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  1. No, I actually came across this on Sunday and I was like "they had one of these too?" When I googled it, it turns out they released one on December 3. I know Sony is just trying to gain extra revenue, this wasn't done to appease fans.
  2. They said if you don't like our games don't buy them and that is a direct quote lol.
  3. Bottled water, in general, is a bit more smooth - at least in my country. I don't trust unfiltered tap water at all.
  4. what is your nationality?
  5. I have heard this song countless times but still love it.
  6. Sometimes you come across some very touching quotes and they always stay with you so I thought I would share one - "It always seems impossible until it's done." Do you have any inspirational quotes that you'd like to share?
  7. I am not going to claim I am the biggest anime fan ever and I know every anime that came out since 1970 but I have watched a fair bit of animes and there are a lot of interesting characters that I always admire. The most inspirational anime character to me growing up was Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho - the amount of character development he received throughout the series was amazing as he went from high school delinquent from a broken home to a mature and selfless individual. I particularly admired him because growing up I had a similar upbringing so I could relate to him and I used a few of the lessons Yusuke learned throughout the series and added them to my life which helped me overcome a lot of issues in my life. What is your most inspirational anime character and why?
  8. I have played all the just cause games prior to this one and I although I enjoyed them, I felt the gameplay got a little repetitive after a while. Just Cause 4 has gotten some pretty mediocre reviews with most of them saying it's basically the same game with updated graphics and slightly more weapons,cars etc. Does anybody have the game and what are your experiences with it? Is it worth the $45 dollar price point?
  9. I was looking for a new horror game to get into besides the resident evils and what not and I came across the long dark. The game has been in open access on Steam for sometime now but I have not seen a lot of gameplay footage or heard anything about this game really. Does anybody have any experience or know anything about this game and is it worth paying for it?
  10. After Mortal Kombat was announced in early December, it was revealed that Mortal Kombat 11 is coming to the Switch. Are you excited that Mortal Kombat is finally heading back to Nintendo Consoles?
  11. After Nintendo came out with the SNES mini, Sony felt like they needed to join the race and released the Playstation Mini on December 3. Do you consider this a good move by Sony? Or do you think it wil fail? Would you consider getting one of these and if so, what games are you looking forward to playing?
  12. Activision Blizzard has fired their Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neuman after a turbulent year which has seen their stocks plummet by 26% in 2018. With their CEO Mike Morhaime also leaving the company after being with the company for over 2 decades, along with mass Layoffs in 2017, Activision has been taking quite a pounding. I am glad this is happening because of their greedy ways and anti-consumer policies, it is finally catching up to them. What do you make of this news?
  13. The only one I ever had was a Gray Fox action figure and I lost it while moving a decade back😭
  14. For me, it is the SAW series because of how gruesome the killings were. The Final Destination movies also scared the living hell out of me for the same reason as SAW - the gruesome killings. Paranormal Activity 2 was scary as hell - throughout watching the movie I remember looking around me every time I heard a sound.
  15. My favorite games for the PS Vita were the Monster Hunter games because my friends and I used to meet-up and link our Vitas and go on Monster Hunts together.
  16. My favorite Skyrim follower is Serana because she is extremely powerful(one man or woman army) and in the base game, she can take down pretty much any enemy without your help.
  17. I used to destroy my friends at Quake 3 Arena. I used to love the fluid movement and fast-paced gameplay mechanics of Quake.
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