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I recently started playing FF7 Remake. I never actually played the original, but I dig it so far. 


I also played through Titanfall 2's simple player campaign. A lot of people have said and for a reason, it's superb. I admit the protagonist isn't very unique (he is literally a soldier named Jack Cooper, ffs), but the story itself, as military themed shooters go, is cool. Something very Star Wars about it. Not in a "rip off" ku d of a way, more of an homage, something that understands the art. Plus, the dialogue between Jack and the Titan BT-7242 is both heartwarming and funny and really feel a connection yo this character, and trust me it is a character.


I picked this game super cheap on PSN a few days ago. I don't know if it still is, but whatever platform you have it's definitely worth having a look despite the likelihood of a dead muliplayer. 

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Resident Evil 7: Finally grew a pair and played it for awhile longer. The lack of ammunition is what really scares me in this game more than that family of monsters.😹I'm going to stop lying...them suddenly busting through walls is scary as hell and without adequate ammo it makes it even worse.

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Been playing some Madden NFL 21, but haven't kept up with it too long, as I jumped back into an emulated version of ESPN NFL 2K5. I got it on the PC, so I've been reliving that with updated graphics. 😄 

Other than that, played some Raft with friends and some Phasmophobia, which was a ton of fun. I haven't been playing much else though. 

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