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  1. Being a black person who also grew up in a troubled community, I can give a bit of context as to why they do it - sometimes. The way they act at times is out of dealing with racism and prejudice from the justice system itself - in their own way, they try to protect themselves. yes, you grow up around some shady people but those shady people help to keep other shady people from their area trying to kill them out of jealousy/hate etc. It's not easy cutting ties with those shady people when they are grew up with you and always looked after your best interest and prevented any serious harm from coming to you. You can't just throw them away and if you start avoiding them, they will feel betrayed and turn on you as well. It's crazy but that is how it is at times. You have those that just doing it for notoriety but for some, it's more of an art of survival that they learnt growing up "in the streets".
  2. hip-hop, RnB, Rap, 90's rock and pop, 80's rock and pop and a bit of disco.
  3. Battlefield 4 is a brilliant game - definitely one of the best in the series. Too bad EA ruined the franchise with Battlefield V - the most lazily built game of the year. It's basically a Battlefield 1 DLC lol
  4. I have been done with Fifa since 2016 and their Battlefield V fiasco where they called their consumers "ignorant and uneducated" trying to shove some stupid agenda down our throats when battlefield was known as a franchise for its accurate depictions of historical events. Not to mention EA ruined the Mass Effect franchise.
  5. Super Smash Brothers Melee and Gta San Andreas/Vice City.
  6. no Top Gear? lol. I used to play the hell out of F-Zero and Killer Instinct.
  7. Human Revolution is always a pretty fun game to play and I also play it every now and then. Mankind Divided isn't bad either - the story is just not quite as gripping as human revolution but the gameplay and abilities are a lot more fun.
  8. Good for you. You're the first set of people I have encountered that actually loves Fallout 76.
  9. It's ok lol. We all make that mistake with some games because I don't know which exact genres they fall under either.
  10. EA's game quality has been really lacking the last 5 years. It shouldn't surprise anyone because they don't care about their customers, they only care about your money and pushing an agenda.
  11. You mean Fallout 4 online lol. You're the first person I have heard who is addicted to it - most of my hardcore Fallout-loving friends were trying to get refunds because they wasted $60 dollars on it. Everyone has a preference though so I won't judge lol.
  12. I was browsing through a couple of their videos last night and I laughed my socks off!
  13. EA has been taking an absolute beating all year in sales and I hope it gets worse. We need that greedy anti-consumer company to go bankrupt. GTA V Online may be somewhat of a huge cash grab now but you are correct about the quality of Rockstar's work - They always make solid games - take L.A. Noire for instance. A 30's detective thriller in a somewhat open-world setting. I don't feel it gets enough acclaim as GTA V or RDR 2 but it is a solid game nonetheless.
  14. It's a ticking time bomb the moment developers join EA because if one of their releases doesn't sell the expected numbers, EA shuts them down their project and leaves the developers to rot and won't even hand back over the rights to the developer's original work.
  15. Yeah. I also used to have roller blades as well - I used to love watching the X-games for the extreme stunts from Tony Hawk and other pro-skateboarders.
  16. No, You have different kinds of trolling - You have the malicious ones that tell people to commit suicide, throw around racist remarks and are just outright disgusting. Then you have harmless trolls like me who will trick other people in-game into falling for a trap/gag and everyone laughs.
  17. That's exactly what I do lol. Everybody normally laughs even the person getting trolled...
  18. https://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3539044/resident-evil-2-demo/ I came across this interesting piece of news recently that a one-shot demo of the Resident Evil 2 Remake will be made available on the Microsoft Store on January 11, 2019 - 2 weeks before the games full release which is January 25, 2019. I am kind of conflicted to go and get it because the demo will just serve to lessen my patience for the full game. Are you going to get the demo? Or are you going to wait for it's full release?
  19. The first Nintendo console I ever owned was the original Nintendo with the square controllers and those big cartridges lol. The first games I ever got for it was duck hunt and Mario.
  20. I remember playing top gear for the Super NES back in the days but no, I wouldn't recommend buying one because you can easily find emulators to run those same games. If you are buying it as a collector's item for the nostalgia effect, then you can do it.
  21. If you could a lifetime supply of any food item, what would it be and why?
  22. When I was a kid I used to skateboard but I have outgrown it. Back in the day, I could do a Nollie shove-it and kick flips.
  23. I support Arsenal Football Club because of the attractive football they always play.
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