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Best screen size for playing?

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I find when playing games on a mobile device of some kind like a mobile phone or a tablet if it's too small I struggle. My daughter has an iPhone SE and she has Fortnite on it and trying to play that on a device that small is definitely not possible for me. 

I find myself something around 10" is sufficient enough for me to play a game on and be able to play it comfortably. I have a 10" tablet myself that was bought for me last year that is amazing for playing games!

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For majority of the people and gamers the ideal size ranges from 4.7″ to 5.2″. I find if the screensize is to big to small I struggle to play games on the Android. You also want to make sure the phone is fit for purpose and can fit into your pocket and is portable. Most of my "Mobile Gaming" I do on my tablet. It has a higher storage capacity and an excellent resolution and  has a slightly bigger screen which means it's more suitable than a Mobile Phone.

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