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What song is currently your favourite to listen to at the moment?

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I am someone who loves to listen to music daily, it motivates me and always helps boost my mood as well. 

I tend to have many different favourite songs over time but there is one at the moment which is my absolute favourite and that is the following song below

What is your favourite song at the moment? 


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Like @CoryAR my favorite tends to fluctuate. Currently though, the one that I'm enjoying the most is Baphomet by Satanic Planet.



Here's the lyrics for those who can't understand what they're singing.

As it is above / so it is below
As moon is to sun / the two become one
On the surface / and on purpose
A war on reason / waged in treason
Half demented / false recollected
A fictitious past / is resurrected
Satan we’ve grown
Cruel / benevolent
The infidel hierophant
The truth / the liar
The frozen and the fire
The loved / the hated
The words all left unstated
Atop / and under
The silence and the thunder
The ugly / the beautiful
The two sides of the spectacle
The wolves / are as the sheep
The dreamer is not asleep
Stationary radical / human animal
An open minded zealot
Grotesque angelic
The gain that comes from a loss
Order and chaos
A lawless moral order
Healing a murder
A feast best left uneaten
Flawless yet beaten
Alone becoming one of us
Witless genius

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On 2/12/2024 at 7:49 PM, killamch89 said:

I love independent artists that have a unique sound compared to mainstream music.

Mainstream music is pure shit all around. There are occasionally a mainstream band that is actually good, but ever since the 80's ended those bands are few and far between. I have to admit that my all time favorite band is a bit mainstream. My favorite is Disturbed, with Linkin Park damn near tied with them. Everything else in my collection is underground.

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Currently, my favorite song to listen to is "Beautiful Mistakes" by Maroon 5. I just love the lyrics and vibe of this song. The music video is amazing too.


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