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  1. That's more like it and I'm sure it's what most people would bank on. Who cares whether they play games using a curved TV screen or flat screen? What's more important is that they enjoy the game irrespective of which kind of TV it's played with.
  2. Well, I wouldn't mind as long as it's very clear and informative. It's only when it's boring and not done well that I might be forced to lose any atom of interest in it. Although, I would prefer it with less commentary.
  3. Gameboy is cool. I had a great experience playing with it during my kids phase as a gamer. I think that most kids living in my neighborhood back then almost all had Gameboy.
  4. On the part of being too young to play depends strictly on the kids ability to play. As long as the kid understands the game, knows how to play, then he or she is no longer too young to play even if he or she is still 2 years old or less. On adult part, there is nothing like being too old to play as long you still enjoy the act. I'm a father with kids and I still play well.
  5. I have a few favorite classic PC games and they are as follows ; Counter Strike Age of Empire Final Fantasy 5 Need for speed Doom There are still so much more but let me stop at this for the moment.
  6. Well, depending on the design and how portable the headphone you are making use of would determine whether it's going to be hurting you from long use. Mine fits just about perfectly, so no pains at all, no stress.
  7. Case in point, before these gamers upload to such gaming sites, they are already at a great point of expertise that they have so much to offer to their fan base. It's actually why most people lurk these gaming sites in search of more tips on how to get better.
  8. Our old games lay the foundation for our entire gaming experience time stamps. They mold our future gaming preference and selection. If you take a look at the kind of games which you play now, you can bet to see some significant similarities between the old games and the new ones.
  9. Everything we do affects us in one way or another. So, does gaming especially when it's played in excess. I have seen some people who games have affected in such a way that they became aggressive.
  10. The tension that comes with playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive is what I find so impressive. You just simply can't get enough of the game if you are very good at it. It's such a great game.
  11. Headphones gives the best quality when it comes to bringing out the real sound effects used in the game music. Normally, I don't feel comfortable disturbing others with my game soundtrack, so using the headphones offers some sort of privacy.
  12. Currently, I'm making use of the flat screen television which is available for me. It's still serving my gaming needs effective and efficiently, so I see no reason why I should be bothered about getting a curved TV screen for gaming.
  13. I believe that it's a terrible combination - wearing glasses and headphones. What are you trying to do to yourself? You can't focus with reading and at the same time listening to music with the headphones on. You can't serve two masters at the same time.
  14. I'm not among the set of impatient gamers who just rush into any game without having more information and reviews about it. In my opinion, game demo's are very important because it would literally give you an insight into what you are going to be getting in the game. I'm fully in support of game Demo.
  15. Seriously, email spams is a good reason why I find it very difficult to register or subscribe to any online site because they will spam the living daylight out of your mailbox. Most times, what I do is create a new mail to use for registering on such suspicious sites and careless about their spams.
  16. I have given away my old game to some of my friends and relatives but haven't really sold any for cash payment. So, they are literally not the same thing. Personally, I find it very difficult to sell my property.
  17. Exactly. Look at some many side quests in one my favorite games called Final Fantasy. It's making the company gain more new sales. Also with the issue of remake, it's also another amazing opportunity for them to resell the game all over again.
  18. It's all up to you the technical team of Google to make provision for this data move. I believe that it's something that can easily be done by simply enabling a path to which such data can be moved.
  19. It's more or less at your time for relaxation after the days job and running around. I wouldn't play too much and I will sleep immediately when I'm done with dinner and resting.
  20. Of course yes, they have the quality to get there on top with the level of commitment and dedication they are investing in the franchise. Women are no longer the weaker sex.
  21. Gone are the days when women sit back and allow men to take all the glory and spotlight, now they are all out for it with men and they are doing relatively well from my perspective.
  22. Welcome to my game frustration. Seriously, the rate with which teenagers get into gaming is appalling and they literally lack good manners with how they talk and insult others in the game. This is a complete turn for me in some games.
  23. Literally, that's the only choice that they are have to stick with as a result of the shutdown. One important thing Google should make sure to make provisions would be to make it possible for them to retrieve their data.
  24. Exactly, and if the side quests are very fun and interesting, it's bound to get gamers to spend more time on it than the main game play.
  25. If you don't have anything much to do with time on weekends, aside from those that also works on weekends, then it's indeed a good time to play games. Although, some people would like to visit their friends and family on weekends as well as hang out with them.
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