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Are forums dead?

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I wouldn't say they are dying if I am honest but I would say they are struggling. I have found over the years that many people would rather be in one place over being in numerous different places for different things. With Facebook you have communities, games, family, friends and everything all in one place, many people would rather be in the communities on Facebook than go to a forum away from there. I myself still prefer the forum experience, I feel communities are a lot more positive and close knit with forums whereas Facebook you can't really get a close knit community as there are millions using Facebook.

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I prefer this to anything. A lot of people these days are just using forums for support. Tech forums still get lots of activity because they give quick support and you're not waiting on one person, there's a whole community that can help you. Same goes for a lot of other niches. It just depends on your niche I guess. General discussion boards are the ones dying more than other forums though.

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