other things is strangely therapeutic. 😂
  11. That's one of my favorites as well growing up because that is one of the songs my mom played at Christmas time. Another one is
  12. You are right. It is a bit frustrating building a PC especially when you are just learning how to but the feeling you get when you finished building the machine and see your creation come to life. It feels like you've won the lottery!
  13. When I used to go to the arcade as a child with my friends, I used to love playing Sega Rally Championship against my friends. The arcade machine itself had a steering wheel and the gas and brake pedals as well as the clutch. Of course, there was a gear stick as well - I loved driving the car manually as I had a lot more control over the car. What was your favorite arcade game growing up and why?
  14. Depends on the game I am playing - Games like GTA V, PES and FIFA I tend to use my Xbox one S controller. For other games like most FPS, I use the mouse and keyboard.
  15. That too until the raindrops hitting the roof starts lulling me to sleep.
  16. I am currently learning Spanish and it is a bit frustrating at times, but It has also been pretty interesting learning how the language works.
  17. I love the summer for the simple reason it is hot as hell outside lol. Although in my country, it is hot all year round lol.
  18. I personally have used Namecheap hosting services for the past 4 years and they have always been reliable with no real problems at all.
  19. Extremely negative people turn me off. I can't tell what it is but it feels like somebody is scratching a chalkboard whenever I am in the presence of such an individual. I have a serious intolerance against people who act like parasites, they can never do anything on their own and always need to use other people to do stuff for them.
  20. My native language is English and I am currently learning Spanish on my own - learning a new language is really fun - a bit on the frustrating side at times but still fun nonetheless.
  21. Stay in my bed 🤣. In all seriousness though, what else would I be doing on a rainy day?...well except...let's leave that one out...
  22. Somebody asked me the same question the other day and I couldn't really give a reason why I even liked Crash Bandicoot. I can't even remember why I used to be addicted to it as a kid lol.
  23. Well he is proficient at jui jutsu and judo so grappling and throwing would be his thing lol
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