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  1. Alien - Isolation - I won't even say anymore because that would ruin the fun for you. This is the only horror game that has made me hyperventilate as well as made me extremely paranoid.
  2. I would combine the Witcher 3 and Skyrim because elements from both games could fit into either the Witcher or Skyrim interchangeably.
  3. No. I didn't lol - I was giving a possible thesis on how a simple fighting game could have depth.
  4. I like the Architecture of the buildings in Solitude in Skyrim. Those tall, colonial-style stone structures really give it a fortress kind of feel.
  5. This is a tough one but I'd probably go with the Phoenix from Final Fantasy VIII because I like how it makes its entrance with the outlay of a bird on the ground with fire coming from the outlay.
  6. Skyrim puzzles are always ridiculously annoying because it involves looking for random clues somewhere in the level that solves the puzzle. Then there is the flipping the individual statues which can be painstakingly slow and if you make a mistake you are pelted with poison arrows lol.
  7. Consoles aren't necessarily cheaper than a budget gaming desktop though and with a PC you can at least replace damaged parts quite easily while trying to do the same with a console involves voiding the warranty on the device as well as it is more like to go horribly wrong. Also to note is that most times fixing a PC is cheaper than a console.
  8. Flashy moves, unique character interaction and a concise but detailed enough backstory and main storyline can make a very simple fighting game have depth.
  9. I can't wait until Red Dead Redemption 2 is out for the PC so that I can give my cousin the Xbox one back.
  10. Well, it is decent but the only way to become a top ranking player is to drop some cash and believe me, the game is very much pay 2 win.
  11. Well, Red Dead Redemptions 2 does have an online mode out and although it is in its beta phase, it will be refined and a final version released within the next 6 months so we don't need to petition lol.
  12. I play games on my tablet when I am travelling and waiting at the airport.
  13. killamch89

    Mumble rap.

    Mumble rap and mumble "rappers" belong in the trash - I grew up on hip hop/rap and believe me, it pains me to see how far rap has fallen.
  14. killamch89


    Eminem is one of my favorite rappers and I have been listening to him since his original song "My name is" first came out. Eminem, lyrically, is easily a top 5 of all time rappers. Not many rappers I know can go toe to toe with him in a rap battle and come out with any shred of dignity. Come to think of it - I have never seen him lose a rap beef to anyone - Ja Rule, Benzino and a host of others got their careers ended by them.
  15. I prefer the classical Christmas songs because the new ones are just remade versions of the classics and the original songs were more soulful.
  16. Watch Dogs - I was fully hyped about it and then when I got the game it was lacking so many things and I was severely disappointed. Yes, it wasn't all bad but the way they hyped up the game and the promises that devs made were over the top, to say the least.
  17. Although it is a good family game and I do have a couple of the previous versions, It's not a game at the top of my list exactly.
  18. I haven't picked it up since the whole fiasco with EA call their customers "uneducated" because people questioned the protagonist's origin story because it was historically inaccurate and Battlefield is known for its historical accuracy. Besides that, all the reviews I've come across gave the game a poor rating because it is the same as Battlefield 1 which was released a year prior - graphics and everything.
  19. I'd also like to know myself because I do have my eye on it as well.
  20. I completely agree with everything in your post.
  21. My Favorite has to be Tupac Shakur because of how he managed to paint pictures with his lyrics and I learned some valuable lessons from some of his songs. Don't be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood is my favorite movie just because this movie managed to make me laugh from the beginning to the end and even though I know all the punchlines in this movie, they still crack me up lol. In general, I always the afternoons because I am most productive and efficient at that time of the day although it changes depending on what my plans are for that particular day.
  22. I don't really use gamer tutorials either because I am aware of most of the stuff they mention already and I love to go about things my own way as well.
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