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I'm playing back through Dragon Question Builders again. I'm going to build a high-rise castle with a basement on Cantlin ground. When I'm done or get bored of that, we'll see. My steam games backlog is very intimidating.

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2 hours ago, KILLA DOPEKID said:

i beat AC Valhalla

including all 3 DLC

Wrath Of The Druids, Siege Of Paris, Dawn Of Ragnarok

was cool :classic_smile:

Wow, that's awesome. I bet you had quite an experience. Have you played Origins or Odyssey? Right now I'm playing Atlantis DLC for Odyssey. That would complete everything for the game. I'm also playing Origins. 

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29 minutes ago, KILLA DOPEKID said:

ya man

Atlantis DLC lookz cooL



16 minutes ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

For sure, I wasn't expecting this level of awesome! I wasn't sure what to expect, but once these new maps opened up in the DLC, blew my mind. 


No question that is a stunning looking image. If the expansion actually looks like this, it'll have to go down as one of the best looking games I ever seen.

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