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Just finished Garfield Kart: Furious Racing in ~10 hours, having got all the achievements and seen all the content, and will be posting my thoughts on r/patientgamers soon enough. In the meantime I'm currently playing and rather enjoying Call of Cthulu, an investigative first person game. I've not read the book nor played the tabletop game but I may have to see the former before finishing the game.

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I played FIFA 21 just few hours ago with my only friend and scored me 8-1 at first, 5-2 at second and to crown it all, he scored 5-0 in the first half then it in the second he added another 7 making it 12-0.

Cmon, don't blame me, I know I suck at football, but I did killed him a survivor mode on Halo.lol

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