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  1. If you look to getting unreal deals when purchasing items online, you can be rest assured that one day you will be getting bitten in the ass with having a low quality item sold to you and you can't literally do anything about it. My advice would be shop wise.
  2. 8GB RAM is not enough for one with serious drive for gaming. I don't really know how to do this but I would recommend going to see a software expert in order to get a professional help in knowing how to get it done for you. Or better still, you can go for laptop with higher RAM.
  3. Wired headset or Earphones are never really my thing because they get tangled and also develop partial contact easily which is very annoying. Some would go to the extent of having only one ear playing, so to avoid such issues, I would go for a wireless one.
  4. Heatman


    Well, if there is any need to have a CCTV installed in my home probably as a result of security issues, then I'm sure it's a good idea. It would be very helpful in keeping stalkers away from your home as well as thieves.
  5. I believe that the question is almost rigged with a good answer attached to it because it says if you are good enough with the required skills, then I don't see any reason why such opportunity shouldn't be banked on. Personally, I think that I would take the opportunity.
  6. I would like to recommend playing Tekken 7 if you are that interested in playing fighting games. It's a great addition to the fighting gaming franchise, I have been playing it for a while now and it's quite a great deal of game.
  7. Clash of clans for me. I can't really believe that such game was actually made for people to play. It's horrible in my opinion.
  8. I had the same feelings about the ending of Zelda, as a good fan of the game, it surprised me a bit but I waved it off and moved on to other games.
  9. Blaster Master seems pretty good to me. I think that I have seen a few people who are into such classic games and they are very well satisfied with it. Literally, I don't have an specific game preference but as long as the game is fun filled to play, I'm good with it.
  10. Take it from me that you are not the only female who plays video games because I have lots of female friends as well as my cousins who are active gamers. Hell, my sister plays with her smartphone almost all the time.
  11. There There is a possibility that this game would be available and upgraded in Playstation 4. Why don't you try look it up and see what you come up with. Good luck.
  12. Depending on the kind of games I'm playing at the moment goes a long way in determining how much I rely on my muscle memory. It goes freely based on how the game comes at me psychologically.
  13. Of course video games demo are very important otherwise the game companies would not bother making them in the first place. Some people might have different views on it but it doesn't really change how good they are.
  14. I support this opinion, it's the best way to getting the right mouse for your PC in my opinion.
  15. I would be sticking with playing God of War this weekend. Had a bet with someone to get to a certain level this weekend, so I'm looking forward wining that bet.
  16. Well, truth be told this might be a good reason why some people don't bother to play game Demo because they already have the needed information about the game already, so still going to play the demo is a waste of time and effort.
  17. Sunset Riders for me. It's a cowboy shooting game which I enjoyed so much during my childhood years, I'm definitely going to love to replay it now in a new version by the way.
  18. We are exactly in the same shoe my friend. I have no idea what it's all about and from the looks of it, I'm not sure if I'm going to be bothered about it because I still have so many I haven't played which are already in my possession.
  19. The Sims, Rollercoaster, Tycoon and Ceasar are very good PC classic games. My favorite is the Sims 2, it's such a great game which I'm sure that most people played.
  20. There is an atom of truth in what you have said because I grew up in a lousy neighborhood full of all sorts of noise and distraction, so my hearing must have been affected at my young age without my knowledge of it, and it's probably now I'm feeling the effects of it.
  21. It's never enough to make use of my television speakers to listen. If that should be the case, it means that I would have to increase the television volume to highest in order to hear it well.
  22. First person shooting setting is my favorite. It gives me the feeling like I'm actually into the game live and direct. It's the best gaming feeling ever.
  23. Far cry 4 and 5 would be my favorite pick. The graphics used in both games were awesome. There are so many other great games with such high quality improvements on the graphics used.
  24. Ludo and chess is my favorite board games. I have the habit of playing with my friends and family over the weekend especially when we do not go for a hang out on such weekends. Chess is fun to play if you know how to play it well.
  25. Personally, I have never cheated in any games so far as a gamer. If I simply cannot finish the game, I would give it my all but if still proves abortive, I will give up on it and move to another. I have actually used any game cheats yet although I'm well aware of some of it.
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