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Games you've replayed the most

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Doom 2016. If there's any game I've absolutely mastered, its doom 2016. Any borderlands fans in here, will know that combined probably spent more time on that franchise than in some of my past jobs, lol. Dozens of playthroughs.

Another that I did allot and loved doing the missions over and over again was Halo the first game. Used a mod that gives you god mod and freeze time and did funny things with it 😛 

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On 10/18/2018 at 11:35 PM, MegaphoneStallone said:

I would say it's probably The Curse of Monkey Island on PC.

It's an all-time favourite - now that I've got it from GOG I've been playing it a lot too.

Curse of Monkey Island  is definitely a good game on PC. I can't forget my little experience with it, although I had to move on from it when I switched more to console games. 

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