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  1. My battery usually lasts 2 hours and 10 minutes. It is now 2 year old laptop. And from what I heard this is a good performance of the laptop. So I am not complaining. I heard that new SSD based laptops tend to last for few more minutes So it goes somewhere around 2 hour 50 minutes or so. In that case the performance is not that bad I guess.
  2. I think casual betting is fine. But it's paid betting is where things can go wrong. And you can see that many people have lost relationship and the friendship over those sort of betting. I think it's okay if you do it casually. But it's not okay if you plan on doing it anything serious. Because at the end it is sort of the crime in some countries too.
  3. I think a lot of gaming companies follow a pattern where they check out the trends. For example battle royale trend is going on. So every gaming company comes up with a way to release such game. Then that trend becomes saturated. And then they move onto another game. This way the games become too much repeated. And there is nothing we can do on that front if you ask me.
  4. Agree that games are complicated and require time and so they are priced that way. But I have seen that often the games on the steam and humble bundle are poorly priced. Like some games which are 2D platformer cost 9 dollar. I can't see the logical reason behind that sort of the pricing. I mean there are many other better games at that price point. So it does not make sense.
  5. Yes most of the people can't handle streaming with their computers. But it is also true that some of the people can't afford the streaming because it may take a lot of data from their internet. So that is something may limit many people. I have seen that people who are in the region of the fastest broadband network tend to choose the streaming option for their gameplay.
  6. I think most of the violent games have very negative impact on our mind. And it can pretty much affect the way things go on mind. You can see that we have to consider how fragile is the mindset of such kids. Most of the kids get affected with the things they see on TV and the other places. That way they are going to be affected with the video games too.
  7. I see that a lot of people subscribe to the PS Plus subscription. I know that the subscription costs are a bit higher. Like 49.99 bucks for 12 months. I am not sure how it adds value for the casual gamers. I see that there are some people who do find the value out of such subscription. I just don't see much value with those discounts and playing 2 games each month for the life of subscription. I don't see much value as a casual gamers. Do you find any value in PS Plus subscription?
  8. There are plenty of interesting tabletop games for the PS 4 and earlier version and also for PS VR. Here are some of the games that I have played and found them useful for my taste. 1. Cosmic Encounter 2. Talisman 3. Sherrif of Nottingham 4. Dungeon and Dragons These are some of the ones I can think of. Are you playing the tabletop games on PS? What are some of your favorites?
  9. Sony has been releasing their own and indie games for the PSVR. Considering PS 5 will be supporting the VR too. I think it'd be interesting to check out new games once the PS 5 releases. For now so far I have only noticed few of the games for the PS VR. Some of the games that I have noticed worth playing for the PS VR as follows. 1. Battle Zone. 2. Ocean Descent 3. DriverClub 4. Batman: Arkham 5. Resident Evil 7 These are some of the one I can think of. You have any specific that you have played with VR in PS 4?
  10. I have learned from recent news that most of the CPU prices around the world are increasing. This is due to the fact that cryptocurrency miners are buying them and inflation is happening for the GPU pricing. I am wondering how much the price increase is going to be for the CPU in 2019. And how that is going to impact on new consoles and the devices that are meant for the gamers. Do you think PS 5 is going to be expensive?
  11. I have been tracking the news regarding the playstation 5 launch. And it seems like playstation will launch in a scheduled pattern in some regions. And some regions won't be releasing that quickly. So I was in search of any reputed press release that explained the exact dates for global launch of the PS5. Any one have any clue on the playstation 5 global release dates and along with the games that were designed for it?
  12. It's been a while since I last played HALO. Most of the time I am just checking out the anime and the real live action movies of HALO series. I think it's not that bad to see that game is also evolving at constant pace. And HALO being microsoft's flagship game for Xbox. It seems to be getting regular releases lately. Fireteam raven looks like just another addition to the classic Halo series. Check out the gameplay here.
  13. I am not sure how many Xbox users tend to prefer those 2D platform games. It can be pretty odd to play such games as they tend to require a lot of focus. But such games are being released a lot for the consoles lately. So I am assuming that there is definitely market for such games. kings bird basically focuses on the character with the aerial movement into the world and they have specific mission to complete. Check out the gameplay for more.
  14. Shounen's Jump Force seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. You can see that they have introduced a lot of characters into this release. And you may notice characters like Videl, Jiren and few other DBZ characters. There are going to be bleach characters into the game as well. I think such type of the action game where there are lot of characters can be fun to check out. If you have not seen the update on the Shounen's jump force then check out below.
  15. skyfire


    When it comes to the tactical gaming, there are many titles on Xbox worth exploring. Descent underground is one such game where you may notice both action and tactical approach. The gameplay definitely reminds you of some of the classic games in this genre. I kind of found those games to be lot interesting on that note. I personally found this game pretty interesting on many notes. Check out the gameplay to know more.
  16. skyfire


    If you are into the explorer type games which has scifi and horror origin, then you may enjoy the conarium game. Here the story is based on losely the HP Lovecrafts stories. And it seems like a lot of interesting adventure levels are added into it. Though on many points it appears as classic adventure game. But it is definitely worth playing once or twice depending on how you prefer such type of the games. Check out the walkthrough to know more.
  17. I have seen that most of the VR and the 3D Games tend to leak a lot of battery. And you are forced to limit the gaming time on such games. I have seen one old dinosaurus game made for VR which had some of the issues like this. I have realized that battery draining on some games is expected where they use graphics on high scale and have no form of optimization. So not all games are play worthy on mobile. Have you noticed any battery draining games on mobile?
  18. I have seen many titles of FPS and Battle Royale games on mobile. I am not sure how much people are comfortable with taking aim with mobile controls. I found the mouse in a classic way better for the FPS than the console joystick and the mobile. I know it could be just me. But I find the PC lot better for taking aims. And in fact it can be effective on the gaming side from what I have seen so far. What do you think? Do you think FPS games on mobile are easy to take aim?
  19. These days many games are nothing but the reboot of the old games. Or they are still offering the old 2D platformers with variation in stories. But the reality is that these games are not offering anything new. So the price that we pay for such games is not justified at all. For example many games which look like 90s graphics are being sold above 10 dollars or so. And it is not worth that much price. And if we play such games we realize that it is not worth that much price. What do you think of the price vs value offered by the games?
  20. YouTube Gaming and Twitch streaming is in trend these days. Many gamers have got the sponsors to stream. And some of the gamers have yet to reach the popularity. And so they tend to struggle on that part. So it can be pretty difficult to establish as a gamer lately. I have currently started streaming for hours on live.me. But so far not much success as people tend to disconnect quickly and not much following So that being said, do you stream games on twitch or youtube?
  21. There are many Android and PC VR games being released. Based on what they offer, I think they are yet to get matured on the gameplay side. But still there are some good titles. Have you played any VR game? If yes, which one was your favorite in the past? And which one have you played recently?
  22. I think by the end of the 2019 or mid 2020, we are going to get most of the market designs for those type of the phones. I know it is pretty early for those phones but yeah they are going to be our future. Foldable phones and those with the paper display.
  23. I prefer the realm defense. It seems to be a good mobile game for those who are into the tower defense games.
  24. I think mobile games are going to evolve from here onwards. And there is no way they are going to die. In fact people find the consoles expensive. So mobiles with VR are going to be the future from what I have seen so far. Mobile gaming can be pretty cheap and you can get most of the popular games from the same as well.
  25. skyfire

    Fieldrunners 2

    As of now only one sequel has managed to come out. I know that there should be more than one sequel considering how they are making the games and update them internally too. But as of now I am guessing they want to keep the single game for longer updates.
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