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  1. Welcome newb and no, I am not from down under lol. I am killa, the resident clown. Enjoy yourself Josh and please participate in the conversations here and be active 🙂
  2. Unlike you, I grew up in a somewhat computer-illiterate home lol. My parents treated our computer like some kind of Alien technology that we happened to accidentally discover and everything on it was written in an alien language that nobody but I understood.
  3. Violence in video games never bothered me and I used to play Mortal Kombat - A LOT. At the end of the day, it's just a game to me...I know it's not real.
  4. It's way better than being addicted to Cocaine - At least your fix doesn't prevent you from being a fully functional human being - somewhat lol.
  5. You were the original PC gamer...You were way ahead of your time lol
  6. Parapper has to be the weirdest game I ever played - it was a game that came out for the original PlayStation. All your character does throughout the game is rap...I am not even kidding. The game is one big rap battle - I have never seen anything like it - ever again.
  7. Mario Go-Kart because that is what my brother, his friends and I used to play on Weekends and spent hours competing against each other in it. Mario Go-Kart is also ridiculously easy to get into for almost anybody.
  8. Try Alien Isolation and then tell me you don't ever get scared. Normally, most horror games don't frighten me at all either but Alien Isolation had me hyperventilating whenever an Alien was nearby or I felt like one was close enough. The way the game's music suddenly becomes so drastic - it truly immerses you in the experience that you are on a Space Vessel with an extremely deadly creature.
  9. My dad got me the original Nintendo at the age of 2 years old and he got me Mario and Duck Hunt. That is how I got into gaming - pretty much lol.
  10. I have spent maybe close to $1000 dollars on Champions Online back in the day although that money was spent over time and I played that game for close to 3 years. I used to wreck most of the bullies in-game and getting them to stop picking on weaker characters in-game...the good old days lol.
  11. I know of Allods Online but your recruitment campaign is well-written but what is up with the name Smuggler's Paradise? lol. Are you saying I am some kind of illegal immigrant? 🤣 I'm just messing with you but when I have the time I'll check it out.
  12. I had pre-made PCs up until the age of about 22 where I build my first machine and haven't looked back since.
  13. I would have been about 2-3 years old or possibly even earlier than that. I used to play a lot of duck hunt and Mario on the original Nintendo.
  14. Take some deep breaths and relax - Remind yourself it is just a game and you play it to enjoy it. Whatever happens in-game happens and you will just accept it. The anxiety comes in when you try to put too much pressure on yourself to win instead of just enjoying the game and playing to the best of your ability.
  15. Skyrim - peaceful?! 🤣 . A whole continent in the middle of a civil war with dragons re-appearing and you call that peaceful? In the Elder Scrolls Lore, dragons are depicted to be virtually unstoppable and can only be stopped by a handful of people and in addition to that, the amount of racism against the non-human races in the major cities like Whiterun is disgusting. Bethesda just did a terrible job at depicting it properly. The gaming world I would live in is Skyrim just for the simple fact I would get to fight dragons though lol. I probably would die but you have one life to live so why not go for it?
  16. I do use controller grips on my Xbox One controller because the thumbsticks are quite uncomfortable for me to use normally for some reason. I never had that problem with PlayStation controllers yet.
  17. It was back when I was a kid. Me and my friends all had Pokemon Gold and we used to poke battle each other all the time and I used to completely wreck my friends and one of them deleted my saved game one day because they hated the fact that none of them could beat me. I didn't talk to them for months and I thought the world had ended lol.
  18. I play way less as I have responsibilities such as work and that stuff. This thread just reminded me of why adult life sucks lol - you are literally responsible for everything and the money has to come out of your pocket 🤣
  19. Sounds like some kind of secret society...like the vegan root gathering or vegetable rap group lol. They planning to get rid of meat products 🤣...Seriously though, can't somebody tell us what it is?
  20. Halo 2 and 3 were my favorite games for the Xbox. I used to best my big brother and friends in multiplayer deathmatches to the point they thought I was cheating lol. I used to hit them with the rocket from practically halfway across the map and they used to wonder how I did. I'm like stop being an idiot and running right into the rocket lol.
  21. From what I am hearing, the Nintendo Switch is pretty awesome so you should check it out.
  22. Just like you I'll watch reviews and do my research on any game before I make a purchase but when it comes to mobile games...I just go with my instinct and try and if I like it, I'll keep playing it.
  23. I spend a decent amount on my cell phone because I use it for a lot of things and I need things like taking quick pictures, video conferencing and other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. The most I've ever spent and will be willing to spend on a smartphone is $600 US and it was for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which has served me well for the last 2 and 1/2 years. I will be upgrading soon but I'm not interested in the S10 at all - I want the note 9 but waiting for the price to drop below $600 dollars before I buy one.
  24. I tried the game when it first came out and it was pretty decent but the walking around looking for Pokemon turned me off because I don't have much time to do that.
  25. I haven't really heard about this one which is kind of odd since I am a Final Fantasy fan. I'll check it out in a bit.
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